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Far Cry 2 Postmortem

In-Depth: Behind The Scenes Of Far Cry 2 on Gamasutra offers a look back at Ubisoft's open-world shooter project based on an article written by Ubisoft Montreal creative director Clint Hocking for Game Developer Magazine. The piece offers some insights, but holds back others in an effort to promote sales of the magazine.

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11. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 31, 2009, 05:01 MacD
The deviation from the theme of the first game is a bit puzzling

Not really, as Far Cry was made by a different dev, iirc, and Far Cry 2 was made by a dev team the publisher chose after they took the IP from the first dev.
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10. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 23:24 Slashman
You know, I had actually forgotten about Space Siege.

I mean...what in the heck was THAT? Who gave funds toward developing it??
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9. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 22:45 Jerykk
Whoa now, My First Pony was a pretty good game. Don't be hating'.  
Avatar 20715
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8. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 22:00 tuddies
Oh, man, there are hundreds of games much, much worse than FarCry2 on a bad day! The worst thing about FarCry2 was the fact that it didn't realize its full potential.

Then you have this utter S H I T!

Space Siege
The Lost Crown
My First Pony
Hunting Unlimited
Beijing 2008
Civil War Battles: Antietam
Marine Sharpshooter 4
Absolute Obedience
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7. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 21:05 Slashman
Yeah I don't think it was as bad as people are making it out to be. It just wasn't what most of us expected.

If it wasn't called Far Cry 2, I might actually look at it in a slightly more favorable light. The deviation from the theme of the first game is a bit puzzling. I guess they wanted to ride the fame of it while making something completely different.

But yeah...its a game you don't sit down and play for hours on end. And in between my other games...thats actually turned out to be pretty ok for me. YMMV.
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6. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 19:30 Aero
Personally, I wouldn't call it the worst game from last year. Rather, I'd call it the 'worst game that was at least good enough to play halfway through.' The frustration with how it could so easily have been awesome was a killer.

Even just a few things would have made it pretty good: make guard posts take longer to respawn; have the merc npcs who give you the side missions also offer to give you a ride to the waypoint if you want it; maybe even a fast travel system (many more bus stops). A few other additions here and there--more stuff to make exploring the jungle worthwhile for one thing like the possibilities of large stashes of diamonds instead of just one or two. Trekking across the jungle to a waypoint was cool for exactly one mission. And, for the love of god, some neutral or even friendly npc's scattered around so it didn't just play like one big Doom level--a reputation system would have been nice. When it comes down to it, a lot of these aren't really huge changes.

I still like it in small doses though. I play until I complete a mission and have to travel across the map again, and then I quit and come back a couple weeks later. I'll probably finish it by the time a sequel comes out.

The worst game of the year is probably Barbie's Horse Adventure 4 or something like that.

This comment was edited on Mar 30, 2009, 19:32.
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5. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 18:36 Ray Marden
I originally skipped Far Cry 2 between having other things to play and thinking I had already played that type of game in Crysis. However, I took the plunge while it was $15 and it is definitely a mixed bag of ideas.

On one hand, it seems like it could be a nice shooter with its world, range of weapons, and dynamic factions, but there are so many flaws or just pointless aspects that it really bogs down the game. I will whittle away at it in between other releases or when utterly bored. I have only played something like 10% of the game, but it is definitely one of the mostliterally pointless games that I have ever played.

Go kill this dude, or something, I guess...
...but only after you do enough repetitive missions.
...or go do some of the side missions that are exactly the same.
...just go here or go there to kill something. these quests to get more guns and crap.
...not that you really need anything more than one gun.
...not that you even need a gun, if you will drive a jeep everywhere.
...just realize 25% of your game will be spent turning that same screw in your jeep.
...have some forced mouse acceleration. an especially absurd level if you click that "widescreen" button.
...kill everything on sight; everything is hostile.
...clear out identical station after identical station.
...heck, clear out the same station every five minutes or so thanks to respawns.
...take medicine, take medicine, take medicine, and then take some more medicine.
...go find absurdly placed diamond after absurdly placed diamond.

You can say this about all games/shooters (ZOMG you shot stuff - how original!?!,) but it is all the little things: the pacing, the arch nemesis, the challenge, the cast, the goal, you impact on the world, etc. And it is all or nearly all of these things that Far Cry 2 utterly fails at.

Edit: Stupid enter key.
It's a sanbox game with a small box and no game.
Somewhat bored; feeling like the game is playing me,

This comment was edited on Mar 30, 2009, 18:38.
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Everything is awesome!!!
I love you, mom.
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4. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 17:43 MuzixMon
Far Cry 2 was indeed the worse game of last year. I hated every bit of it. It did not deserve the Far Cry name and it tainted it forever.
If Far Cry 3 is anything like this boriing piece of shit they can stick it!
Avatar 16493
"When all thats left is console gaming, I will game no more."
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3. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 16:28 Techie714
I usually like these kind of games but I hated Far Cray 2. That game won my worst game of 2008 award...TWICE!  
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2. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 15:36 Bludd
Didn't they do a post mortem earlier? The writer was so up the FC2 producer's ass it was kind of embarrassing.

Game was shit, engine is good. Next!
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1. Re: Far Cry 2 Postmortem Mar 30, 2009, 15:23 DangerDog
Magazine? What's a magazine?

Far Cry 2 Recipe: Take reasonably good looking graphics engine, mix with repetitive missions, season with lame story, carve off a very thin slice of multiplayer for garnish, add plenty of hype and serve.

Avatar 6174
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