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General Discussion > Star Wars Spoiler Thread
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5. No subject Dec 16, 2017, 02:55 Asmodai
K, musings...

1. No one thought to jump a Imp SD a few light seconds ahead, turn around and mash them? What about Victory style fast attack destroyers, interdictors (block hyperspace jumps), attack shuttles with boarding parties etc. This is perhaps the flimsiest part of the plot (aka the entire reason why they are jacked up), that the biggest military organisation in the galaxy can't work out how to deal with a single cruiser and a couple of support ships of no note. Admiral Thrawn would have had the command staff summarily executed for gross incompetence.

2. Yeah, send out the thousands of squadrons of tie fighters, bombers, intercepters (all those funky things shown on the weapon dealers ship holos) and obliterate them in seconds... (see point 1)

3. Yes, you can determine a ships course through hyperspace fairly accurately if you get to their departure point quickly. The signature fades over time, and is only good for the trajectory of the last jump however.

4. Seriously, virtue signalling about some urchins on some random backwater? News flash, many cultures in Star Wars are exploitative, awful, xenophobic, slave owners etc. It's a big galaxy, and no force (including THE Force...) is going to fix that any time soon. Even the smallest of crime syndicates have forces that far out number the "Rebellion" at the start, let alone the end...

5. The heavy bomber scene at the start shit me to pieces. K, let's just take it for granted that B-Wings no longer exist (even though X and A wings do). So instead of heavily armed/armoured ships carrying big loads of proton torpedoes, we have a collection of paper boxes that instantly kerplode as soon as something touches them and their awkward payload of dumbass bombs(which work in space because... WHY THE FUCK DO THEY WORK IN SPACE?????). Oh yeah, and we need a button control to drop the bombs instead of just having the pilot trigger them...

6. We know nothing about Snoke (dumb name). Why does he look that way, where did he come from, why is he so powerful? Is he one of the Emps clones, perhaps damaged? An ancient Sith that has managed to come back? He is the driving force behind the continued unification of imperial forces (which, in the EU, break up in to factions as traditional central power structures get knocked out by the Rebs), but there is almost nothing to justify him apart from 'just cos'.

It might seem like I'm focusing on the made up tech in the made up universe, but even if you ignore the extended universe novels, the original stories show that, for some reason, the resistance/rebellion/whatever the fuck they are are just goddamn morons. The whole premise for the OJ space chase is so flimsy that all actions that stem from it seem completely irrational. Huge gaps in possible technology/tactics that would have shutdown the escape in the first 5 minutes are ignored and we're just supposed to accept everything presented to us on the screen because.. no fucking reason I can think of.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the concept of the storyline, it was something that was done very effectively in the Battlestar Episode 33. But this had no urgency or impact. Luke's spiritual departure was fine, but the reason he had to project across the universe (save a bunch of dumbasses from a bigger bunch of dumbasses) was flawed. Ackbar dying in such a trite way, /shrug. 2 ties and a tie advanced model can tear apart the fighter bay/bridge, but they are in huge danger because the main fleet can't provide them cover? Cover against fucking what? The fighters they just blew up??? The guns on the cruiser that they can't pen the shields to destroy?

I enjoyed TFA despite the issues, it wasn't bad. This was bad. Even if you only take 4/5/6 as canon, there are holes you could drive a SSD through, and everything is tacked together to give you 2.5 hours of meh.

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4. No subject Dec 15, 2017, 20:21 Slick
The good parts were Snoke getting iced in a really smart way. The conversations between Ray and Kylo were very interesting. Ghost Yoda pulling arson on the great Jedi temple... just cuz. Kylo and Ray fighting alongside each other, seeing that they have some sort of connection... also makes me think that Kylo's whole spiel about how Ray's parents were nobodies could be bullshit, because it's revealed that they were both being manipulated by Snoke at this time for their connection thingy, so it could have been a plant by Snoke. Although the last shot of the rando kid with his force sweeping makes it feel like she might just be a nobody, and that anyone can become a force pro. You just need to think happy thoughts or something.

Crait's artistic design was very beautiful. Playing that map in SWBF2 is fucking cool, as the speeder bathtubs actually have those massive red rooster tails which linger for about 20 seconds like giant smoke grenades just EVERYWHERE, so the initial push on just flat terrain is broken up by these dynamic smokescreens that real players are pretty obliviously laying down everywhere, as they're really just trying to run people over. It's not the best map ever, but it looks gorgeous, and has a pretty neat and genuinely new gameplay mechanic I've never seen before.

Anyways, back to the movie, the lightspeed kamikaze through Snoke's ship was breathtaking. When the sound cut out our theatre got a few VERY loud: "WOW!"s from the audience, which was interesting. Like totally involountary but very audible "WOW". The fight scene with Snoke's henchmen in the throneroom was pretty cool, people flipped out when Kylo aced the last guy through the noggin with that sabre ploink.

