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Op Ed

Gamasutra - Can Games Become 'Virtual Murder?'.
If, in this hypothetical future, we're capable of stripping away our empathy and compassion to murder a 99% realistic virtual human (and maybe even enjoy it), will we be psychologically any different from people who actually murder those of flesh and blood? Having perhaps unintentionally trained ourselves to become cold-blooded killers through systematic desensitization, will we be emotionally capable of doing the same thing in waking life?

IncGamers - WoW is Killing itself. Thanks Ant.
Yeah, that's right, you heard me. WoW is in the act of committing suicide, and Blizzard don't even know it. Now, before you get all huffy and angry with me (save that for later, you Blizzlovers, you), allow me to give you a bit of background. And when I say background, I mean way, waaaaay back, to the games that inspired WoW in the first place, and to where these games went wrong.

15. Re: fundamental problems in WoW article Jul 3, 2009, 04:41 peteham
WoW is committing suicide, but it's not because of raids and battlegrounds... it's because Blizzard is getting progressively lazy with their content (just look at their just released preview of the upcoming T9 armor sets; all cloth sets look the same, all plate sets the same etc.)
Heh, this is exactly the sort of thing I WAS expecting from that article.

Regarding T9 sets and how they look, what percentage of the player base do you think will ever obtain most of those items? My guess is very small, less than 10%. While I was still playing the game, the bulk of which was pre-TBC, there was at at most 2-3 guilds per faction doing the latest stuff. BWL accessible? Only the top guilds were able to progress there in the beginning. You know, the ones with members who could dedicate entire evenings to progression, week after week. AQ made this even more pronounced, with ever mounting repair costs and potion-farming taking up even more time. The large majority will never see this content until it's nerfed into oblivion.

To me, blizzard trying to open up some of the stuff, making it playable by a larger potion of the player-base, is unquestionably a good thing. Just as making both raids and instances shorter time-wise for TBC was a good thing. Of course, the hardcore raiders always piss and moan about carebears and easy-mode. Naturally, I have no problem seeing that if someone has spent twice the amount of time on something, they should be rewarded accordingly, but what's so bad about some not-so-hardcore players getting to finally see the insides of Nax etc.? To you this may be recycled content but to most players it isn't. Slightly inferior drops also seems like a good trade-off to me.
and is trying too hard to make end-game appeal to ALL castes of players, instead of catering to the hardcores that made the game popular in the first place.
Cue the requisite hardcores-made-this-game-what-it-is line.

In any case, I think the whole "Blizzard is killing WoW" argument is crap. It certainly doesn't look as if they're struggling to me, at least not any more than they should with a framework that's starting to show considerable age. They could probably lose half their subscribers and still be the biggest MMO out there. And unless everyone suddenly quits overnight, which seems unlikely, they'll have plenty of time to downsize as needed when the recession eventually starts to occur. WOW will go on and be sustainable for at least as long as EQ if Blizzard decides to keep it on life-support. Though of course, for the final hold-outs, they will have to change their direction somewhat but as of right NOW, I don't think the most significant part of their revenue-stream comes from hardcores..

This comment was edited on Jul 3, 2009, 05:18.
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