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Ships Ahoy - Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

This press release announces the North American and European availability of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Sigil Games Online's MMORPG:

San Dego, CA – January 30, 2007 - Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and Sigil Games Online announced today that the hotly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game, “Vanguard: Saga of Heroes(TM),” is now available at retail outlets across North America and Europe. The game is also offered for digital download at

“From day one, 'Vanguard' was created with the vision of developing an MMO with an unparalleled feeling of immersion,” said Brad McQuaid, CEO of Sigil Games Online. “To accomplish this, we included innovative features that break the shackles of the traditional MMO experience. Our diplomacy system, for example, is one of many original concepts we employed to invigorate the MMO game play experience.”

“Vanguard: Saga of Heroes” features stunning environments reminiscent of classic fantasy oil paintings, as well as three fully-developed layers of gameplay (diplomacy, adventuring and crafting), along with a comprehensive character creation tool. Three vast continents are available for exploration, and players will enjoy a fully immersive experience as they delve into new lands riddled with powerful items, dangerous enemies, and boundless adventure. As players reach higher levels, they can traverse the world freely on flying dragons, voyaging across far-reaching lands in a breathtaking, non-instanced world.

“Vanguard’s beauty coupled with the sheer size and scale of the world is like nothing else experienced in today’s games. It’s poised to make a significant contribution to the genre, which is one of many reasons SOE is looking forward to adding this exciting title to our line up of games included in the all-in-one Station Access(TM) subscription package,” Laura Naviaux, Sr. Brand Manager, Sony Online Entertainment.

Rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB, the game is available for the suggested retail price of US $49.99. The limited edition version with unique content for collectors is also available for a suggested retail price of $89.99. The North American subscription fee for “Vanguard: Saga of Heroes” is $14.99 a month, with discounts offered for longer subscription commitments. For players who purchase “Vanguard: Saga of Heroes” and have an SOE Station Access subscription, the subscription to “Vanguard: Saga of Heroes” will be included in the $24.99 monthly fee. “Vanguard: Saga of Heroes” has also been added to SOE’s universal game card available at retail in 30- and 90-day subscription periods.

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23. great so far Jan 31, 2007, 17:24 Cheese
Who complaining about bugs? Do you want to know something? this game is 17gigs!!!!! Thats the largest footprint I have ever seen for any game. I know alot of developers who have bugs with a 1 or 2 gig game but 17 gigs, Sure there will be bugs and with mmorpgs being always released before there bug free is impossible, not counting GuildWars which was bug free. However this kind of llorpg will always be worked on, updated and rebalanced, for as long as its out.

Its the nature of the beast,I do want to add however that outts all the mmorpgs i have encountered, this one is the most bug free, i mean yeah there are bugs here and there but considering the size of this project its pretty much a incredible job they have done.

Only problem I have with this game is why oh why do we have to pay monthley? GW is very sucessful and matter of fact have made there owners millions, yet still they have no fee except for the up front cost.

So I will start a petition lets make Vanguard free!!!!!!!!!!
I mean WTF i already bought it isnt that enough.

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22. No subject Jan 31, 2007, 11:52 skee
Are we playing the same game?? Granted I'm all of level 10, but I've found the beginning of the game to be great. Yes, great. Bugs? Yup, but nothing major.. some bugged mobs, no biggie. Could use more polish? - Yup. Did I sacrifice eye candy for performance - I did, but to me that's a no brainer.
The good stuff.. gameplay, adrenalin buzz, character/class options galore, tougher character mastery? (early to say), I thought the level 1-10 noob area was well done. I'm playing while talking on Skype with a bud - we are both having a blast.

This comment was edited on Jan 31, 11:53.
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21. No subject Jan 30, 2007, 20:33 wtf_man
I wouldn't touch this game with a 10ft pole.

I can't say if the game is good or crap... but I know that I absolutely disagree with 90% of what Mr. Brad "Flash-yer-epeen-items /Group-till-your-mama-drops / Grind-to-feel-real-accomplishment" McQuaid thinks.

I hope all the masochists have a shiny new home, and STFU on other MMO boards.


Avatar 19499
"Did you even read cutters post or are you just suffering from rectal cranial inversion." - RedEye9
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20. beta? Jan 30, 2007, 19:29 Cheese
I had a passkey for it but couldnt get in. however i bought this based on my like for EQ1 and lo and behold I like it so far.

I have every slider turned to max and get no slowdown what so ever. however my system is no slouch E6600 clocked to 2.93 8800GTS card 9792 drivers with the XG tweakeriser.

Graphics are good and framrates are great no broken quests yet and no problems so far.

