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1. To-do^W Done List Apr 7, 2010, 16:54  Xymph 
Following the server switch and related changes last Fall, Blue and I set out to compile a list of new and updated features for the site with the overall goal of increasing its audience and usability. I've worked on this with varying degrees of intensity for most of my available time from November through last weekend.

As Blue mentioned yesterday, the last major entry on that list was completed with the Screenshots Archive. He's given me a lot of credit for everything as have plenty of you, for which I'm grateful, and it's been a lot of fun and often a good learning experience for me to build all these things. Blue also thought it might be useful to post the entire To-do Done list here, which I've agreed to somewhat reluctantly (as I don't like to beat my own drum), if only to show some doubters (hi Ray!) that yes, the forums have been updated -- quite a few times actually.

So here goes in more-or-less chronological order, mixing five minute tweaks with multi-week projects:

  • fix post sorting bug
  • banned users cannot edit profile anymore
  • fix add article timestamp
  • fix list/view article timestamps
  • fix lanparties mail & targets
  • fix admin mysql queries count
  • fix input sanitation in cgi-bin/*.pl
  • prevent user rename to dupe
  • enforce unique new fullname/nickname
  • tune Analog
  • install/tune AWStats
  • install/tune Webalizer
  • add new ads throughout site
  • sync board post/edit/delete/report/deletethread code/layout
  • remove story from report post
  • mail deleted post
  • quote in reply
  • rules reminder in post message
  • compartimentalize Apache vhosts
  • static StoriesOfNote insert on RoS
  • move screens/logos/tracker admin
  • move blue,credits,logos/archives/index-old.shtml to articles
  • implement {more} tag
  • implement SSI module
  • articles admin bugs
  • logos archive cgi
  • logos admin update DB
  • swap title tags
  • reorganize layout templates in Layout module
  • subs test format: header, archive header, sidebox, below1day
  • subs test: archives/, screenshots/ templates
  • create/code additional forums
  • overhaul
  • mail edits if by admin/mod
  • mail posts w/ 8+ links
  • mail post 2+ weeks after last post
  • edit in locked threads by admin/mod
  • merge edit/delete into
  • mailuser truly private
  • feed to twitter
  • set canonical domain
  • main sitemap
  • quote="Author"Date /quote
  • Apache deflate .html/.css
  • remove Share form, add Related Links widget
  • add popular non-news threads
  • title in story & article links/slugs
  • add/fix <title> on edit/delete/report confirm
  • add canonical meta tag to articles, stories
  • meta descriptions in articles, stories, rest
  • link to oneday in viewstory
  • rebuild story header w/ addthis toolbox
  • SEO code roll-out
  • SEO story & article URLs in all stories
  • Atom feed (News sitemap)
  • age gate for embedded YouTube movies
  • minor edit time window
  • repair posts relativeid/indent/threadposition
  • fix sidebox fixed width/spacer
  • mark read threads in DB
  • feeds & services page
  • fix view mode propagation
  • user ignore list
  • headlines insert in sharestory
  • add/replace/delete avatar
  • disable avatars option
  • admin avatar moderation
  • add new ads throughout RoS
  • set up TMNF/XAseco server
  • block long urls/words in posts
  • search box radio buttons + Go
  • monitor tmnf players in sysmond
  • screenshots archive cgi
  • admin site logo duplication

    From now on, I'll still be around helping with minor changes and fighting fires if needed, but in a few weeks I'll be starting a new full-time job which will affect my ability to work on bigger projects on this here site. But no worries, I won't be completely out of the picture.

    Cheers! W00t

    This comment was edited on Apr 8, 2010, 02:10.
    Avatar 13939

    -- Frans
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