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Thu November 19, 1998


I've moved to CA, and those of you who know I'm at Transmeta now, you
prolly grok that I'm about to go into blackout mode so this is my last
plan entry. Mebbe will re-surface much later.

Just gotta say, though. I read the "FURTHER INFO" link on the Ion
Storm story on OGR (http://www.ogr.com/dailynews/9811/ion.shtml),
and I think those links should at least be renamed "FURTHER


Sun November 8, 1998


Does anyone know the initial sales numbers for Fallout 2? I've heard
stories that it's selling out at most retailers. I'm hoping it is
selling a lot better than Fallout.

I don't recommend the movie "Vampires".

Sat November 7, 1998


I've just accepted a job with Transmeta. Thanks to all of those who
sent me the great job leads.

Thu October 29, 1998


I may be hard to reach for a few days, depending on how painful it is to
connect back up to the net. We're moving to a friend's apartment
temporarily. If you're a phoner & you get "# has changed," just
dial the new number. Will try to find some way to check my e-mail.

Wed October 28, 1998


I'll be in Dallas today. If leaving voice or e-mail, plz be
patient. I'm already a day behind. :P

Mon October 26, 1998


Nevermind the TV show question. I see now that you have to write the
production company to ask for a tape.

If you miss a TV show aired on a broadcast network, is there a service
out there you can order from to get a tape of the show? Seems like half
the time I program our VCR, I suffer from some kind of brain fart which
results in recording at the wrong time or getting the wrong channel.

Thanks for the replies on the 24-bit color question. It seems most
cards support a 32-bit padded byte mode, which is a very good thing,
though it appears the S3 Virge line doesn't.

Anyone know whether 24-bit color framebuffers typically have a padding
byte on each pixel? I'm talking 2D video cards or 2D/3D video cards,
but not dedicated 3D accelerators. I'm looking for confident answers
and/or hard numbers. Thanks!
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