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It's About Freaking Time!!!

After 19 years, we can finally light this candle...

University of Texas Baseball is back on top where it belongs. Champions of the College World Series. Oh, man, that was a good game this past Saturday. I remember the last two times they won (1975 and 1983). This time is just as sweet, if not sweeter.

In other news, I finally managed to lay my hands on a copy of Don Sebesky's "Giant Box" album. This 1973 release would be familiar to anyone who has studied Sebesky's "The Contemporary Arranger/Composer" book. I've been looking for this thing since I was in high school, and I finally found it by way of a Japanese 24-bit CD remaster. The disc arrived from Japan today. Very interesting listening material indeed - now, all I need to do is get the book out again and revisit the examples he drew from this album.

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George Broussard 2002/10/31
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Matt Wood 2002/10/09
Scott Miller 2002/08/20
Lee Jackson 2002/06/24
Charlie Wiederhold 2002/03/18
Keith Schuler 2002/03/11
Bryan Turner 2002/02/27
Eric von Rothkirch 2001/12/20
John Pollard 2001/10/31
Andy Hanson 2001/10/31
Brian Cozzens 2001/06/15
Allen Blum 2001/05/31
Timothy Wilson 2001/02/27
Ruben Cabrera 2001/01/23
Jess Crable 2000/10/09
Scott Alden 2000/10/09
Kevin Green 2000/06/13
Steve Blackburn 2000/06/13
John Anderson 2000/03/16
Stephen Cole 1998/10/22

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