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Jagged Alliance 3

Akella's Website (thanks Bertrand) has word, in Russian, on plans to resurrect Jagged Alliance series with Jagged Alliance 3, a project that has been discussed in various forms for many years now (story). This is noted on RPG Codex where they translate the Cyrillic to see that Strategy First, Akella, and studio F3games are partnering on the project, and they offer a quote from Richard Therrien that seems meant to reassure fans of the series that the series' signature turn-based strategy is not being tampered with, saying the (new) "Jagged Alliance will keep the general spirit and an atmosphere and remains is true to traditions of the previous games of the well-known series." They also offer a translated feature list that includes a fully 3D engine, more than 20 nonlinear missions, and a return of the familiar character system from the first two Jagged Alliance games.

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10. No subject Dec 14, 2006, 13:33 Zadig
A note to developers: don’t describe playing 20 missions in sequence as “nonlinear”. The lack of a world map will remove much of what was great about JA2. Being free to decide which sector to attack next and having to plan your shopping trips (the handful of merchants moved around the world map and were not always available) was a lot of fun for me.

There was a mod for JA2 that let the enemies climb onto the roofs. While scary at first, it’s basically an automatic interrupt for your squad and you can burst them all to death pretty easily. The same thing happened when the AI got break lights in JA2 Gold. It was hard only until you thought about it for a bit.

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9. Re: Finger crossed Dec 12, 2006, 21:06 Steroid
I was talking about Silent Storm. Non of my JA/JA2 playing friends liked it nearly as much as JA. The best review I got is that it's a JA2 wannabe.

I just can't stand the fact that when I had a guy behind a car all alone and there were 6 guys across a narrow street knowing he's there, and they won't even throw a grenade or surround the car. After a while I was able to use him to sneak out into the open to see all 6 of them (look at my guys' direction) then got my machine gun guy to shoot them across a brick wall one by one with deadly accuracy (almost as if the wall wasn't there) without them even reacting a single bit to their fellow soldier's repeating dying rant.

I find the AI in JA2 much more challenging, espeically in unfinished business where they actually use covers a lot more efficiently. It's not that JA2 doesn't have flaws (like the AI can't climb buildings so even a weak merc like Flo can take single handedly on a 20 men assault as long as she has a big enough roof and plenty of bullet), but compare with Silent Storm's AI and game play, it's just heaven and hell.

It's probably the best tactical turn based strategy game for a while, but I won't go as far as calling it a good game.

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8. Re: Finger crossed Dec 12, 2006, 20:18 Paranoid Jack
Steroid, what game is that you are reviewing? S2 or BE5?

I have seen mostly positive reviews at the retail sites but have not visited the official forums. Every positive reviewer has stated how it is the best turn-based tactical game or compared it to JA and/or S2. If the AI in Brigade E5 is what you are talking about please let me know. I have stopped playing NWN2 because of the AI, hoping to see a patch soon.

Avatar 11537
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7. Finger crossed Dec 12, 2006, 17:26 Steroid
Finger crossed that it doesn't resemble silent storm in any way. Man that game shits me:

- The soldiers have no character what so ever! (I don't feel bad getting them killed at all, not one bit, even my own character.)

- The AI is stupid. (VIP that you're supposed to protect wondering into the open if you don't have one of your soldiers stand in the doorway, even then they'll still try to get out.)

- Some scripts are bugged and easily broken (One of the missions, a guy supposed to run out of a toilet and speak to me before shooting. Unfortunatly I killed him before the script was triggered, so the dead guy spoke to me without moving his mouth then nothing happend.)

- Did I mention the AI is stupid? (elite soldiers will be shot down one by one without moving/ducking if you've got a silenced sniper rifel)

- If I can play the impossible mode and get into "difficult" missions without anyone even getting shot, then the game is retarded. (If I sound like I'm showing off, I assure you that I'm not trying to. I often get my mercs killed in iron man mode in JA2 even I plan the attack fairly well.)

- I have to mention how stupid the AI is. (Civilians don't even try to get out of the way when a firefight breaks out!)

- No concequences for killing civilians.

- Oh god the AI is stupid. (Enemies try to climb over a wall after 3 of their mates just got shot dead on top of it in the previous round.)

- Over abundence of stuff. (weapons, ammos, med kits etc) and they never have problems (jamming, failed to explode etc)

- Damn AI! (I've never seen any enemy thow a grenade of any kind)

- The speeches when anyone getting hit is just stupid and annoyingly repetitive. (I don't know how many times I heard:"I mean you no harm" from the bunch of guys with fedora hats who just shot at me.)

- It's class/level based not skill based. (To me it's stupid cause people should be able to excel in anything if they put their mind to it and what the hell is level any way? In JA, level is just the amount of experience you have, so it makes sense for a high level character to be able to detect booby traps. It shouldn't limit what you can/can't do.)

The ONLY good thing about that game is the destructable environment.

This comment was edited on Dec 12, 17:27.
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6. Re: No subject Dec 12, 2006, 09:46 Paranoid Jack
Did anyone buy (or play) Brigade E5? I had it in my hands at EB the other day. But since I have yet to finished (or even get the feeling I am done with) Gothic 3, NWN2, and Nightfall I didn't think it was a wise purchase. Not to mention the MMO Beta I'm in (which is taking up all my gaming time) so I figured it would just sit there collecting dust. I hope to try it out another time. Customer ratings are fairly good but critics are slamming it.

On a side note there are at least two (or three) other games that are in development that are playing off the whole JA's "spiritual successor" angle. I think two actually had the JA name at one point until the rug got pulled out from under them.

Avatar 11537
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5. Re: No subject Dec 12, 2006, 02:50 Buckermann
..., more than 20 nonlinear missions,...
Sounds to me like there will be no world map, just 20 missions. If this is true, it's a major dissapointment for me.

Avatar 15549
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4. Re: No subject Dec 12, 2006, 02:31 Pryrates
Silent Storm was really great except the "panzerkleins" they destroyed the game imho.

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3. Re: No subject Dec 12, 2006, 00:11 PHJF
As long as all my interface is a laptop...

"Oh how awful. Did he at least die peacefully? To shreds you say. Well, how's his wife holding up? To shreds you say."
Avatar 17251
Steam + PSN: PHJF
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2. Re: No subject Dec 12, 2006, 00:02 ShakyJake
Jagged Alliance was an awesome series. Hopefully this one goes through, and doesn't have another false start as has happened before.

A 3D engine? I wonder how similar it'll be to Silent Storm, which was another great game that had awesome potential, but just never seemed to go anywhere.

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1. No subject Dec 11, 2006, 23:04 Malakai
Ah i hope they do a good job on this. That is if it ever sees the light of day.

I really just want a 3D turn based tactical game like Jagged Alliance. I loved that game, and still do. I loved the characters (Shadow and Ivan my favs), i loved the RPG elements of the characters, the story line (granted could be construed to be shocking), and the ability to create a character based upon the answering of some utterly rediculous questions.

A certain purple dinosaur should be:
a: Held up as an inspiration to kids
b: Hung
c: Hung and shot
d: Hung, shot and run over by a buick

If i remember correctly b,c and d were classed as "normal" and had no effect to your character. I might try and crack that game open and play it actually. Could be good fun.

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