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EVE Online Expansion Next Week

This press release has word from sunny Iceland that the Trinity expansion for EVE Online will be released for free to subscribers to the outer space MMORPG on December 5, a user-base that CCP announces has crossed the 200,000 player threshold. A complete list of new features can be found here, and a trailer for the expansion is on this page. Here's a bit on Trinity that describes its emphasis on updated graphics:

The release of the Trinity expansion fortifies EVE Online's position at the forefront of three-dimensional game graphics, creating a breath-taking cinematic experience during actual gameplay. In order to achieve its visual goals, CCP developed a new graphics engine, architected for Shader Model 3.0 and above. In this first showcase for the new engine, all ships, stations and stargates have been reconstructed. EVE Online: Trinity employs advanced lighting techniques and complex surface materials to make these highly detailed models even more realistic.

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24. Re: No subject Nov 29, 2007, 15:04 BrutalDeluxe
Looks interesting - thanks for the link. I'm a bit jealous though I always wanted to find the time to write something like this

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23. Re: No subject Nov 29, 2007, 11:49 MMORPGHoD
I could never bring myself to pay $15 a month for it. I don't have the time.

I've been playing web based game like it but simpler, without the graphics. The way tech is acquired is time based and it's all PVP.

It's also free.

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22. Re: No subject Nov 29, 2007, 09:58 ColoradoHoudini
I felt like Eve was much more like work and a lot less like a game.
Sure, it fucking excels at what it is, but the economics of the game are a bit overwhelming, and there is no real action for the first few weeks of playing.

It should be noted that I dislike space games in general because I get lost.

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21. No subject Nov 29, 2007, 09:52 BrutalDeluxe
A lot of people going wax lyrical about EVE in this thread, but I'd like to chime in with a slightly different opinion:

I tried EVE 3 times. First time was 3 years ago. Each time I start off feeling elated about all the promises of cooperative gameplay, massive alliances wars, a real player-generated economy, "elite MMO-style", etc, etc. Everyone gets really excited for example when they hear about players holding 'jobs' being hired as guards or transports by corporations etc.

Then you actually play the game and you experience none of it. I'm not saying it doesn't exist or that people are lying, but I think a lot of the hype simply isn't warranted.

Take for example the concept of 'serveless' environment. A big deal is made out of this, EVE being the only game with ALL the players on the same server, effectively transforming it in a parallel universe, etc etc. The truth is very different. Each dot on the map you have been shown is a system. You enter and leave systems using gates. Each system is actually a server. Each server can hold two to three hundred players before becoming miserably slow. So no, you never have 30K users on one server. You have maybe 20-50 players on average in busy sectors, half of them on autopilot, the other half AFK mining.

Second, space is very empty by definition. So all activity takes place around gates and stations (planet can't be visited). You end up staring at two things most of the time: the 'warp' animation and the 'docking' screen. It take forever to go from one place to the other. I had play sessions of 3 hours where all I did was read a book while the autopilot was on. It's fun the first time, but very quickly becomes incredibly tedious. Worse, because you're going through gate from one system to another, people who play 'pirate-types' simply camp the busy gates. Forget about that exciting chase around an asteroid field or your frighter fighting off a squadron of small fighters. Life and death in this game is staring at a loading screen one second, and a 'respawn' screen the next. It goes so fast, here goes nothing.

And third, and probably most importantly, the game simply doesn't deliver in the 'alternate life' department despite being so incredibly tedious at times. You can RP if you want, but it's going to be all in your head, and never translate in the game world. I thought I'd be able to smuggle drugs from one distant system to another, or flying around some mysterious artifact lost somewhere in deep space. You get none of that. The game mission system is absolutely incredibly repetitive, it's almost offensive. You end up doing the same thing over and over and over and over again, with the HP of the spawned enemy increasing slightly each time.

So people will tell you if you are bored it's because you're not playing the way it 'was meant to be played'. That you must join a corp, that that's were the fun is. I didn't find it that way at all. Well i guess if you get off on having 14 years old boss you around it's brilliant, but I'll pass on that one, thanks (I already have an 11yo bossing me around at home anyway LOL).

I might give eve one last try when the graphical update is finalized, but I doubt the game has changed much since last time I tried it.

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20. Re: No subject Nov 29, 2007, 08:57 Doma
EVE in NY Times.

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19. Re: No subject Nov 29, 2007, 07:31 TorTorden
Enough said though I can't wait for the update to the graphics engine which is 1 of 2 updates coming out in the next few months.

