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The Witcher Enhanced Edition

CD Projekt RED announces plans to release The Witcher Enhanced Edition in May, offering an updated version of the highly regarded action/RPG. The enhancements come in the way of additional features, as outlined in this YouTube video where new stuff is shown off and described by the game's developers (in their native Polish, but there are English subtitles). The press release announcing the game is actually longer than War and Peace, so here's an excerpt:

Maciej Szcześnik, Project Manager at CD Projekt RED, spoke about the content provided in the new edition: "The Witcher Enhanced Edition will be a completely polished product, something rarely found on the PC market. Of course, it would have been best if the original edition could look that way. There were a few ways the original game didn’t quite live up to our high expectations, but now we're trying to make up for it. Work is being done on two levels: one concerns the removal of technical obstacles that hinder the player from properly using the game and thus gaining enjoyment from it. Some of those elements include the loading times, which will be reduced by 80%, the stability of the game on different PC configurations, as well as an array of smaller fixes that will increase interactivity and precision in combat. The other level consists of very important changes that are not usually found in patches. First and foremost, the English-language version will, for the most part, be completely re-done. The amount of text in that version was reduced compared to other language versions and that was said to cause a significant decrease in immersion and atmosphere. Now the English version will be as polished and atmospheric as the other language versions. Speaking of other language versions, most of them will be improved in some way. Significant changes will also be made in the German version, where we are planning to re-record the voices for many of the characters. The most important improvements concern those elements of the game that players criticized the most. For example, over 50 new supporting character models will be added, so that the player won't run into the same person too often. The inventory panel will be re-designed and improved, and some elements of the main game screen will be polished. However, one of the biggest changes that will greatly increase the player's immersion in the game world will be improvements concerning dialogue scenes. Both Geralt and non-player characters will get over 100 new animated gestures which will make their body language during conversations much more natural. Additionally, the facial animation and lip-sync system will be re-created, making the faces of the speakers now even more natural, as well. Of course, I've mentioned only the most important changes, and that's still a lot. There will be many smaller changes that will make the game more fun. I'm convinced that, thanks to those changes, The Witcher will almost be the ideal game for fans of PC role-playing."

70. Re: ... Feb 19, 2008, 03:45 Cutter
From Dragonlance: Dragons of a Summer Flame

Raistlin's gaze went to Steel. "Your sword is need elsewhere, son of Brightblade. Permit us to leave in peace." Steel could hear the truth of that statement for himself. The sounds of battle had penetrated to the depths of the tower. Raistlin strode forward, black robes whispering across the stone floor. Steel eyed him warily, drew his sword.

"I recognize that blade," Raistlin said calmly. "Your father's, isn't it? I never liked your father much. All that business about knightly honour, nobility. He made such a show of it, flaunted it, threw it in my face." Steel said nothing, but his hand gripped the sword hilt more tightly, until the knuckles were white.

Raistlin drew closer still.

"And then I discovered something very interesting about your father. He lied to us. Sturm Brightblade was no more a knight than I was. He was made a knight only shortly before his death. All that time, he wore the armor, carried the sword... and it was all a lie."

Raistlin shrugged. "And you know what? I liked him better after I discovered that."

"Because you supposed that he had sunk to your level," Steel said hoarsely. Raistlin's smile was twisted, bitter. "You would think that, wouldn't you, Brightblade? But, no, that's not the reason."

Raistlin moved closer, so close that Steel could feel the chill of the mage's frail body, could hear the breath rattle in the lungs, could feel the soft touch of black velvet.

"Your father lied to every person except one - himself. In his heart Sturm was a knight. He had better claim to that false title than many who held it for truth. Sturm Brightblade obeyed laws that no one enforced. He lived by a noble code in which no one else believed. He swore an oath that no one heard. Only himself... and his God. No one would have held him to that oath, to the Measure. He did that himself. He knew himself."

"Who are you, Steel Brightblade?" Raistlin's golden, hourglass eyes flickered. "Do you know?"

"You know, the best part of the best drug in the world isn't the high. It's the moment just before you take it. The dice are dancing on the table. Between now and the time they stop, that's the greatest high in the world."
- Walter Abrams
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"I like oak myself, that's what's in my bedroom. How 'bout you Jimmie? You an oak man?"
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