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Op Ed

12. Re: Op Ed Dec 15, 2008, 01:08 Z9000
I am bending my responses to the top 10 games that were the best because they were pioneers to things we have enjoyed since. Therefore, they have to be the best 10. Heck 10 spots isn't enough to really do some classic games justice. I am skipping the whole arcade arena to and I even cheated to add a 12th. This is all from memory and I know if I sat down and thought about it I would come up with a finger snapping "Damn I forgot about that game" or two...

Adventure/Zork - The first text games that really changed the idea about computers being a game platform for me. Muds barrowed from these type games, Rogue and the CRPGs emerging as well as D&D.

Rogue - This was before Adventure and Zork if I recall correctly, but it took D&D to ascii dungeons and rooms. Diablo 2 is considered a rogue-like game.

Ultima 1 (3 was a classic)/Wizardry 1 - This is when computers really started showing what could be done with fantasy RPGs. Akalabeth came before Ultima 1 but it was pretty rough shod compared to Ultima 1. Many RPGs are still very similar to these games on some level. Legacy of the Ancients, Bard's Tale, Might and Magic were some of the ones that followed.

Computer Ambush/Balance of Power - These two games did some cool things. Computer Ambush had "We play". It was simultaneous turn based, in 3d, but all through text. Closest thing to a 3d shooter and real time lol. You controlled a squad of American or German players, plotted out all the moves, and the turn was compiled and replayed. Balance of power was the first true turn based strategy computer game I played. It was based on historical data of the Eastern Front in World War 2 if I remember right.

Empire/Command HQ/Herzog Zwei (Genesis) - This started the entire idea of RTS in my opinion even though Empire was turn based. Command HQ was a control military units and protect resources type game. Dune 2 pretty much nailed the model we still play for the most part today. Herzog Zwei was the first game that I actually played that had RTS applied.

Any Star Trek grid based game - They did so much for the pipework of almost all 4x games, space and ground. Trade Wars, Eve, so many games got ideas from what these games started.

Wasteland - Take Road Warrior the movie and turn it in to a game. What we have with Fallout and other post apocolyptic games got a lot of inspiration from this one.

Wing Commander - First space combat game I ever played on a computer (not counting the Star Trek types or any arcade stuff like Space War).

Castle Wolfenstein 2D on Apple ][ then 3D - Castle Wolfenstein was a huge deal... It introduced the concept of stealth in my opinion. Atleast the first time I ran in to it in the manner in which we think of it today. It was also the first Nazi shooter game I played. Later the 3D version came out and it was the first 3D shooter I can remember playing.

Karateka/Bilestoad - 2 games that had physical combat. The earliest I can remember (discounting the vector graphics knight fighting game in the arcade). Paved the way for games like Kung Fu Master in the arcade. Was waaaay before Mortal Combat or Street fighter.

M.U.L.E. - This game was revolutionary. If it were seen for the first time today, in a casual market, it would be bigger than sliced bread. In fact, why isn't it DLC on Xbox Live or PSN? Nintendo had a M.U.L.E. game, I bet they have the license. It simulated some basics of economy and was a competative game played between 4 people. Contributed to 4x games too.

Some Irish RPG on Apple ][/Utopia (Intellivision)/Imhothep (sp?) - These were the first concept of sim city or civilization I can remember on a computerized platform. There were board games which had heavier influences but these were working games Imhothep you had to manage food, rest, and a work force, and try and build the great pyramid. Utopia you managed a civilization building structures and trying to balance economies and other social needs. You basicly had 2 islands, and players raced each other to build the best civilization. The Irish RPG had something about shires and managing it's sketchy, can't remember the name of it. Anyways Romance of the 3 kingdoms, Sim City, Nobonunga's Ambition and many others followed.

That was so long ago but still seems like yesterday.

P.S. Torture was first toyed with on a computer game called "The Prisoner" (Apple ][) based on the BBC show of the same name. You tortured yourself unwittingly trying to get yourself to give away a certain number. If you did it to much you died and the game ended. But you didn't know you were torturing yourself at first hehe.
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