Try next wednesday, if you want to test it out before then the new graphics engine is out on the test server now.
And boy am I drooling ^^

as for the whole bpo thing a while back, no it sure doesnt seem like many left over that, it's one thing the whiners always say, "fix * and I will quit with my 5+ accounts, etc etc." They hardly ever do, looks more like they have gained another 50k accounts since then.

But honestly I have played EVE for over a year and a half, I love it. But no I couldnt recomend it to anyone.

then again, it costs nothing more than shelling out an e-mail address to get the 14 day trial and see for your self.
One thing I can say for certain is that you definately should ask people any question that pops into your head, and dont worry anyone who plays eve has most likely asked the same themselves or dont mind answering since
It's a general consensus among eve players that smart people ask questions, what better way to learn ?

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Yes, I abuse grammar by opening my mouth.
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18. No subject Nov 28, 2007, 22:17 DeathMan20
Indeed EVE is different. Its not for everyone, and I won't even make everyone consider trying it. Its not a quick paced game, it can take days to years to get certain goals that you set done withing the game. As well its not like someone can become the jack of all trades and become the most powerful guy in the universe either. Theres more than enough Skill points in the game to keep people training for 10's of years before maxing out, and thats not including the new ones that are added with each major update, which you don't need to buy an expansion pack.

I've left eve, I've come back, I've left.. well I've come and gone 4 times now... well this is my 4th time. I've been playing on/off since mid beta. Only thing I regreat during that time that I was off, is that I still didn't keep my account training.

The game has so many possibilites of choices, and not to mention the freedom of doing so many good or evil things to your fellow player in not one but many ways. Stealing, spying, scamming or just plain backstabbing players is nothing new. Thats what people typically get overly pissed about basically putting to much trust into each other and start walking away from the game.

The good side, people do help others. There are plenty of tips, heck even free ships to help people out.

The market is well ever changing. Not only can a product be cheap in one area but it can be extremly expensive in another due to war or supply issues. Heck a player can crash a market and drop the sell price of an item ALOT just to have fun if they wanted to. Or jack up the price of an item to extremely high. A war on 1 side of the universe can affect the lowely miner or missionare on the otherside.

Ah oh well as said its not for everyone but if you got at least some patence, and can work around with the high learing curve it can be intresting.

Enough said though I can't wait for the update to the graphics engine which is 1 of 2 updates coming out in the next few months.

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17. Re: Don't be fooled Nov 28, 2007, 20:07 Theo
Eve is differnet, its just different to any other mmo going. period.

eve is a sandbox and one the biggest obsticals to playing it is that its not like other mmo's in that you get no guidance to attain the next "lvl".

let me try explain it like this, in wow at lvl 1, you do some quest and get to level 5, then quest some more and pretty soon your in your first instance (RFC for example, or deadmines).

Eve on the other hand offers you no such ride, there is a universe and you have to make your own way, litterally on day 1 you can head off to what some players would call a end game zone and you wont be stoped by any artifical game mechanics, you will however be stoped by players ;). my point is, so many players who try eve look to the skill book/training to provide this sense of a level train, and that just wont work, cause ultimately your skills dont mean anything other than what equipment you use. you still have to have a plan and go out there and exicute it.

thats why so many people try eve and find its not for them, they are looking for a game thats more theame park than sandbox, and i appirecate that. however if you can get in the mentallity that the universe is yours to make your way in and do your research youll find that there is a tone of crap to do, and a tone of things to try. you need you use your creativity to have fun in eve.

i've been playing since beta, i have many many many millions of skillpoints, and i dearly adore the game. its deep and wonderfull, but there is little to no "instant gratification". someone below mentioned that you have not experianced eve till you have seen 0,0 space. i have to disagree, there are loads of ways to experiance massive achivement in eve, its just he gets off on the 0,0 stuff. (frankly so do i, i am in roadkill allaince, and we are a fun 0,0 bunch :)) but i know loads of players that have achived things in empire space i frankly wouldnt have the first clue how to achive.

my point is this (again lol), if your going to try eve, stop being obsessed by the skill cue, sure plan your skills carefully, pawn over that next ship, but when all said and done, dont stop talking to people in game and remmebering there is a tone of content and dastardly things to do no matter what the hell your training.

ohh one last thing, if your gonna play eve, you really should try to be "part of something", join a well run player corp, it makes all the differance.


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edit: i cant spell, this is my disclaimer.
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16. Re: Don't be fooled Nov 28, 2007, 19:40 Nomaar

EVE definitely isn't for everyone, with people like Ginny being one example. But the reason this game is growing in popularity, and probably will continue to grow, is because it has more depth than any other MMORPG out there. There are an infinite number of ways to gain power and money, but the catch is that nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. You have to go out there and find your own path. A story about the game made the cover of the Arts section of the NY Times today, btw.

