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Gold - EU Armed Assault & NA Release Plans

This ArmA Community Update has a few news bits about ArmA: Armed Assault, Bohemia Interactive Studios' military-themed shooter (thanks The Patches Scrolls). The post follows-up on recent European details that included a February 16 release date (story) with word that the European edition is now officially gold. They also have word on plans to begin testing editing tools, details on a coming version 1.05 patch, word that the English edition of the game will be available for online purchase on February 27, and the announcement that a North American publishing deal is finally in place:

We are pleased to confirm that we secured a publisher for North America. An announcement about the North American release of ArmA will follow shortly - stay tuned!

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17. Re: No subject Feb 9, 2007, 19:34 Old_Geezer
Hmm...maybe it's because I was disconnected from the net or something and it kept trying to access, causing the stuttering? That's the only thing I can think of. I didn't want to join a server without setting up controls and at least running around and testing a few weapons out so I just started a server while disconnected so nobody could join.

Yeah, DX 9c, latest video/audio drivers (x-fi soundcard)

I'll putter around with it for awhile tomorrow...and hopefuly fix it, get over my snotty attitude towards the graphics, and get horribly addicted. I doubt it, but I'm hoping.

Edit: Just tried joining an empty server and it ran fine on default settings, and ran fine as I went up from there. Go figure. Something about running a server offline makes my machine choke (that might be obvious to some for all I know). I'll give this ugly badboy an honest try I guess.

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16. No subject Feb 9, 2007, 19:29 DangerDog
I'll make do with my crappy graphics till I do a major upgrade later this summer, still I think it looks pretty good all in all.

One thing that can make people think the game isn't performing right is the "float" added to the aimpoint, if you go into options > controls there's a slider on the bottom that controls this, move it all the way to the left for more of your standard FPS feel. It's a freeaim system that some people don't care for.

Avatar 6174
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15. Re: No subject Feb 9, 2007, 19:25 Shataan
"ArmedA is all about realism"

And thank God for that. lol There are plenty of kiddiefied quaker mil combat games out. Too many if ya ask me, and I know ya didn`t. ;p I loved Flashpoint, and AA looks to serve up an even bigger better helping of mil combat sim.... but this time with way better motion capture, visuals, and from what I am hearing, we FINALLY get to have the ACOG scope as an attachment. Yummy.

Be warned, ya need a decent rig to run this 1 all maxed. And the demo looks and runs awesome for me. I truly pity the dudes who don`t have the hardware to run AA in all its splendor.

For those not into this kinda sim, I am sure DICE or Novalogic got another mil quaker waiting in the wings.

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14. Re: bring teh heat!!!!! Feb 9, 2007, 19:25 Peardog
If you loved WILL love this... but just don't expect Flashpoint 2... Still the same gameplay..can't jump etc.. I haven't seen any tanks bounce around yet... The AI in the Single player is Insanely accurate but the mods are cleaning that up already.. and we know the strength of OFM and now ARMA is the Mod community!!.. If you area serious player who can take and give orders..have team speak and the bandwith ... Jump on this game.. It's about the Freedom!

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13. No subject Feb 9, 2007, 19:16 DangerDog
That's pretty strange, your rig should more than handle the game smoothly, I'm only on a low 2.8 Intel with 1 gig and 6800 256 (agp) and it plays fine on medium settings, looks pretty good too on my HDTV monitor @ 1366x768, low res but this thing is huge 37", more than makes up for it.

DirectX 9 up to date with the latest and greatest?

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Avatar 6174
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12. Re: No subject Feb 9, 2007, 18:48 Old_Geezer
Tried the demo for about 5 minutes. Just disconnected from the net, started a new server, entered the game just to run around.

I don't know if I can get past the graphics, but I definitely can't get past the fact that those particular graphics make my machine noticably stutter, especially when I'm turning. I even tried turning every advanced graphics option to minimum and it still noticably stuttered at 800x600, lol. I've got my machine running lean and mean (most of windows' useless services disabled, system always idling at 99%, nothing running background etc...) and it has run everything I've thrown at it smoothly. There MUST be something wrong on my end, but I'm not going to lose too much sleep over it.

Edit: And it was the 103Final version.

This comment was edited on Feb 9, 18:50.
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11. Re: No subject Feb 9, 2007, 18:35 DangerDog
Make sure it's the ArmADemo103FINAL.

To do the co-op mission in single player create your own server and password lock it, then you’ll be the squad leader and can equip all the other soldiers (group tab and then click a soldier name from the briefing screen). You can mess around with giving orders to your AI soldiers [~] key to select all then the number keys to navigate the menus. Use the command view (number key pad) to get better situational awareness as you can get a nice top down view with zoom.

If you’re out of touch with the hardcore-ness of operation flashpoint it’ll probably take many attempts to even make a dent in the some 50 enemy units you need to kill to win.

