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George Broussard
3DRealms | Owner/Producer | Oct 5 2000, 16:12:07 (ET) |
Account Name: georgeb
Email address:
10/5/2000 - 3pm

Just a quick update on a couple of things.

First, we'll be announcing a new programmer joining the
Duke team on Monday. We're pretty excited. It should
round us out well with a programmer focused full time on
each major area: Technology/Optimization, AI, Gameplay
and Multiplayer.

Second, Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes has been released
for the PSX and is in stores now. We're pretty happy
with the way it turned out and it's by FAR the best
Duke Nukem console game to date. n-Space did a great job.
So while you're waiting for those back ordered PS2's, run
down to your local store and check out Land of the Babes.
Joe Siegler 11/12
Brandon Reinhart 11/8
George Broussard 10/31
Jonathan Wright 10/11
Matt Wood 10/9
Scott Miller 08/20
Lee Jackson 06/24
Charlie Wiederhold 03/18
Keith Schuler 03/11
Bryan Turner 02/27
Eric von Rothkirch 12/20
John Pollard 10/31
Andy Hanson 10/31
Brian Cozzens 06/15
Allen Blum 05/31
Timothy Wilson 02/27
Ruben Cabrera 01/23
Jess Crable 10/9
Scott Alden 10/9
Kevin Green 06/13
Steve Blackburn 06/13
John Anderson 03/16
Stephen Cole 10/22

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