Avatar 15475
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15. Don't be fooled Nov 28, 2007, 19:02 Ginny

The fanboys allways play eve up nice and pretty, it's far from that, try reading the offical forums, you'll soon see thats the game is metagamed to crap and back, and that single wonderfull existance played up by the last couple of posters is complete bs.

The skill training offline is a simple cash plug grind for ccp's benifit and not yours. You'll soon find this out when you find yourself unable to cancel your subscription (like about 300 of the 600 people in my address book) for fear of stagnating your characters ability to have the pre requisites (lv5 skill levels, which allways happen to be ones you never needed to train before) needed for whatever they decide to add in their 6 month/yearly expansions in terms of new ships or generic mmo streched out content/features in the form of mainly timesink activity.

Like most, you'll find yourself not actualy playing the game, but you'll continue paying for it for a character thats half worth it when/if you decide to return to playing.

It's the most cynical manipulative system ever devised by a mmo company, period.

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14. Re: So whats this game like? Nov 28, 2007, 18:56 PacoTaco
This type of player will not last long in the game, I would love this feature as well, but thinking about it because they could do it, why don't they? Well if you are forced to log in you see you enemies, you see your friends, you can check your market orders all very quickly during a skill change it keeps you focused on the game, and the best part is it weeds out players that don't want to work for the bigger items in the game, like I said in my post you have to create your own goals, and the bigger they are the more you realize how much ISK you need to make them come true, you never have enough if you goals keep expanding, if they don't then you fall into this trap described in Lorcin post, I have seen it many times, another trap is thinking that you can fight before you can, getting your ship destroyed, then quitting, that more then anything seems to cut out the non hardcore.

Fly safe! o/

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13. Re: So whats this game like? Nov 28, 2007, 18:39 Lorcin
My character is now two years old. I will continue to play this game indefinitely because the skill system does not require me to actually play the game. I can log on, set a skill to train and come back a week or a month later when the training is complete.

That was my problem with it - I realised 3 weeks into the game that the best way to play it at that time was....not play it.

I had my little skill monitor running and every 3 days or so I would need to log in and train a new skill. I'd already earned more then enough money repeating the same 5 or 6 quests to get a ship far beyond my capability to fly properly which basically meant not playing for about 2 months while my skills caught up with my bank balance.

I kinda stopped at that point. Just a pity you couldn't set a training queue up - my guy would be awesome by know.

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12. Another thing for new players... Nov 28, 2007, 18:30 PacoTaco
Do a search on YouTube, players have created movies of the fighting using Fraps, this way you can watch what you can do if you put in the time.

Some advice even if you are going to be a PVP player in the game you have to have a safe way to generate ISK, getting out to 0 space in a large Alliance will also help you learn quickly, and the isk is much better, but along with that comes the risk of being shot on site even what you would like to think of as safe space. I been playing for about a year, and I feel it's the most brutal game ever created along with the best game I have ever played, it's for very hardcore people, the grind is waiting for skills to end along with generating ISK (money)

My goal is to get a new ship to fly every month, and have the isk to buy it, and equip it. My favorite part of the game is trying out a new ship and seeing what I can do with it, testing it out in PVP.

I did mine when I first started, used the ore to build ships and sold those for more isk, also ratted the 0 space rats, used what they dropped to reprocess it into materials, then built and sold items that were worth more.

You have to create your own system to generate ISK to offset loses, the sooner you do that the happier you will be in this game. Your system can be a variety of things, people who have only played the game for a few weeks never really understand what is happening to them, and most important make new friends so they can help you out. I was really lucky I found people that knew the game well, and gave me pointers.

The new engine is a free upgrade if you have a video card that can run it, if you don't have one you still can play all the same new changes it just wont look as pretty. The test server already has the new engine running, along with the new graphics upgrades they look very nice. CCP did a great job, and I am very pleased as a player.

This comment was edited on Nov 28, 18:47.
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11. Re: So whats this game like? Nov 28, 2007, 17:21 booger
My character is now two years old. I will continue to play this game indefinitely because the skill system does not require me to actually play the game. I can log on, set a skill to train and come back a week or a month later when the training is complete.

There is no grind for skills besides the ones you acquire from playing the game (like knowing where a gatecamp is likely to be set in 0.0 space and how best to avoid it). The skillbooks can be expensive (about 1 billion isk total to get into a carrier) but there is plenty to do in the game that does not require expensive ships/skills.

