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Tom Hall
ION Storm | Aug 24 2000, 00:23:11 (ET) |

*** Ion Storm's Finger Server

User name: tom
Plan modified: Wed Aug 23 21:24:50 2000

by Tom Hall

[ 8/23/2000 W ]


I have a Milk & Cheese lunchbox now. Hahahaha. Feel the envy grow within you.


New controls are in and wonderful. This is how Anachronox was meant to be played.

Main Menu startin' to look spicy. Battles are cool and contextual. Hive Minigame coming along nicely.

I played a game of chess the other day. It was fun.

Taco Bell is now across the street. I think I will install a "Tom's Pants-Size" meter.

---*-*--*-*----*-*---*--*--THE MISTS OF TIME----*----*--*-*--*---*--*----*---

---*---*----*----*--*---*-have eaten 69 entries.-*----*---*-*--*---*----*----

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