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December 4, 2000

Alice should hit store shelves tomorrow or Wednesday.

If you're playing the Alice demo and have a Matrox G400,
you may be having problems with the menus and game screens
showing up. If you see a black screen with grey squares after
the logo animations end, you've got this problem.

You can fix this by changing the following entry in your config.cfg
file. It's in the demo or base directory where you installed Alice.
Change the value in the following line from 0 to 1. The game should
work fine at that point.

set r_ext_compiled_vertex_array "1"

This problem will also appear in the full version of Alice. The
workaround is the same. A future version of the Matrox drivers
should address this issue.

There are also reports of low framerates using G400's. If you're
having problems with this, email me with details.

December 1, 2000

If you download the alice demo, and the filename reads something
like alice_demo_beta7a.exe, don't panic. That's the final
version we shipped to EA for testing, but apparently some
mirrors didn't get it renamed to a nice, final sounding filename.

Sorry for the confusion.
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