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PC Gaming > Windows 8 "a disaster for the PC space", and Steam isn't, or doesn't have the potential to one day?
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2. Re: Windows 8 Oct 31, 2012, 08:22 DanteUK
Oh, sorry Gabe, I just wanted to play the 40 game I just bought, maybe I should wait till you're less busy and it's more convenient to you.

Steams sucks always has. I don't want it on my Linux machine, but then installing Linux has just gone from dead simple to a nightmare thanks to Secure-boot.
Every single laptop and PC in PC World today was installed with Windows 8 and the staff have no idea which if any of the laptops can have secure boot turned off. If it's not Microsoft they know nothing.
Microsoft have killed the PC. I remember when the P stood for personal. It was mine to install whatever OS I wanted, whatever software I owned whenever I wanted. Not today. Today we have MSC's (MicroSoft Computers) or AC ( Apple Computers ) all locked down and restricted.
The PC is almost dead. only legacy hardware remains open now.
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1. Windows 8 "a disaster for the PC space", and Steam isn't, or doesn't have the potential to one day? Oct 6, 2012, 03:19 2nd_floor
It's funny that Valve and Gabe Newell can say that "Windows 8 is going to be a disaster on the PC space", and yet they are the ones happily behind the closed system and DRM that is Steam.

Sure Steam has sales often, and it has forums, friends, automatic patching (sometimes a problem)... but for the freedom it takes away from people, and the annoyances it causes, is Steam the vision of Valve's people for what PC gaming should be? They think Steam is not destroying PC gaming, or has the potential to?

-I tried to play a game I have installed but that is not fully updated. Steam knows it is not fully up-to-date (from the last time I was connected), and as I was not connected to the internet this time, Steam would not let me play the game. A patch that fixed a few minor bugs and would not have affected much at all in my game!! I COULD HAVE SCREAMED!!!!

-How many times have we all seen the message "The Steam servers are too busy to handle your single player game request, try again later".

-If you have the retail DVD in the drive, and are trying to install a game from it. Steam tries to download 4GB,6GB, etc... from it's servers INSTEAD OF EVEN ASKING you what the install source should be. After looking on the internet and various forums, there is a command-line solution (Steam.exe -install E:). A DAMN MS-DOS COMMAND-LINE solution. Why can't they put an option in the GUI of Steam? Why do we have to still use MS-DOS commands. Microsoft themselves left DOS 15 years ago! I can't believe that even people at Valve have not run into this annoyance!!

-Steam can display a list of programs installed on your computer (the same list as the Add/Remove Software in the Windows Control Panel). WHY THE HECK WOULD STEAM NEED/WANT to do this? Why would they put time and effort into something like this?!?! How is it more important/interesting/functional than being able to choose the install source for a game into Steam, so it doesn't try to download 6GBs?!?!?! Haha, what a joke! I start to think that Valve/Steam people do not live in the real world. They live in a made up world where they can do as they want, and do not have to worry about these horribly annoying problems in Steam, and the crap is causes people!!

-I bought Half-Life 2 second hand, retail copy from a second-hand store. I tried to install it from the DVD/CDs, but it was already registered to somebody else's Steam account, and so the copy in my hands was useless to me. I downloaded the torrent version.

-You don't own the games on Steam, you own the right to play them, if Valve's servers are running and let you (and okay I've never seen them not running -> thank you Linux!!). What if Valve suddenly had problems (legal, financial, software, anything), and people could not run their games through Steam?? Wow! Valve, you are playing with peoples' rights and freedoms, which is very dangerous!

-Borderlands 2 installing from retail DVD, took 6 attempts to install. It simply would not get past "creating local games cache". 5 cancelled attempts. Uninstall, re-install 5 times, finally on the 6th attempt, something did it and it got installed.

Steam is the vision for PC gaming from Valve? Missing features, control through the roof, no version numbers beside the games in the list, connected to the internet to uninstall a game, etc... how is this not a disaster for (the freedom) of the PC? Or will be one day?

I think a lot of people think it is. Many many people hate Steam, I know they do. But I guess the billionaires who own it get away with what they do with it, or do so far anyway. This is our DRM world of today!

Gabe Newell wants an open-system for PC gaming, he says it is very important! Haha. Is that not a direct statement of what Steam takes away from people and PC gaming? You can usually, when all installs properly, is patched, running, etc..., play your games the way Valve will let you. Steam resembles Microsoft's way of thinking seemingly spot on! A closed, controlled system!!

Valve has never done ANYTHING that is open. Never released source-code to their products, promote open-ness in computing/business, or done anything to help the open system of GNU/Linux in their 15 years of being in business. Yet now suddenly, when their business model is threatened by somebody else's closed system, they complain and say that an open system is good, and they want other companies to be open, so that Steam can still work at 100% and thrive. What a joke!! Lies!!

I am getting close to my limit of what Steam is doing with PC gaming. Too many frustrations, annoyances and limits to what I can do and the way I can do it. And to not even fully own the games that I pay is this not illegal and in court? How do they get away with these policies? They are so seemingly against natural human and life ideals.

(I would imagine Steam is similar to Uplay, Origin, and Stardock. I guess Valve is not the sole company to do this by any means. Funny though that Gabe Newell, the owner of Steam, can say Windows 8 is going to be a disaster for PC gaming, and that he wants an open-system. But then turn around and promote the controlling, closed system and DRM that is Steam. Haha!)

What does he think about Secure-boot? Is that not a closed system? Haha. I guess it doesn't cause a problem for Steam on Windows (it does for Steam on Linux!!).

What a bunch of goats!!

This comment was edited on Oct 31, 2012, 13:56.
Avatar 57402
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2 Replies. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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