Crysis Map Pack

inCrysis relates holiday wishes from Crytek, who which us all "Maximum Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008!" This well wishing is accompanied by a Christmas present in the form of a holiday map pack for Crysis containing five new multiplayer maps and word that the release nears of new tutorials and documentation on the use of their Sandbox2 editors. They say the Sandbox2 documentation is to be expected in the upcoming days, and in the meantime, here's word on the new maps: "Both the two InstantAction and three PowerStruggle maps have been tested over several weeks and are optimized for competitive gamelay [sic], but also provide a valid size for public gaming. Quite a few of the Trusted Server Providers of Crysis have already set up multiple servers that are running the map pack. Just check them out online and enjoy the new maps!" So, Maximum Christmas to all!
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