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It has been a long time since the last update. The 3.0 engine is pretty
much complete. Working (occasionally) to make it conform more to the
C++ standard (ie not MS MFC) between trips. Since late October I have
not been home much more than two weeks combined. I confess I have not
been working that hard on GS but then again, my part is pretty much

The last couple of days I have been working on 2.19 and adding true
Quake3 support. The "problem" with names should be fixed. Q3Test will
be deprecated in this version so all servers will be attached to it will
be lost. So save your favorites before upgrading. It would have been
done sooner if someone had given me the source code before he got

I have been looking at ideas for 3.1. This would be easier if 3.0 was
out the door. Version 3 is getting closer. Jack finally sent us a GUI
update and it looks sweet. Still fairly broken but sweet. For my part I
am getting the finishing touches in 3.0 also.
Joe Powell 2002/06/19
Jack Mathews 2000/05/30
Tim Cook 1999/12/31

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