The patching however was a pain in the ass and I do expect to run into my share of problems as with all mmorpgs, however i must say the launch is smooth and the game is what i was looking for. a non instanced huge mmorpg with updated graphics and decent crafting system, they also have harvesting.

I dont see fishing in here yet and i hope i do as it was one of the relaxing things i did in EQ. oh well im giving this one thumbs up for now. oh just to mention this game is 16gig big when installed.

This comment was edited on Jan 30, 19:57.
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19. Re: No subject Jan 30, 2007, 18:34 Lorcin
I've dabbled in just about every ORPG out there


I personally don't think the ORPG market

You can tell it's January - his staying away from the M&Ms.

Vegetarian Logic: We'll save animals by eating their food
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18. Re: No subject Jan 30, 2007, 17:39 Frijoles
I'm waiting for the 14 day free trial that MMOs always have after a few months. Although the multi-multi-gig download doesn't sound too appealing...

Avatar 6700
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17. No subject Jan 30, 2007, 16:52 Praxus
Lol if there's one thing you can count on is bitching and complaints on bluesnews.

I was in beta since 2005 and had doubts about buying. Well I decided to go for it and was very pleasantly surprised to see that the performance issues are mostly gone and its pretty smooth on my 2 year old pc on 'balanced' settings.

I'm also having a lot of fun playing it. Its not easy mode like WoW yet it improves on many things from EQ 1.

Don't listen too much to the complainers since there's tons of positive posts around the net about the release version.
Lots of disillusioned beta testers have no idea how much things are improved.

Its well worth giving a try and see for yourself.

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16. Re: No subject Jan 30, 2007, 16:22 BubbleMage
I'll give it a year and see. The beta, as I've stated before, was utterly unimpressive. Perhaps they can turn it into something that competes with WoW, but I have serious reservations on that front.

On the other hand, Anarchy Online was a complete disaster when initially released. After a few years of tweaking and finishing, it became a pretty enjoyable game.

As for you, Skoll, when I pay my hard-earned cash for something, I expect it to work as advertised. If not, I return it and get my money back.

The publishing houses have you brain-washed into believing that paying to beta test is a perfectly normal state of affairs, but it is most emphatically not true. If they can't live up to the car standard and the appliance standard, that's not the fault of the auto and appliance manufacturers. To imply such simply demonstrates that your logic is both inductive and flawed.

Market competition pulls the weeds out of the flower bed pretty quickly. The weeds don't get a pass just because they scream "I'll be a flower in my next life!"

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15. Re: No subject Jan 30, 2007, 16:10 Howin
This games a pile of crap, I canceled my account and reversed the credit card charges.

I refuse to pay for or put up with shit like this.

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14. Re: No subject Jan 30, 2007, 15:56 Alamar
Here's a tip: when the con says "You will probably be killed by this creature", it is not fucking around.

hahahhaha... Awesome : )


Avatar 22996
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13. Re: No subject Jan 30, 2007, 15:41 Some Dude
I did the "preorder download" thing so I've been playing for a couple days now. The game's fine.

This rollback thing is a myth; it didn't happen.

Likewise with "still down for a patch rofl". At midnight PST the servers went down for three or four hours to deploy a patch. Oh noes, the end is nigh! Honestly, if I could sleep at night like a normal person I wouldn't even have known they were down.

Performance-wise, I've got everything jacked up to full and it runs fine. 'Course that's on a studly computer, so your mileage may vary.

When you first walk into town things get a little lagerrific, but that passes. There's also a stall when you cross what I assume is a zone boundary.

Overall I'd say it's fun so far. Good hand-holding quests at the beginning, the crafting is interesting, and after 10 levels I can feel my fighter developing nicely.

Here's a tip: when the con says "You will probably be killed by this creature", it is not fucking around.

** edit

Oh yeah, it does irk me that there are no official forums. I can't see how that was a good choice.

This comment was edited on Jan 30, 16:07.
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12. Re: No subject Jan 30, 2007, 15:26 natx
the game totally locks up on me after 30-45 minutes of playing. i can't even alt tab out or get into taskmgr to kill the process, i have to reboot. bad coding? i can see why the beta people said it wasn't ready.

i have seriously choppy frame rates when there are a lot of mobs or buildings, i already turned down a bunch of graphics options.

BUT, I find the game is pretty fun and it is great being in a MMO at launch. This game might tide me over until conan or star trek online.

p4/3ghz 1 gb twinx ddr400 abit IC7G ATI X850 (agp)

This comment was edited on Jan 30, 15:27.
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11. Re: Games aren't ready at release. Jan 30, 2007, 15:20 Alamar
Burning Crusade worked just fine for me on launch

Considering what you replied to, I assume you're trying to make the point that games can work fine at launch... Yet you don't mention a game... So where is the proof of the point?

