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Firefox issue with something JS related
Jul 30, 2020, 11:14
Firefox issue with something JS related Jul 30, 2020, 11:14
Jul 30, 2020, 11:14
Since Frans asked me

Here is my original post from that other topic.


I hope I can type this in time, but whenever I open this page I get a full core maxed out and infinitely increasing ram footprint of the firefox thread responsible for this page. Yes, I am talking I can literally watch the ram usage increase till it crashes without doing ANYTHING

I have to disable javascript entirely to make it stop blowing up.

That's on Firefox 79, with or without adblocker active. It's one of the javascript files that loads here not ad related

Edit. File in question is networkn.min.js (maybe?) I can't actually figure it out properly, as I said, it pushes around 800mb into ram in less than 5 seconds, if I capture I get.. a trillion billion out of memory errors for the site debugger)
It ends up in an infinite iterative stacking loop



But just to be clear, I can't figure out which JS is doing it exactly because the moment I open the debugger it blows up (like literally, the debugger says memory full and stops recording, which is.. not helpful ;/

And this is how it looks then
it blows up to the limit and crashes. The 2nd number after memory use is page-faults

Note. When I open site-inspector and hit "record memory footprint" it never records, and crashes. So yeah..

Edit: second day report - still can't figure out what's doing it, it's doing it with uBlock origin on/off too. The moment I activate JS on this page I get this issue. The only JS that I can see that runs is the one I mentioned, but it's A) not blocked by uBlock Origin and B) just because it's the one I see, doesn't mean it's the one that does it, because everything breaks AFTER that entry and I can't tell anything apart once it starts going through the roof. JS caused it, but internally firefox claims this a "GC" event. So you can guess how that looks in the debugger.. hint: it doesn't, because you can't record GC events when 130k of them happen per second ;p

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Firefox issue with something JS related
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