George Broussard
3DRealms | Owner/Producer | Oct 31, 2002, 16:56:08 (ET) |
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We're looking for some Environmental Artists.


* Very good knowledge of Photoshop. You will be required to texture your own modeling work and have a willingness to work with photo-realistic source and reference.

* Very good knowledge of a modelling package (3DS Max preferred). You will be modeling architecture and environment elements for maps.

* A strong eye for architecture and environment design. Any traditional concept art skills are a plus.

* Professional game industry experience is a plus, but not a requirement. Your talent, personality and an impressive portfolio are more important than experience.

* You need to be a game player and love to play and talk about games, or you're not going to fit in here.

* You must be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, and willing to relocate to Garland, Texas .


* We're not looking for map designers. We're looking for artists that can take a basic shell of a level and detail it out with geometry that you will build and texture.

* We expect a certain level of technical expertise. The ideal candidate will understand the technology they have access to, as well as concepts of maintaining target frame rates and polygon budgets.

* You will be expected to learn our level editor so you can work closely with the map designers.


* You will share in the profits generated from the game you work on.

* Signing bonus is available based on experience.

* Medical / dental insurance.

* Moving expenses.

* No publisher pressure on milestones or shipping to meet a quarter. We ship the game when it's ready. Your pressure comes from working with a small team of highly motivated people that demand excellence.


E-mail the following to "", or mail it to us at:

George Broussard
3D Realms
P.O. Box 496389
Garland, TX 75049

* Current resume

* Web link to online portfolio (preferred), or mail us a CD with lots of stuff on it. You can also send a tape, although we prefer a CD or web link, so we can see the assets more clearly and easily.

* Tell us the last 3 games you've played, and what should have been improved with each.
Joe Siegler 2002/11/12
Brandon Reinhart 2002/11/08
George Broussard 2002/10/31
Jonathan Wright 2002/10/11
Matt Wood 2002/10/09
Scott Miller 2002/08/20
Lee Jackson 2002/06/24
Charlie Wiederhold 2002/03/18
Keith Schuler 2002/03/11
Bryan Turner 2002/02/27
Eric von Rothkirch 2001/12/20
John Pollard 2001/10/31
Andy Hanson 2001/10/31
Brian Cozzens 2001/06/15
Allen Blum 2001/05/31
Timothy Wilson 2001/02/27
Ruben Cabrera 2001/01/23
Jess Crable 2000/10/09
Scott Alden 2000/10/09
Kevin Green 2000/06/13
Steve Blackburn 2000/06/13
John Anderson 2000/03/16
Stephen Cole 1998/10/22

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