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PC Gaming > Deus Ex
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3. Re: Deus Ex Aug 12, 2010, 16:07 Beamer
I was an avid trackball user back between Doom and Quake.

Gotta say, this game peaked in the middle and lost me towards the end this time around.
I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over. With plain action that doesn't bother me, but the other stuff ended up repetitive to me.

It also sold me on quick-save being inferior to checkpoints, and arguably its healthkits being inferior to auto-regen.

I'm sure this won't be read and I'll rehash elsewhere, but:
1) Checkpoints killed so much of this for me. Why? Because most of my (smaller) choices were meaningless. If I found a locked door I'd quicksave, unlock it, and if I found the items inside less worthwhile than my lockpick I'd quickload and just not do it. If I came up with a crazy idea I'd quicksave, and if it failed and I left wounded I'd often quickload and just not try it, or try it better. The simple knowledge of being able to do this killed some tension.

2) Speaking of killed tension, in the middle of dozens of fights I'd hit escape, pausing it all, and use a medkit. I barely died in this game (playing on hard.) More accurately, I was barely ever hurt (I tended to be alive or dead, rarely in the middle.) Being able to heal myself like that, at least while paused, wasn't a good gameplay mechanic. Fighting wasn't meaningful. Of course, I also quicksaved before every fight and quickloaded if they weren't as favorable as I'd like. In games without that option I'd live damaged.

There should be some happy medium. I see the value in no medkits combined with checkpoints, as you can find yourself in an unwinnable situation, but there should be something better. I'd like to see something more organic than medkits you carry around but more tense than regen (well, regen can be damn tense in the middle of fights, but I'd like something that spreads it out more.)
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2. Re: Deus Ex Jul 26, 2010, 15:16 Ecthelion
I've been thinking about the mouse-on-the-couch issue. Assuming you're not allergic to trackballs (which many gamers seem to be, for some reason), it seems like a decent controller could be designed that's shaped like a TV remote control. The mouse buttons would have to be on the side or underneath I guess, and your thumb would operate a trackball in the front of the device (on the top side). I'm not sure how well it would work for gaming, but it would be a hell of a lot better than the Wii remote (I don't know how anyone can use that thing), and it would remove the problems of hurting your wrist with a mouse away from a desk setting.

Oh, and more on topic, I don't remember hating the first level but I remember that the gameplay opened up a lot more later on.

I need to replay that game soon.
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1. Deus Ex Jul 2, 2010, 11:48 Beamer
So we talk about this game often in fragmented discussions, how about a dedicated one?

Taking lead from Steam's sale, I reinstalled it and played last night. Important note: I was playing on a netbook (which ran it beautifully) on a couch.

This turned into a disaster. There's no good way to place a mouse on my couch. Since I like a very high sensitivity, this meant the mouse was jumping like mad. Very, very bad in Deus Ex, where the initial level finds you so poor at aiming that you have to hold the mouse steady for 3-4 seconds to get the most accurate shot.

Needless to say I was hating the game at that point. I remember hating the first level my first time through, too, though. It's just not a fun introduction to the game because you're too weak for my style of play.
That said, it forced me to start playing differently, based on the handicap I gave myself. I ended up doing some parts numerous times to find a way that worked for me (often the least elegant way I tried), which was both parts frustrating and a blast.

Happy to be back with this game.
Also further convinced that consoles will never work with a mouse and keyboard. Beyond the difficulty of the mouse on the couch, ow my wrist. An hour of gaming probably gave me a year's worth of damage towards carpal tunnel...
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