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Unreal Tournament 3 Patch Plans

BeyondUnreal has a list of changes planned for beta patch 2 for Unreal Tournament 3. According to the accompanying blurb, these changes are expected to be finalized soon as the first official patch for the shooter sequel.

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10. Levels Dec 1, 2007, 07:47 Vigil
To the guys complaining about the levels in UT3, you need to bear in mind that the game has only just been released. You might want to wait a little while for the community at large to release better levels, or indeed Epic to release a bonus map pack or two, before writing off this game. I think Epic understand that the game's laurels won't lie solely on the levels that they made for it, but on the community's contribution, too.

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9. No subject Nov 30, 2007, 12:30 KilrathiAce
I doubt the gameplay is fresh.... All the game modes and for the most part vehicles were done in previous UT game. I think vehicles ctf/ons will still be fun(I hope) but there is nothing fresh(new) in UT3...except for new visuals.

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8. Re: History of UT for me... Nov 30, 2007, 11:01 Overon
...the gameplay is rather fresh..
Can you elaborate. What exactly is fresh about the gameplay in ut3?

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7. Re: History of UT for me... Nov 30, 2007, 07:03 Kevlar
I was primarily a QuakeWorld player as well. Something that the original UT did for me as the occasional alternative to Quake was to have a few iconic, memorable levels that almost felt like the gametypes were designed around them as opposed to the levels fitting the gametypes. CTF on Facing Worlds or Assault on Train (Or High Speed, whatever it was called) come to mind. Q1, QWTF, Q2 and Q3 all had memorable levels of course but UT99 felt a little different in presentation and perhaps in the settings and colors of the levels. I was always able to find something like that to hook on to in UT2003 and UT2004, despite the relative ups and downs people said those editions had.

My problem with UT3 is that I *don't* see the one level I can hold in that regard. Everything's pretty well balanced in map layouts I've seen, sure, but where's the really colorful, gimmicky map that makes you want to play it over and over? For me, it's not there in UT3. I'm sure I'll still play it with friends and all but I was truly hoping they were going to still keep that feel in the level design... And now it looks like we're stuck in brick-Asian-village-city-in-a-snowstorm with the series.

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6. Re: History of UT for me... Nov 30, 2007, 00:54 LittleMe
MuzixMon I feel about Quake1 as you do about UT99. I think it just comes down to tastes, and each game has its own feel. I'm enjoying UT3 more than all all the other UT games though. Didn't care for UT99 and UT2003 was bad. After the UT2003 experience, I tried the UT2004 demo and the vehicles felt very 'fake' compared to BF1942. I didn't even buy it. However UT3 the vehicles feel much better. I like UT3 so far. Performance is good, graphics are very nice, level design is great, the gameplay is rather fresh, etc etc..

Hope you can continue to enjoy UT99. I've seen other people saying the same thing - that the original UT is still their favorite. Stick to what you enjoy...

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5. R.I.P. UT3 Nov 30, 2007, 00:48 Carver
I liked this game after playing the demo, I thought it was pretty cool. I thought all the other Unreal games were from not to good to absolute crap(U2) , but after playing the final retail game for a week or so, I must say that UT3 gets real boring, real quick, I don't think I can play it any longer, already uninstalled. It also has it's fair share of problems, not the least of which, and not on a technical point is, NOBODY IS PLAYING THE GAME lol, that says it all. Go to the official forums, and have a read, but what ever you do, don't post anything negative about the game, otherwise your thread will either be locked or deleted, or you may even get banned, and perhaps all of the above, they only like to hear good things at the Epic forums. It really is a bit of a joke, quite funny to watch if you happen to be there at the right time.

I don't think any patch will be able to fix this game, at least it wont be able to undo all the damage that has already been done. Lot's of people have moved on already to other games, vowing not to return, and the way the Epic dudes are conducting themselves at the forums isn't helping much.

I'm afraid UT3 was practically still born, they are trying to revive it, but it may never regain full consciousness, and the damage that has been done may be irreversible.

Oh well, maybe next time Epic.

R.I.P. UT3 . . . you were fun for a week.

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4. History of UT for me... Nov 29, 2007, 22:18 MuzixMon
UT is one of the reasons I still game today, nothing will even come close to the gaming goodness I had back in '99 with the original UT. Hundreds of hours playing that game and it never seemed to get stale.

UT2003 comes out and I'm excited as hell to play it, I do and it doesn't have the same impact on me. I play it in spurts and don't really care for it much. I really wanted to like it more but I couldn't.

UT2004 comes out and it revitalizes my interest in the series again. I play this game for countless hours as well but no matter how much I got into it it still wasn't the same as UT was for me.

UT3 comes out and...
I don't hate the game but I can't get into it in the least bit. The consoles ruined this franchise as they did so many other PC Classics. Although this game is still a solid PC title it just feels "consolish" and it just don't feel right. Not to mention the game feels too much like Gears of War due to the same graphical styles they share.

I guess nothing ever lives up to your expectations of the 'first' but UT was THE GAME to play and as the years pass it's just another run of the mill FPS. Just as a druggie tries to chase his first REAL high, I will always hope that another game comes along to get me addicted to gaming again as UT once did. Unfortunately I doubt it will ever happen again.

When all thats left is console gaming, I will game no more."
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"When all thats left is console gaming, I will game no more."
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3. Re: No subject Nov 29, 2007, 22:02 Kamakazie
The first patch was a beta patch, this patch will be the first officially supported patch.

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2. Re: No subject Nov 29, 2007, 21:42 Morgan19
(EDIT-) Ahh, that makes more sense.


This comment was edited on Nov 30, 08:58.
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1. No subject Nov 29, 2007, 21:35 Coolone
So are these changes ON TOP of the ones specified earlier? Thats a lot altogether if that's the case.

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