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Dec.16.2000 @ 11:40pm CST

More Team Arena Stuff

I received a few emails about people saying that the Offense and
Defense voice chats don't appear to be working properly in the TA
menus. If you're interested, here's the entire list of voice commands
that you can bind.

To use these, do something like;

/bind o vsay_team onoffense // I'm going on offense
/bind p vsay_team ondefense // I'm going to defend the base
/bind o vsay taunt // j00 sux0r h4w h4w h4w !!!



#define VOICECHAT_GETFLAG "getflag"
#define VOICECHAT_OFFENSE "offense"
#define VOICECHAT_DEFEND "defend"
#define VOICECHAT_DEFENDFLAG "defendflag"
#define VOICECHAT_PATROL "patrol"
#define VOICECHAT_CAMP "camp"
#define VOICECHAT_FOLLOWME "followme"
#define VOICECHAT_RETURNFLAG "returnflag"
#define VOICECHAT_FOLLOWFLAGCARRIER "followflagcarrier"
#define VOICECHAT_YES "yes"
#define VOICECHAT_NO "no"
#define VOICECHAT_ONGETFLAG "ongetflag"
#define VOICECHAT_ONOFFENSE "onoffense"
#define VOICECHAT_ONDEFENSE "ondefense"
#define VOICECHAT_ONPATROL "onpatrol"
#define VOICECHAT_ONCAMPING "oncamp"
#define VOICECHAT_ONFOLLOW "onfollow"
#define VOICECHAT_ONFOLLOWCARRIER "onfollowcarrier"
#define VOICECHAT_ONRETURNFLAG "onreturnflag"
#define VOICECHAT_INPOSITION "inposition"
#define VOICECHAT_IHAVEFLAG "ihaveflag"
#define VOICECHAT_BASEATTACK "baseattack"
#define VOICECHAT_ENEMYHASFLAG "enemyhasflag"
#define VOICECHAT_STARTLEADER "startleader"
#define VOICECHAT_STOPLEADER "stopleader"
#define VOICECHAT_WHOISLEADER "whoisleader"
#define VOICECHAT_WANTONDEFENSE "wantondefense"
#define VOICECHAT_WANTONOFFENSE "wantonoffense"
#define VOICECHAT_KILLINSULT "kill_insult"
#define VOICECHAT_TAUNT "taunt"
#define VOICECHAT_DEATHINSULT "death_insult"
#define VOICECHAT_KILLGAUNTLET "kill_gauntlet"
#define VOICECHAT_PRAISE "praise"

Dec.16.2000 @ 6:40pm CST

Q3A 1.27g and Team Arena Stuff

I've been reading messageboards, and recently started getting some emails
about it, so I thought it best to write a small FAQ outlining a few issues
with Team Arena, and the recently released 1.27g patch for Quake III.

Q: "Team Arena drops the last two digits of my CD Key when I enter it in the
menu. WTF man ?"

A: The last two digits of your CD Key serve as a checksum for the preceeding
16 bytes. They are not essential for online play, and their purpose is to
verify that you have entered your CD Key correctly. If you have entered your
CD Key correctly either in the TA setup program, or manually in the TA menu,
you should not have any problems with having an invalid CD Key. The last two
bytes are not written out to the q3key file, and as such, do not appear in
the menu. Don't panic =)

Q: "I'm trying to play TA online and I'm getting an 'Invalid CD Key' message ?
WTF is up wit dat ?"

A: Team Arena needs both a valid CD Key for Q3A and Team Arena entered. If you
are getting an 'Invalid CD Key' message whilst trying to connect to a Team Arena
server, more than likely what has happened is that you have reinstalled Quake 3,
installed Team Arena, but forgot to enter your Q3A CD Key.

Q: "Dude! I have both my CD Key's entered, yet I'm still getting 'Invalid CD
Key'. WTF IS GOING ON?!?!!!!???

A: More than likely, you have mistyped your Q3A CD Key. We don't do any
verification of the Q3A CD Key like we do with Team Arena, so please ensure
that you have entered you Q3A key correctly. Be sure to check for obvious
mistypes such as "zero" and "oh".

Q: "The Q3TA Setup program says it can't find my quake 3 installation, but it's
in c:quake3. WTF is it's problem ?!"

A: More than likely what has happened here is you've either installed a new OS
which has blown away your registry settings, or you have moved the Q3A directory
from it's original installation directory. The Q3TA setup program checks the
registry for the location of where Q3A is installed based on the original
Activision installer for Q3A. If your setup program is acting all wonky and
won't find your Q3A installation, the only recommendation I can make is to
reinstall Q3A off the CD to a new directory (Don't forget to enter your Q3A CD
Key!) and then install Q3TA.

Q: "Dude, my shaders are all fux0red and I'm getting nice white blocks everywhere.
WTF ?"

A: Q3TA and Quake 1.27g are much more stringent on checking pakfiles now. More than
likely what has happened is you have an older mod somewhere that is replacing some
shaders in memory and you're getting all sorts of ugly looking graphics. My
recommendation is to just bite the bullet and install Q3A to a *NEW* directory.
I can almost guarantee that if you reinstall Q3A, Install either TA or 1.27g, then
install the latest 1.27g compliant mods, most if not all of your graphics wierdness
will go away.

Hope this helps.



PS: Hi mom.


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tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquake, hurricanes and other Acts of God,
neglect, incorrect line voltage, improper or unauthorized use, broken antenna
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(which can include, but not be limited to, arrows, bullets, shot, BB's,
paintball, shrapnel, lasers, napalm, torpedoes, or emissions of X-rays, Alpha,
Beta and Gamma rays, knives, stones, etc.).


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