The only grind you will encounter is for cash (mining, ratting or mission running). There are many other ways to make money, I personally trade massive amounts of minerals in a couple regions. I am able to sustain a minimum of playtime with a maximum of fun in 0.0 space just by the profits I make from the mineral markets.

The only parallel I will draw to WoW is this: anyone who reached level 60 (or whatever the max is now) and was in a guild capable of running the high level instances knows the game doesn't really start until then. Everything before level 60 was basically training to work in a group so you would be prepared for 40-person raids. In Eve the game does not start until you join a corp/alliance in 0.0 space that is fighting over sovereignty. Until you take part in your first deathstar anchoring, you have not really played Eve.

The trial is disingenuous because it just shows you an overly complex system that overwhelms pretty much everyone. Pay for a year of the game and you will understand the necessity of the complexity that allows for the huge 0.0 territorial wars.

Check out this map:

Each one of those dots is a system with a number of planets, each planet with a number of moons. Each moon allows for the anchoring of a control tower which can be built out into a number of different things: interstellar jump bridge, moon miner, factory, research lab, defense base, system scanner, etc.

The complexity of this game may be overwhelming at first, but once you start to understand things it is fun, as long as you don't burn yourself out on it. The most important thing to do is keep a skill training at all times. The best part about that? You don't even need to play to game to do so.

That's right: the BEST part about this game is that you do not have to play it to advance skill levels.
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10. Re: Expansion? Nov 28, 2007, 16:31 The Half Elf
One of the benefits of Eve is due to player requirements that it weeds out alot of the idiot, and idiot children players that more 'casual' MMO's get.

If you are looking for a MMO that isn't for the weekend warriors, and have the time/effort to put into it, this is for you. It's one of the few (if only) MMO's that are truely run by the players (except when CCP likes to screw off it's players).
Not to mention the achievements in this game are pretty impressive, if you put the time into it.

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9. Expansion? Nov 28, 2007, 16:07 Kxmode
EVE Online already has too much space

Avatar 18786
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8. Re: So whats this game like? Nov 28, 2007, 16:04 kimbambaman
Thanks to everyone who responded. It sounds very interesting, kind of like an X3 in MMO form. Sadly, it sounds like my limited play time will make me pass on this one. (Of course, that is also why I have passed on all MMOs recently.) All the same, I think I will give the free trial a spin, after they have deployed the update.

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7. Re: So whats this game like? Nov 28, 2007, 15:17 Tumbler
Did that not hurt thier numbers much?

Apparently not, it probably helped them more than anything, getting their name into the headlines made more people aware of the game.

It's not surprising that players would stay, unlike other MMO's there is really no Max level here, devs keep adding new content that gives players an incentive to keep working towards that new toy so the idea of leaving all that gets harder everyday.

I think this makes it really hard to attract new playres though, it'd be like starting to build a house only to find all the land is owned by players with homes the size of cities and they grow,learn,build,profit,everything! faster than you!

I'd love to see EVE cap the amount of skillpoints you can insure when you die. Combat seems to be a bit too forgiving on the top level players. You kill him and he just buys all new stuff and you've maybe set him back a days work. For a new player you would probably be risking a month or more worth of work and have to band together and probably get really lucky to win.
If they capped the amount of XP that was preserved when you die long time players would have A LOT less power in teh game and I think new players would be more interested in playing.

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6. Re: So whats this game like? Nov 28, 2007, 14:57 Kosumo
I thought this was going to die due to those strange going on's with the blueprints and stuff. Did that not hurt thier numbers much?

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5. Re: So whats this game like? Nov 28, 2007, 14:34 Tumbler
Two of the absolute coolest things about that game are the fact that there is one server cluster. . . there's no shards. . . everyone plays in the same universe. You don't have to change servers and/or start new characters to hook-up with your buddies. Also, the sheer massiveness of the map. You can't just teleport your way across the map in a matter of minutes. It's massive. It would prolly take you ~24 hours of piloting to cross from one side of the map to the other. This allows for different, regional in-game cultures to develop. This game also has the coolest and most realistic in-game economies of any MMO. Oh, wait. . .that was three things.

I miss these features so much. I detest MMO's that break players apart onto different servers. There is something special about the Way eve does things but it introduces all sorts of lag issues because the most popular places in eve become lag central.

I'm impressed that no other game has come close to offering the experience EVE does, I had hoped POTBS would provide something similar but that game is nothing like EVE.

It just takes so much time to play, to be successful in eve you need to spend hours every day in my experience. Doing one mission can take hours but it's fun to come back and sort through your loot and sell your stuff. The economy in that game is a model for other MMo's to follow.

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