Ubisoft's Accessibility Commitment

Ubisoft Commits To Include Subtitles In Future Products on GameInformer has word that Ubisoft has announced the launch of Handigo: The Game, a "serious game," described as "a tool to raise understanding of difficulties encountered on a daily basis by disabled individuals worldwide." This was created in conjunction with Handicap International as part of that charity's Ability Together campaign, and in other news related to game accessibility, the article also states that Ubi has committed to including subtitles in all their future in-house games, and will also attempt to add subtitles where possible to titles currently in development, including Far Cry 2, Prince of Persia, and Shaun White Snowboarding. Those interested in Handigo: The Game, which is actually three mini-games "placing the player in a situation of disability: motor impairment, sensory impairment and learning difficulties," can find it on this page.
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Sep 9, 2008Sep 9 2008
Sep 9, 2008Sep 9 2008
Sep 9, 2008Sep 9 2008
Sep 9, 2008Sep 9 2008