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Codemasters and F1 Racing

Codemasters announces it has secured worldwide rights to create video games based on the Formula 1 racing series, with the first release expected to appear on the starting grid next year:

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - May 9, 2008 - Codemasters®, developer and publisher of award-winning racing video games, has secured the exclusive video game rights to FORMULA 1. In a worldwide licensing agreement with Formula One Administration Limited, Codemasters will develop a new generation of the multi-million selling FORMULA 1 game franchise across multiple platforms.

Codemasters Studios, creators of genre-leading racing titles DiRT™ and GRID™, will lead the design and development of official FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP games for home console, handheld and PC gaming formats.

"FORMULA 1 is ambitious in expanding its reach with more circuits planned beyond recent additions in the Middle East and China," said Rod Cousens, chief executive officer, Codemasters. "It is also ambitious in expanding its reach via technology. The digital communities that computer and video gaming creates will play a key role in further growing the FORMULA 1 audience and connecting them globally. As a world-leading creator of driving games, this alliance with FORMULA 1 is the jewel in Codemasters' racing crown and creates an undisputed segment champion. FORMULA 1 has gone with the best, the segment leader. It has gone to the home of the EGO Engine for quality; it has gone to the company that can host FORMULA 1 Online, to the company that is streaking away from the pack."

"Codemasters' success and recent innovations in the racing game space makes the company more than appropriately tuned for the challenge," said Chris Deering, chairman, Codemasters. "The combination of FORMULA 1's new momentum of expansion and Codemasters' contemporary technology and past experience is the breaking of a new dawn for the sport, on the track and on the HD game screen."

The worldwide deal provides Codemasters with rights to feature all Grand Prix circuits, FORMULA 1 teams, cars, and driver likenesses.

The FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP games will be developed using the evolution of the award-winning EGO™ Game Technology Engine, Codemasters' highly versatile cross-platform middleware technology. Its advanced graphics and physics technology brings an unmatched cinematic quality and realism to interactive entertainment.

The EGO Engine is currently being deployed in the creation of GRID™, the latest in Codemasters Studio's international circuit-based racing series, set to be a landmark release when it launches on June 3.

Codemasters expects the first game based on the FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP to launch in 2009.

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8. No subject May 10, 2008, 17:25 Aero
You're pretty mad there Porn. You ought to take it easy.

Go download CTDP 2005 for rFactor and relax a little. 2006 will be out soon. There's even MMG F1 2007 if you aren't a stickler for realism.

Don't forget GPC F1 1979 and Carrera's F1 1988 (both available for GTR2 as well).

Kunos and co. just released SingtelSim which has a pretty accurate F1 car, though the track it comes with sucks. You can just stick your NKP tracks in there instead. Word has it the 1.03 NKP patch (if it ever comes out) will have it in there.

You could race the F1 in Live For Speed too for good measure.

And for god's sake, don't forget about iRacing!! It's coming out next month.

We'll be okay.

ed: Oh, and I almost forgot. Blimey will be releasing their Ferrari Project (including their F1 cars) and Project Falcon in not too long and SimBin are about to release a GT-R Race07 expansion with a professionally done version of The Mother.

This comment was edited on May 10, 17:30.
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7. Re: No subject May 9, 2008, 23:06 RKip
Well, I think it's Great News...

First, that a company has invested this much money to bring us a game we've all been waiting for! Codemasters have proven they can develop a broad multiplatform game that will be attractive to all game entertainment users and systems.

Second that a game will be made for the PC and not just consoles..... a company recognize world wide for very goos games.

Third, it's not EA Sports...!



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6. Noooooo!!!!!!!!! May 9, 2008, 20:11 Porn-O-Matic
This news could not be any fucking worse!!!!!!!!!!

For many years, I have hoped and dreamed that a developer with the proper skills to create a REALISTIC Formula 1 simulator would create a title that embraced this world famous racing league with the same zest and unparalleled technology as displayed the vein of Richard Burns Rally and GTR 2.

(By "realistic", I mean a goddamned SIMULATION... not a piece-of-shit, dumbed-down, arcade game made for the motherfucking console crowd and thier pussy-ass gamepads!)

Oohhh, but noooo... it had to be fucking Codemasters!!! A group of head-up-the-ass morons who don't have the slightest fucking clue what a TRUE simulation encompasses!!! Jesus fucking Christ!!!!! All they have EVER created are ARCADE games with ZERO realistic physics and SUCK ASS design features!!!

This is like finding out that Uwe Boll is going to direct the next Indiana Jones, Iron Man, or J.R.R. Tolkien movies!!!

OMFG,... I'm watching the PC sim racing genre DIE a dishonorable death right before my fucking eyes....

Burn in Hell, Codemasters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This comment was edited on May 9, 20:15.
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5. Re: No subject May 9, 2008, 17:28 Optimaximal
Am I the only one that finds it odd that the most popular world wide racing league doesn't have a good sim available?
There are several reasons really...

1) Sony have held (and largely sat on) the license for the last few years. I think the only reason Codemasters got it was their [Sony's] license expired.

2) An up-to-date/current license is VERY expensive (hah, like the sport!). For example, Microprose could never afford the official license (for the year they were released anyway) for any of Geoff Crammond's games.

3) General apathy of the sport basically eliminated any demand for a sim of a sporting genre where driving skill has at times taken a back seat to computers and engineering (things that can't be easily simulated).

Avatar 23755
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4. No subject May 9, 2008, 15:47 FalcoNg
Am I the only one that finds it odd that the most popular world wide racing league doesn't have a good sim available?

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3. No subject May 9, 2008, 13:49 Aero
Meh. It will probably suck but there's a chance, a very small chance, that given the subject matter Codemasters will be forced to take the realism a little more seriously.

This is presupposing they don't already take realism seriously and they just suck at it.

Anyways, this means there might be a PC version which is better than not having one at all. Not much better mind, but at least it's something.

ed: Unless you own a PS3. I understand the last F1 game was decent enough.

This comment was edited on May 9, 13:50.
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2. No subject May 9, 2008, 13:47 Optimaximal
The marketing spiele writes itself!

First, we had DiRT, a game that managed to convincingly portray the dirty culture of off-road racing... Then, we had GRID, a game that managed to convincingly portray the feeling of racing a high performance car amongst a grid of others...

NOW, Codemasters presents, a game designed to bring the glitz and glamour of being a modern overpaid F1 racer to your home entertainment system...

PONcE - Real F1 Racing Simulation!!!

Avatar 23755
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1. No subject May 9, 2008, 10:49 cronik
Oh god no.

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