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"You went to school where you were taught to fear and to obey, be cheerful, fit in, or somebody might think you're weird. Life can be perfect, people can be trusted. Someday, I will finally have a nice quiet home of my very own — free from all pain, happy and having fun, all the time. It never happened, did it?"
(Intro to "Government Flu", by the Dead Kennedys on the album "Plastic Surgery Disasters")

June 24th

It's been 3 months damnit and its about time for an Update. I see that Chris has yanked the link, so I'll provide it here.

Reading "The Texas Martini Foundation" at

is like smoking crack and watching TV when you are trying to watch "Full Metal Jacket" and "The Brady Bunch" at the same time. One minute you're enjoying the truculent sarge reduce Pyle into a frothful pyschosis, turning him from Bobby into Henry Lee Lucas.
Before you realize it, Mike's cranial contents have been emptied all over the wall,
Carol has been raped with a Wesson bottle, and Greg has become a lawn decoration in Marcia's tribute to Vlad Tepid's "Forest of the Impaled" on the Brady's front lawn.

And just when I was mourning over the yanking of the "Cynic's Corner".

"Blessed are the strong, for they shall possess the Earth.
Cursed are the weak, for they shall inherit the yoke.

- Ragnar Redbeard, 1896
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