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id: User Content "Not a Huge Consideration"

There's a Q&A with Matt Hooper on Next Generation (thanks Computer and Video Games) talking about Rage, Tech5, and other areas of interest about id Software. One point seems particularly interesting given one of the cornerstones of id's past successes has been support of user-generated content. While acknowledging this has an appeal, Matt indicates that support for such content is not a high priority for them in Rage:

What are your thoughts on user-created content?
As a game player, I love it. But that doesn’t mean at the same time I can’t love a BioShock or a Call of Duty 4. You can have a focused game, and do that really well. I think that’s the important thing – doing something really well. What the other games mentioned do as far as user created content, and just on that side of things, it’s like a different focus. I think there can be a separation, almost like movie genres. It’s okay to make a comedy, or a really hardcore, serious documentary. I think there are different fits.

For us personally, our biggest goal is – you can see it right now – we’re pushing on the fidelity, visually. We’re also pushing on the gameplay fidelity. Those two things are huge. For us, we’re doing things that we’ve never done before. That’s already a lot of eggs in the basket. As far as user-generated content, it’s not a huge consideration for us right now.

id games have always had mods, but what Spore and LittleBigPlanet have done is make it automatic, and networked. You can get other people’s creatures, without doing anything at all. Have you ever thought about automatically connected maps and a user ranking system for maps in Rage?
Yeah, we thought about all of that, but I can’t say we’ve specifically implemented it right now. Again, we’re concentrating more on just making a great game with this new tech. But those conversations happen all the time.

38. Re: No subject Jun 24, 2008, 16:56 sponge
Uhm there is a big difference between "technology licensed from id software" on a box and using the graphics engine of iD from Doom3. For all you know the licensed tech is some networking or sound code that has nothing to do with graphics at all. For that matter, it might not even be part of a game engine, it could just be some dev tools that they licensed from Id.

Please point out where I said that Doom3 had anything to do with CoD4?

All the points you make about filesystem, comments looking the same and such are completely superficial and have absolutely nothing to do with a graphics engine.

Please point out any quote that mentioned a graphics engine? nin's original post said nothing about graphics. I said nothing about graphics.

The fact that you didn't even bother to read a damn word I said shows me that I really shouldn't bother responding. But I've never been known as someone who listens to what I SHOULD do. Go back and read my post, and read what I was responding to, and then reply if you still disagree. The quote was about engine, not graphics engine, and I said Quake3, not Doom3.

I don't give two shits what some developer says, as the box and the evidence says differently. I also specifically pointed out that CoD4 using the Doom3 graphics engine was an ignorant statement, but yet it was completely ignored like it never happened.

These comment threads are becoming increasingly lame to be a part of. It's simply a circle-jerk of wrong information and some sort of PC vs console conspiracy nowadays.

It's one thing when a message board says something uninformed (CoD4 is Doom3 engine) but it's another when the developer itself spreads a bald-faced lie.
It's one thing when a message board says something uninformed (CoD4 is Doom3 engine) but it's another when the developer itself spreads a bald-faced lie.
It's one thing when a message board says something uninformed (CoD4 is Doom3 engine) but it's another when the developer itself spreads a bald-faced lie.

Maybe you'll see it this time.

This comment was edited on Jun 24, 17:01.
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