Universal Combat Collectors’ Edition Patches

The 3000AD Patches Page now lists download locations for a new patch for Universal Combat Collectors’ Edition, updating the final installment in this space combat series to version 1.01.00, with the Version Control File supplying all the details you need about the new version. For the more adventurous, the page also offers a Beta 02 of version 2.0 for the Universal Combat Collectors’ Edition. The Version Control File has word on what's included in the beta, which 3000AD says is a "major upgrade based on technologies used in our previous game. This includes a vastly improved SM 2.0 graphics engine and other improved technologies."
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Re: Universal Combat Collectors’ Edition Patches
Nov 21, 2008, 08:31
Re: Universal Combat Collectors’ Edition Patches Nov 21, 2008, 08:31
Nov 21, 2008, 08:31
@ Lorcin

Wow that has to be a first - a notification of a patch which contains more words than the game in question has sales.

Yeah, as soon as you grow old enough to move out of your mom's basement and actually cash in your food stamps and get a bank account, you'll understand the financial mechanics of game development. Just because you don't like my games - or me - is largely inconsequential. So, yeah, go cry to my bank account because I have nothing better to do with my time than to put resources behind a game that nobody is buying or playing. Yah.

@ cliffski

I'm doing my bit to make proper indie games that don't just copy existing genres. Plus there are introversion and as few others.

You never fail to disappoint. Keep up the good work and let me know how thats working out for ya.

@ Zirik

its not like the game got glowing rave reviews. just do a search in youtube and you will see the problems that a lot of people encountered while playing this game.

Thats rich. Even when you consider that you could say the same for pretty much every single game in existence. My games were never designed or developed for the mainstream crackheads who couldn't read more than five pages of a game's manual without breaking out into fits of convulsion. The niche crowd who keep buying games like mine - and those from others - keep buying them. So we keep making and supporting them. So, what have YOU done lately?

To each his own.

To the rest of you who are actually interested, I am in fact releasing a free v2.0 upgrade (unlike those other guys who sell you back the same game with graphics enhancements) to all owners of the v1 of the game. It means a LOT of work going back to rip out several engines and replace them with more recent versions, assets etc. It is a 300MB upgrade currently in Beta. More info and a download to Beta 02 (released yesterday) is below.


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