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No Hellgate: London Asian Server Wipe

Asian Hellgate: London operator IAH Games declares they will not be performing a character wipe on the Asian Hellgate: London servers as had been announced (story). Issues with the Asian edition of Flagship's action/RPG should be addressed by a version 0.1 patch they expect to launch by November 22, and they are looking to reward users who have suffered with issues with the game so far:

We are elated at getting the green light from Flagship Studios to announce that there will NOT need to be a character wipe.

Flagship Studios have investigated the major character issues, including missing skills and statistics, and have found methods to resolve them. They will also be performing a server upgrade to Patch 0.1 for our game service, making it equivalent to what the US gamers are enjoying now.

In the process to do this, we are looking at completing all these improvements by 22nd November, 2007.

We are also working closely with Hanbitsoft and Flagship Studios on a program to reward our gamers for the patience and perseverance shown during the recent turn of events. Please do stay updated to the forum for more news from your community manager, Angelace.

27. ... Nov 14, 2007, 19:44 theyarecomingforyou
If this game was out alongside a game in 1985, everyone would be talking about it for years and years. But because we all have it so easy today, its easy to sit at home and rant about things that don't impress us anymore.
Times change. You're a fucking moron if you think otherwise. And people in 1985 would have been awe stuck by the Star Wars prequels but that wouldn't make the films any better... and people in 1985 would be impressed by the safety record of the least safe car nowadays but that wouldn't make the car any safer. Hellgate is shit because it is shit in comparison to what is available - people have higher expectations. People also expect better moisturisers and decaf coffee. Sure people in 1985 would be impressed by Hellgate but then so would people with no previous contact with computer games - to the rest of us it is just a below average game with significant problems and an unnecessary subscription service.

I notice more and more people being dissappointed in current cream of the crop games, and this is true, I feel it myself.
Nonsense. I bought The Orange Box and thought it contained easily the best games I've ever played. Team Fortress 2 has stunning graphics and incredibly fun gameplay; Episode 2 captured emotion well and pushed forward humour in the genre; whilst Portal took physics and puzzles to a new level and wove it around an entertaining plotline. There was also Wii Sports, the best group game I've ever played - standing around a TV with a group of friends with flailing arms everywhere is a new experience (and yes we're all fully grown adults). Last year I had a great time with Oblivion. THIS is the goldenage of gaming - we're in it. Stop looking to the past and wake up to see what we've got. The thing is that as the industry expands we get more shit games... that's just the reality of it. Games that show potential and look like being a AAA title (like Hellgate) end up blowing and falling into the craptastic category. But that doesn't stop the many quality titles of the year shining through.

I have only one thing to say about this, and that is, get off your fucking asses and go fight a war. Not the war your president is presiding, but the war to get those puppets out of power, of forever hold your peace.
I oppose the war too but the context you put it in is simply ridiculous.

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