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Granado Espada Goes Free

IAHGames announces the freedom fighters have won the day in their island paradise of Granado Espada, as this MMOG has gone the free-to-play route as of its latest content expansion. The game will now use microtransactions as a business model, and users who have already purchased game time under the old subscription method will have their remaining time converted to the game's virtual currency. They are also implementing a loyalty reward program to compensate those who have already demonstrated their dedication to the game. Full details are on the Granado Espada Website, and here's a bit:

26th December 2007 Singapore - Good news for Granado Espada (GE) fans - Five months after the launch of the multiple award-winning game, it is now available to gamers free to play (F2P) with the launch of the Bahia Island Expansion on the 20th of December.

With a pledge to bring a whole new dimension to the GE gaming experience, IMC Games, HanbitSoft, and local operator IAHGames will introduce a stash of new premium items which will feature exquisitely designed costumes to compliment the tropical beach scenes in the new expansion.

The expansion will feature new maps such as Bahia Island and Tierra De Los Muertos (Land of the Dead).

The move to F2P, in alignment with other global GE partners, is essential to bring gamers in the region in tandem with gamers worldwide. IAHGames assures that the move to F2P will bring about a new influx of GE gamers, aid the longstanding development and bring added excitement to the game.

Said Hakkyu Kim, creator of GE and CEO of IMC Games, “We believe that with this new model, many new gamers would then be able to share the rich content of the game while adding new colors to the vibrant GE community.”

To commemorate the move to F2P, IAHGames will be giving away ‘Loyalty Reward Packages’ to qualifying gamers as a gesture to thank them for their loyal support over the past months.

The package will contain various items and G-points (game currency worth real money).

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14. Question Jan 3, 2008, 00:32 Jonathon Myrick
Is "Granado Espada" [ ] supposed to be the Asian version; and "Sword of the New World: Granado Espada" [ ] supposed to be the American version.

I have asked else where and they told me yes but I think it is two solely different copies releasing their own version of the same game.

It's been done before (two compies bascialy the same game). Case-in-point: "Voyage Century Online" [ ] was out first. Then came "Bounty Bay Online" [ ].

Now, if I'm wrong with my assumptions please let me know. Thanks.


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13. No subject Dec 26, 2007, 23:35 Xero
WoW has claimed another inferior MMO's life. So sad...just give up already, Blizzard pwnz jO!

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12. Re: ... Dec 26, 2007, 23:34 Elf Shot The Food
"look at the online game market now, it's filled with f2p games."

And have you stopped and wondered why that is?

Avatar 13955
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11. Re: ... Dec 26, 2007, 21:56 Tomas
It's the response of a 1st timer here on blues who just signed up. But I digress...

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10. Re: ... Dec 26, 2007, 20:24 maldoror
Looks fantastic? The character models look decent but the backgrounds look like shit to me.

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9. Re: ... Dec 26, 2007, 20:01 GoldenChicken
i tried the game and it looks fantastic! going f2p might be a response to the market condition, while not being reflective of the game quality. look at the online game market now, it's filled with f2p games.

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8. Re: No subject Dec 26, 2007, 19:30 verybad
I'm not gonna try it unless they pay me!

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7. No subject Dec 26, 2007, 15:53 Rainier
IAHGames is indeed the asian operator for Granado Espada indeed, this announcement is for the Asian market only.

Like Kamakazie said, it's been free 2 play for months in North America already, since August to be exact.

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6. Wha? Dec 26, 2007, 15:04 Kamakazie
The US version of this game has been free for months now

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5. Free? Dec 26, 2007, 14:31 Kxmode
There's no such thing as free.

"introduce a stash of new premium items" = pay to get good stuff
"G-points (game currency worth real money)"

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4. Re: No subject Dec 26, 2007, 13:42 Elf Shot The Food
Sounds like a new flavor at Starbucks.

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3. No subject Dec 26, 2007, 13:13 WyldKat
Funny thing is, they were charging full retail price for this before too.

I also had it on all of five minutes. I discovered it was another click-to-move borefest, in fact the controls were pretty horrid all together.

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2. Re: ... Dec 26, 2007, 12:19 maldoror
I remember trying this in beta a while back. I should say I barely remember trying it because I uninstalled it very quickly. Standard Korean MMO fare with slightly different outfits. Maybe it has changed some since then, who knows...

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1. ... Dec 26, 2007, 11:53 theyarecomingforyou
Free to play generally means shit. I tried Fury when it when free to play and removed it less than 5 minutes later (most of that time spent trying to log in and creating my character). I'd be interested to hear what anyone that has played it has to say about it.

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