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No Linux Steam - Really

The vocal Linux community has been asking Valve for a Linux native Steam client for some time now, but Valve has stated this was not to be, saying simply in their FAQ: "The Steam Client is strictly a Windows application, and there are no current plans to create a native Linux Steam Client at this time." Perhaps inspired by the hope provided by "no current plans" and "at this time," Linux fans have continued inquiring about this, leading to a post on the Steam Users Forums that says Valve's stance on this issue has been stated repeatedly, and "The next person who posts a new thread on this issue will be banned." This has inspired a heated discussion on Digg (thanks Ant) that seems pretty well divided between those who feel this is a disservice to the community, and those who are more sympathetic to Valve's position. Many posts repeat the salient point that a native Linux Steam client will not do anything to help Windows games run under Linux without emulation anyway.

39. Re: No subject Jul 21, 2007, 07:42 shul
No, shul. You proved nothing wrong. There aren't enough gamers to make gaming on linux viable. And there's no good reason for games to go to linux. There's no good reason for gamers to go to linux, either.]

This relates to the circular logic applied; there aren't enough gamers because there aren't enough games. Looking at the gamers around me, the'd be happy to install freely available OS rather than paying for a virus infested hassle.

Linux is more stable than Windows. This is useful if you're running servers. Linux is more open than Windows. This is useful if you have the knowledge to take advantage of it.]

Tried Ubuntu lately?

Windows, on the other hand, is a self-contained enviroment. The variables are far fewer. Most Windows builds are somewhat similar. This allows devs to test far more efficiently. And it's still a nightmare.]

That's just wrong, I am involved with several multiplatform softwares and none had more issues in linux compared to windows, on the other hand, issues in windows are usually related to faulty concepts that no one can debug because they are part of the os (threads, for example, act differently in win98, winxp, and vista)

Why should developers enter the world of Linux? So they can have more headaches? So they can spend more money for hardly any more profits? ]

Hmm.. checked out how many game servers which run on linux are there? checked the community around nwn1 on linux?

Why should gamers go to Linux? Again, more headaches and fewer choices?]

again with the circular logic, and as for headaches, I simply don't agree, try out ubuntu, really (I am an FC user myself, btw)

If you use Linux and you want to game: dual boot. It's simple. There's no reason not to have a version of windows on your system if it serves some of your purposes, unless you're one of those idiots that thinks Microsoft is out to get you.]

already answered by another poster, but to re-iterate on his theme: I wrote code for linux which does all sorts of data manipulations and gathering for a project, I don't want to stop it and a VM is not a viable choice, so please tell me, should I buy a new computer now?

Yes, Vista is arguably a step back, and if Microsoft doesn't respond the community will. But Me was a step back and it didn't matter. XP came along and became the best gaming platform the PC has ever seen. Why would ANYONE want to abandon that, on the developer or consumer side?]

Vista is more than a step back from a linux point of view, vista locks all future games for the PC on directX 10 so xbox 360 will be the only platform worth migrating too.. sounds a bit like a monopol to me, wouldn't you say? and by locking I don't mean that the games wouldn't be portable, thats because C and C++ are ANSI, I mean that WGA won't let you install DX10 on any other platform than vista. and sence OpenGL gives the same capabilities as DX10 I reckon this is not exactly because XP does not have the right software..

So do tell me, why are you so eager to give unplausable reasons to stay with windows when others like to use other OSs?

Probably because he's an idiot.]

Sorry if you got insolted, I really thought you were a troll..

This comment was edited on Jul 21, 07:44.
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