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Tim "CMonster" Cook
GameSpy | Jan 19 1999, 18:00:55 (ET) |
User: timplan
Unread: 7
Update to the WinRoute/WinGate stuff from yesterday. Got Linux working.
All I needed was to add a default route via linuxconf and add the p2 as a
nameserver to resolv.conf. No reboot needed (unlike Windows) and it worked
like a champ. A hint when sharing a Linux/Windows machines when running
Samba, give them different names especially if they do not have the same set
up in the file and print shares.

Jack says it is SyGate and it works great. Dan Hammerling says another
one, IpRoute also works great. Lots of choices out there.


Been a busy weekend here. Actually managed to get GameSpy 2.10 to load.
Installed a CD/R/RW drive. Moved the printer off the old 133 and the Pilot
stuff to the P2. The 133 is going to run Linux except when making CDs.
Basically, it is going to be a server.

Now for the real news. A couple of weeks ago I announced the team was
having success getting WinGate to run with GameSpy and other programs. The
Kirk (a nick) suggested I try WinRoute. So I downloaded both today. The
1) I have not installed WinGate yet. Took forever to download. They really
need to upgrade their network. Also requires to you to register for a trial
key and that took a few hours to get. I have everything but not until long
after I had WinRoute running.
2) WinRoute is MUCH smaller than WinGate. Setting it up required
installation on the P2 (it has the faster modem). A reboot later and it was

Next I tried to set up the 133 under Linux. Gave up after a while. I knew
what to do, just not where to do it. Now I know and will do it later. When
in doubt, read the FAQ. Linux has great FAQs.
Rebooted the 133 to Win95. Set up the Gateway and DNS to point to the P2,
rebooted, and while IE worked just fine, GameSpy would not. I scratched my
head a few times and then remembered GameSpy was setup to use a Proxy on
that machine. Turned that off and GameSpy worked like a champ.

Next up was the laptops. Set up the Gateway and DNS again, reboot, and the
Toshiba worked but the IBM did not. I had one little typo in the DNS entry.
Picky, picky. Fixed that and it worked great.

The verdict: WinRoute works great and required no changes to the clients
except for Network settings (ie no additional software). The team says
WinGate also works. There is another out there, I think its name is SyGate.
If you need to use GameSpy and other software to access the net from a
private network, check one of these out.

Also if you get these, you may not need a proxy setup under gamespy or your
browser depending on your ISP.

Timothy 'CMonster' Cook
Joe Powell 06/19
Jack Mathews 05/30
Tim Cook 12/31

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