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   July 27, 2000

I've decided to start posting all .plan-related stuff over on my site now.   The site continues to develop...

   July 17, 2000


 .... damn, that JeffK is hilarious!   I guess some people can't take a joke.

   May 5, 2000

Once again, it's time to wish Wolfenstein 3D a Happy 8th Birthday!  I was going to copy last year's .plan update about it, but decided against it.  This should be good enough.

Also, Happy Birthday to Adrian Carmack who was born on Wolfenstein's birthday.........uhhh, wait...  :)


   April 26, 2000

If you're having trouble getting Daikatana to run with the Diamond Viper II (S3 Savage 2000 processor), the new Viper 2 95005 drivers released Monday fix your problems.


   April 22, 2000

As per the readme.txt in the Daikatana Demo:  My god, it's finally finished.  And I thought working on a game for 1.5 years was  I wish everyone would take a nice, objective look at the game and not base their criticisms on hype, but on play value and what we've worked to achieve: a really fun single-player experience.  We did not develop Daikatana to take on Quake 3 or UT, but we put multiplayer in the game because I really like my single-player games multiplayerable.  Is that a new word?  :)

 There have been a few technical issues with the demo that you can fix or workaround with the following information:

(Q1) Multiplayer is laggy or extremely choppy.

(A1) The server should have its CONNECT RATE turned up to T1/LAN (in the Multiplayer Menu).  Make sure your client connect rate is turned up as well.

(Q2) Daikatana doesn't work with a Voodoo2.

(A2) There are two fixes for this: (1) edit your config file (in the DATA subdirectory) and change "opengl32" to "3dfxgl" or "3dfxvgl", (2) download and install the miniGL driver from

(Q3) Running the DKDEMO.EXE on Windows 2000 gives you an error (Insert Disk 1)

(A3) Use WINZIP to extract the DKDEMO.EXE file, then run the SETUP.EXE program to install the demo

(Q4) The game pauses for a long time when you're playing multiplayer (seems like a lockup)

(A4) This is a bug in the demo only that occurs when you are attempting to connect to the Catacomb level (Greek time period).  Just wait 20 seconds and you'll connect.

(Q5) The game is too dark

(A5) Check out the README.TXT file, it has some useful tips.

So far, these cover 99% of the problems that people are having.  I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has been emailing me their raves and congrats -- thanks a lot, you guys make it all worth it.


   December 10, 1999

It was six short years ago, down to the hour.  I remember staying up the last 30 hours doing exhaustive testing before Jay Wilbur uploaded the shareware version of DOOM to the University of Wisconsin's FTP site.  We couldn't get in -- too many people were sitting on the site, waiting for our upload.  The target directory was full of bogus files with names like "" and "", but finally we got the sysop to up the connect limit to 250 and we barely got in.  After that upload, things changed.

I remember the crazy lockup bug we had the day before -- if DOOM sat running for too long, it would just lock up.  Turned out to be a value that was being incremented by the 140-tic-per-second timer function that was wrapping around (it takes a very long time for a LONG to wrap, even at 140-tics-per-second,  but this one was uninitialized so it took even less time).  So, we finished it up and sent it out, just knowing everyone would have a lot of fun with it.  Happy Birthday, DOOM.

I forgot to mention three birthdays in the past few months, the birthdays of Spear of Destiny (Wolfenstein retail) on September 18th (7 years old), DOOM II on October 10th (5 years old) and Hexen on October 31st (4 years old).  Got about three more birthdays coming up this month, too!  And one new arrival in the next couple weeks... :)

P.S.: Congrats to the guys at id for producing perhaps the most beautiful and polished game I've ever seen.


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