Speedball 2 Remake Announced

Frogster Interactive announces their Speedball 2 remake is due this summer, following up on last year's acquisition of rights to the multiplatform classic from The Bitmap Brothers (story). The Speedball 2 Website is online, and here's the announcement:
Berlin, March 2, 2007: Speedball 2 spread like a wildfire in 1990. With its unique mix of future sports, uncompromising action, and riveting gameplay, the product became a legend in its own time: over two million gamers enjoyed it across all platforms.

Owing to the metallic graphic elements and a TV-style presentation, Speedball 2 created a grippingly futuristic setting. Heavily armoured and prepared for the worst, modern gladiators entered the arena to fight fierce battles to the death. Regularly, all hell would break loose when the steel ball was catapulted onto the field from the kick-off point. In the rush for the ball, brutal melees would ensue. Those who had captured the ball commanded their teams in a mad charge towards the opposing team’s goal, smashing through the defenders and suffering their head-on body checks. With uncompromising resilience, players drove their teams upwards in the league. With implemented team management, a two-player-mode and a ranking and championship system, Speedball 2 proved a milestone for the modern multiplayer scene. The press recognised the title’s groundbreaking achievement and showered the game with praise and awards.

Developer heroes
The true rock stars of the scene, the Bitmap Brothers, were responsible for the development of Speedball 2. Apart from this title, the British game manufacturer, founded in 1987, was behind such classics as Xenon Megablast, The Chaos Engine, Gods, Magic Pockets and Z.

Speedball 2 pulls all registers
In the third quarter of 2007, Frogster Interactive is set to publish Speedball 2 as the longed-for sequel to the Amiga classic. The new release on PC transforms the futuristic game setting with the help of state-of-the-art technology into a high-speed online sports spectacle. Offering international leagues, a large-scale ranking system and a virtual marketplace, Speedball 2 pulls all the registers of modern multiplayer gaming action. Fully customisable characters from cyborg to amazon, dynamic sports battles, and continuous community support will convince sports simulation enthusiasts, action fans, and e-sports cracks likewise.

Since December 2006, a newsletter on the game has been providing exclusive information to subscribers about news relating to game development progress. Registrees regularly receive news before they are officially released, unpublished material, and access to competitions. If you always want to be up to date with news on Speedball, register now on www.speedball2.com!
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