There was other stuff, mostly interesting dialogue, the common theme of FORGET THE PAST, WE'RE MOVING ON was great, and some genuine grey areas of people's intentions, and where their true hearts lie from all the main characters. Including Finn in the casino I guess... but he can be forgiven to have his mouth agape a bit, he would have never known anything like that to even exist.
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3. No subject Dec 15, 2017, 20:12 Slick
So I feel that the 2 major plotholes for me were:

1) The whole premise of them slightly outrunning the First Order. I mean, it's so dumb and EVERYTHING hinges on it. If the commander lady could lightspeed through their main ship's hull at any time, why didn't the medical ship think of doing that? How could that ship the size of about 50 destroyers not have 500,000 tie fighters just rip the Resistance ships to shreds?



So the FO is tracking the big ship, so small ships can get away without anyone noticing, right? What about Finn and asian girl escaping on a small ship, going to lightspeed and playing a few rounds of baccarat? WHAT THE FUCK. Why couldn't everyone do that? Surely the "transports" could hit lightspeed, considering just about every ship in the galaxy can do lightspeed...

and 2)

Luke Skywalker tried to kill Ben Solo, even for a moment. This is so out of character, even if it was a split second. And then the first half of the movie Luke is just basically Yoda from empire, "no I won't train you" "okay I'll train you"... just grumpy... And then he fucking dies after some astral projection shit at the end, WTF. WHY. His body just gave out, like his mom lol. So dumb.
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A 'leet militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear virtual arms shall not be infringed! -Cutter
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2. No subject Dec 15, 2017, 19:31 RedEye9
Whats up with the resistance ships being able to cruise seemingly "forever"** just out of reach of the First Order's far superior strength and firepower. Were they using OJ Simpson Bronco tech.
**fuel limitations apply

Are we supposed to feel for the hospital ships captain for going down with the Mercy/Comfort. wat the wat

The ability to track through hyper space is one big glaring plot hole, would have been more believable if Kylo tracked Ren using the force "facetime" shared feature..

So we are supposed to believe Finn is going to act like a kid in a candy shop (all googlie eyed in the casino) when the fate of the Resistance rests on him finding the crypto cracker. FINN FAILURE

The salt ski scene with the t-top bathtubs was painful and scaled horribly. One minute they are tearing through the desert gaining ground on the Walkers and the Death Starô battering ram. The next minute switches to an overhead shot showing them barely making headway. rinse repeat
Note: what is the side impact rating of a sand ski bathtub, why is Rose hurt hurt while Finn who receives a sideways blow narry has a concussion. These look safer

So the top gun pilot is responsible for the loss of every heavy bomber that the resistance has along with the related crew. But he just gets docked a weeks pay. Poe should be in the pokie for disobeying a direct order, endangering the resistance etc.

They could have trimmed 10 minutes of LUKE ISLAND and nothing would have been lost. But they managed to create this years hottest new stocking stuffer and turn Chewie vegan.

random musings
Laura Dern, a little slow on turning that ship around. nuff said
The Magical Mountain Goat Clydesdales, the rich got everything.
And if Benicio Del Torro was so good at crack a lacken, why was he still in his cell. (or was he a plant)

Emotionally the film was dry.
i will say one good thing about the movie, at 2.5 hours i did not feel like sleeping or leaving the theatre (same can't be said for Blade Runner ####)

Don't get me wrong, the last jedi was not horrible, I just NEEDED IT TO BE BETTER.

Coolest moments were the hand to hand fisticuffs (light saber cuffs?) The Luke final battle not so much. If you hit your opponent with your best shot (or repeated explosive laser blasts capable of destroying x&a-wings) and they are still standing, it's time to run.

Another cool fact, i did not have to pee during the whole movie, something to be said for intentionally dehydrating oneself.

Aw jeez, almost forget the hand twitching, surfing through space, frozen peter quill Mary Poppins starflight. hur durr

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1. Star Wars Spoiler Thread Dec 15, 2017, 18:36 jdreyer
Hey Bluesers,

Starting this thread so we can have discussion about the film outside of the other threads and without having to use the spoiler tags.

What did you like or dislike?
What were the coolest moments or biggest plot holes?

Overall I really liked the film. It's the most intense SW film yet, with actors and a director that can carry that emotional burden. Gone is the woodenness of the prequels.

There were some plot holes and conveniences. If that guy could get out of jail any time, why was he still there? Why aren't the ships adhering to Newtonian physics when they run out of fuel? And nothing we learn about Rey explains her competence at so many disciplines.

Still these didn't detract from the film too much for me. It was a great ride.
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