Here’s something fun to try, get in a hummer (middle mouse button to enter / exit / switch seats in a vehicle) and head north east staying clear of the city, you’ll pass through a vineyard and there’s a tiny town about a mile north, here you’ll find an enemy BRDM with a few guys standing next to it, try to take out the guys before they can get in, I like to use the M249 SAW myself. If they get in you can shootout one of the tires and they’ll get out, waste them and then steal the BRDM. It’ll be hard to drive if you’ve shoot out the tire but switching positions to the gunner position and laying waste to the bad guys is pretty fun.

Avatar 6174
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10. No subject Feb 9, 2007, 18:33 Shadow=ASP=
Those who love everything what the BF-series stand for will find Arma boring. But those of us who prefer free-roaming terrain, realism, realism and realism will prefer Arma. Arma doesnt try to be a BF-clone, so why compare apples to oranges. BF2 is brainless entertainment, in Arma you have to use your brain or it'll get shot off with the first bullet.
Those who say Arma is very buggy should give it another chance. There are some major fixes, optimizations and new features in Arma 1.05.

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9. Re: No subject Feb 9, 2007, 17:54 Old_Geezer
"Remember this is a combat sim not an arcade shooter like BF2."

Lol...I know. That's why I stated I loved OpFP and that I'd need reviews of AA from competent reviewers. I never really like Battlefield...don't care much for respawns, much less spawn-campers.

But on a lark I clicked the demo download anyways (actually it just finished). I've got a BFG 7600 GS OC with 512mb
on a P4 3ghz/2Gb ram. Not top of the line, but it had better run those primitive AA graphics pretty damned smoothly I'll tell ya, heh heh.

I'm so sick of waiting for a grown-up's shooter. After seeing how they massacred the Ghost Recon franchise I had all but given up (OpFP was a more serious game, but GR had a magic of its own kind). I don't mind arcadish titles as long as they're both fun and non-linear (FarCry), but Operation Flashpoint-style on a modern engine would be heaven. Let's hope when they finally catch up to this century and release a real V2, that they don't dummy it down for the masses coz Bohemia still sounds like our one best hope for the future (unless you know of something else on the horizon).

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8. No subject Feb 9, 2007, 17:35 DangerDog
Hmm ugly visuals? I guess it depends on how old of a graphics card you're using, I'm not cutting edge using 6800 256 card but I think it looks much better than OFP.

Check some screenshots here though:

The demo is 1.03 (or up to that if you use the patch that was released), improves gameplay a lot. I imagine they'll release a 1.05 patch for the demo sometime soon after release, the co-op works and plays just fine in 1.03.

Capture the Island mode is an attempt at creating a feeling of persistence to the game, extremely large and expansive environment does come at a cost though, I think it’ll be quite enjoyable after a few patches (hopefully 1.05 goes a long way towards improving performance), I find this mode to be a lot of fun once you know what you’re doing.

Remember this is a combat sim not an arcade shooter like BF2.

You don't have to wait 2 months or more for the US release, you can buy the UK version as an import from for $44.90

This comment was edited on Feb 9, 17:38.
Avatar 6174
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7. Re: bring teh heat!!!!! Feb 9, 2007, 16:48 Old_Geezer
I loved Flashpoint, and have been waiting to see what else these guys would come up with. But then I recently went to download the demo and never made it past the screenshots. Yeah it looks better than Flashpoint, I think, but not by much. I consider gameplay to be way more important than graphics, but there's a limit. It almost looks like it still uses the now-ancient Operation Flashpoint engine or something.

I might still buy it, but it's gonna take several rave reviews from competent reviewers (ie. who loved OpFlash)to get me past the ugly visuals.

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6. Re: bring teh heat!!!!! Feb 9, 2007, 16:33 dubfanatic
I hope we don`t have to wait 2 more months for this!!!

I hope we do, because from what it looks like, it's barely in a playable state. Now that they've secured a NA publisher they need to do crunch time to fix the bugs and optimize the engine.

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5. Re: bring teh heat!!!!! Feb 9, 2007, 16:24 CJ_Parker
You want the short version or the long version?

The short version: It sucked.

The long version: It sucked some major monkey penis.

OK, seriously, it's pretty hardcore, pretty weird and pretty buggy. Definitely more of a sim than anything else. If you thought that Battlefield 2 can be uneventful (lots of running around, no action) then think again. Battlefield 2 is a complete shoot'em up compared to ArmedA. ArmedA is all about realism. You start off miles from the front and actually have to look for the war instead of the war being all around you. It's pretty damned hardcore. I didn't really have the patience to get into it since there are so many other much better (IMHO) games to play. But if you're desperately craving for a war *sim* (not a war *game*) then it might be worth getting the demo. If you're looking for a war game, however, then there are much better options around.

*** Born to troll ***
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4. Re: bring teh heat!!!!! Feb 9, 2007, 15:36  cliffski 
is the demo good? I am interested but not 6 hour download interested (yet). Any opinions?
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3. No subject Feb 9, 2007, 13:49 Shadow=ASP=
probably not

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2. Re: bring teh heat!!!!! Feb 9, 2007, 13:35 Wildone

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1. bring teh heat!!!!! Feb 9, 2007, 09:58 Shataan
I hope we don`t have to wait 2 more months for this!!!

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