BC was an expansion... It's just some new content thrown onto a game that's been running 2 years...

Now if you want to talk about making points, let's go back to the GAME you're trying to refer to here. World of Warcraft's launch was complete and utter shit. The servers were frequently unplayable for at least the first month, with many people still having problems 3 months later. I've always liked/respected Blizzard, but just like any other developer, their shit wasn't ready at launch, and they needed patches to bring it to an acceptable level.


Avatar 22996
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10. No subject Jan 30, 2007, 14:51 goatman
I've played since beta and was in on the head-start. There was no permanent rollback, everyones characters retained all the items and exp that they received during the head-start.

Of course the game has bugs, name one game that doesnt have bugs. I've dabbled in just about every ORPG out there and this launch is as smooth as most. I played WoW beta and played at launch for a few months and WoW had similar problems.

I'm curious as to what people feel isn't ready about the game? Specific examples that stray from the normal type of online release. Every game has bugs that never got fixed during beta, every game has had game mechanics tweaked after launch, and every game has had parts that 'didn't make it in' on time.

As far as games go it may not have been the best but was by no means the worst.

Pumas. The use of the word fun really infuriates me. Not at the person but at the blatant dropping of it by people. Quantify and describe the factors that encompass the word 'fun' please. One person's fun is another's ad tedium infinitum.

To say isn't fun means nothing to me. Is it tedious? Is it a boring grind? Is it not challenging enough? Is it another game in a different wrapping? These are the complaints I understand, not it isn't fun.

So far I find it intriguing, nothing perhaps so much as EQ was originally to me, but enough that I will play it for a few months with friends.

I personally don't think the ORPG market can ever recapture that original feeling that I had with my first MMO(EQ). I have been deflowered never to possess the awe and addiction of an open world that I could help shape(delusion).

Vanguard to me is too much like WoW. I feel pushed towards a certain path because of those pesky NPC icons, and the fear that if I don't complete these quests that I will somehow miss out on the great things to come.

Well thats life, if I want something done right I guess I'll have to do it myself. Here is to something getting done right not happening...... Cheers!

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9. Re: Games aren't ready at release. Jan 30, 2007, 14:49 mxmissile
"I love how people still cling to the idea that games will be ready for primetime on release day. That may be the way the world SHOULD work, but it is not the way the world DOES work."

LOL, you need to get out more, as a consumer its natural to expect it to "work" when you buy a product. Games, Cars, or your new home, no different. Saying they are different is just a complete copout. Just like the copout Sigil did with the forums, its truly a sad thing.

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8. Re: Games aren't ready at release. Jan 30, 2007, 14:46 Grounded
Burning Crusade worked just fine for me on launch. Then again that is why Blizzard takes two years to finish something

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7. Games aren't ready at release. Jan 30, 2007, 14:31 Skoll
I love how people still cling to the idea that games will be ready for primetime on release day. That may be the way the world SHOULD work, but it is not the way the world DOES work.

For at least a decade now it has been proven over and over that the best time to buy a game, if you enjoy a bug free experience, is not at release.

Saying "The game is being released and it's not ready" is redundant.

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6. Re: No subject Jan 30, 2007, 14:31 Pumas
Well I must say that any complaints heretofor are completely warranted. Having played Beta up to this point I fully agree that this game was NOT ready for release in the least.

What's worse is I'm not sure that Sigil can release any sort of patch that MAKES THE DAMN GAME FUN!!

Myself, I'll have no complaints because playing in Beta saved me a good deal of money. There's no way in hell I'm dropping hard earned cash on this Hindenburg.

Have a nice day
How will I know limits from lies if I never try?
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5. No subject Jan 30, 2007, 13:32 nightfend
Wow, I just checked their forums out. What a mess. There are two forums. An admin only announcement forum and a Technical Support forum.

No General Discussion, no quest help forums, and no way for people to meet each other or to advertise guilds/groups.

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4. Launch day Jan 30, 2007, 12:09 MMORPGHoD
I'm assuming this is what would be considered "launch day" for Vanguard. I decided to take a look at their forums and watch the chaos, http:/ They don't have a general forum? I guess they expected a rough start and I'm sure they're right from the looks of the tech support forums. It looks like there was a 24 hr rollback for those who are already playing (so much for that "head start"). From what I understand servers are still down today for a patch? Ow.
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