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Frontlines: Fuel of War Downtime

The Frontlines: Fuel of War Website announces some downtime for the login servers tomorrow for KAOS Studios' military shooter. Servers should be down from around 9:00 am EDT to around 11:00 am EDT: "During this time you may not be able to join online games or may lose connection with online games you are playing. This only affects PC players and is unrelated to the upcoming patch."
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3. Re: affects PC players Sep 18, 2008, 13:01 Laurie
Yeah, I already read this on PlanetFrontline homepage. But the GameSpy Master Server was down for the last couple of days due to another problem and Not for maintenance though. Several games across their server lists were affected by this "downtime" and players went to the GameSpy Forums to ask "why".

As a gamesite admin, I went over to ask too and got this answer early Sept. 16 from one of their moderators:
"As far as we know right now the master server is down from an error or server maintenance, and should be back up very soon hopefully. As I had said the Admins and Techies have been notified and are working on the problem or server maintenance.

The problem consists with ALL games that run through GameSpy's server browsing service. That means any game that is added to the master server is currently not showing up on the server list, but the games are still there. Players will unfortunately have to connect to servers through direct IP connections.

I am sorry if your members are complaining to you about the servers not showing up as it can be a burden I know. I have answered already a few messages on the forums about this topic as well as on GameSpy Arcade's technical support channel."

Since late evening Sept 17, my community's Master server list is back up. Several games, I read over in the GameSpy forums, also have their servers back up but there are a few still waiting. (At least when I last checked four hours ago)

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2. No subject Sep 17, 2008, 17:13 JaguarUSF
Dang, you beat me to it.

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1. affects PC players Sep 17, 2008, 14:16 Quboid
This only affects PC [Frontlines] players and is unrelated to the upcoming patch.

Yes, both of you.

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