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Op Ed

Slate Magazine - Should the United States ban a Japanese "rape simulator" game?
"Considering the impossibility of policing the Internet, as well as the availability of English RapeLay translations and forums for years before any politician caught wind of the game, it's unrealistic to think that the game could be banished from America. Very few Japanese developers make an effort to sell eroge to the West, and those that do, like Peach Princess and G-Collections, make content modifications to suit foreign norms and laws. (For example, all underage characters' ages get rounded up to 18, no matter how young the character looks.) These Westernized versions are sold in the United States via import sites like J-List and Play-Asia. Neither company sells RapeLay, but they do offer the popular eroge Yume Miru Kusuri. That game, while more edgy than it is violent, does focus on sex-crazed, underage-looking high schoolers with drug problems and suicide fetishes. RapeLay is appalling, but titles like Yume Miru Kusuri—sold in America after being unconvincingly modified so the protagonists are "18," making it tough to peg the games as outright illegal—would make far more constructive targets for political outrage."

Edge Online - Why the -Age of Steam- May Not Last? By Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, operator of Impulse.
"It's far too soon to assume that Steam will continue to dominate five years out. Thus far, it has largely operated without serious competition. With other services such as Impulse, Games for Windows Live,, GamersGate and others upping their own services with unique and compelling features, expanding their catalogs, and focusing on providing good customer experiences, I would be very surprised if Steam continues to have such a large market share (as a percentage) even 18 months from now."

CNET - Is the video game industry losing the PR battle?
"Based on what I've seen so far from the industry, it's willing to take a beating from government, lawyers, authors, and concerned groups and it does little to fight back. Meantime, I receive e-mails from parents on an almost daily basis asking me why video games are so bad for their kids. Whenever that happens, I write them a short but informative e-mail saying, 'They're not as bad as some groups say and here's research to prove it.'"

55. Re: Op Ed Mar 12, 2009, 15:46 Dades
Sure, if you exclude all the console ports, indie games and relatively obscure European games.

That works both ways champ. If you exclude all of the XBLA, DLC and so on games then the Xbox only has "blockbusters" Rolleyes

Not really. High-profile PC games tend to be exclusive. Crysis, Sins of a Solar Empire, Dawn of War 2, WoW, Sims, Empire, etc.

Sims has had console versions in the past and I question the "high-profile" nature of some of those titles. Some would argue the dumbed down DoW2 is ripe for console introduction by the way, it's basically a squad RTS. Your definition of high-profile isn't defined. If we're going by sales then your average console title outsells your average PC title by quite a margin. Incidentally all future Crytek games will be multiplatform just by the by

I agree. And the PC has plenty of exclusives. Granted, they lack the hype, marketing and budgets of console exclusives but that doesn't make them inferior.

No one said they were inferior. In fact I said exactly the opposite, that there is little difference between platforms these days since they all share many aspects now. You're the one making claims about superiority and so on here.

Well, no. From a control standpoint, PCs are superior.

Well no. You think the mouse is a superior input device and for many genres that is true. This isn't the case with every type of game though and conveniently you try to sweep that away. PC's aren't inherently superior, they have upgradeable specifications but I can point to many a PC out there thats less capable at playing games than an Xbox 360. Your problem has always been that you confuse your own opinions as an enthusiast with the mass market.

From a graphical standpoint, PCs are superior. These are facts.

No they're not, that's a user specific scenario. 9/10 laptops are less graphically capable than a console. By the way laptops sold more than desktops last year.

You can argue that PC's lack fighting games, beat-em-ups, JRPGs, etc, but consoles lack hardcore racing sims, flight sims, war sims, adventure games, strategy games, traditional RPGs, etc.

Actually I notice the PC is pretty lacking in most of those genres you just mentioned too but that's neither here nor there. Your arguments are too biased to take seriously anymore, when it's convenient you define games as simply blockbusters and lump them all together for the Xbox while ignoring all of the excellent titles that aren't Gears of War 2 or Halo 3 but when it's the PC suddenly every little indie game ever made should be considered along with it's few high profile games.

My argument is simple, neither platform is "superior", they both have their nuances and disadvantages. They both have fun games in many genres, some exclusive to one and others shared. Your argument is that "PCs are better because I said so" which is pretty stupid and juvenile. But why should I expect anything different from you? I am as they say, pissing in the wind.

This comment was edited on Mar 12, 2009, 15:55.
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