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More on the BF2142 Demo

EA sends along another update on the BF2142 demo, further complicating what is normally a more straightforward process. Following on word earlier today that the game would have periods of exclusivity to both EA Downloader and GameSpot comes the additional wrinkle that the game will appear on IGN on Friday evening, though the new schedule does not specify whether or not Friday evening marks the point at which other mirrors could carry the file. Here's the new release schedule:

Thursday, October 5th 12AM PST - EA Downloader
Friday, October 6th 9AM PST -
Friday, October 6th 6PM PST -

44. Re: No subject Oct 5, 2006, 09:10 MeatForce

And again, I will be giving the demo a chance. Call me crazy, but I guess I'm just not as jaded as 90% of the BN crowd.

Morgan, try the demo.

But Beamer is right -- we're not jaded. These things just go a certain way. Here is what you can expect:

- you'll DL the demo and probably have quite a bit of fun blowing stuff up and fiddling with the vehicles. If you have a nice rig, the graphics will be decent, and it will probably run reasonably well most of the time

- after a decent amount of playtime, you'll have noticed a few bugs here and there which - since it's "just a demo" - won't likely piss you off all that much. After all.. since you've never played a BF game before, you'll be having fun watching some of the crazy shit that can happen in these matches. And it's "just a demo".

- you will decide "huh.. that was some fun shit. I'm picking this thing up.. hopefully they'll patch bug X,Y,Z,C,M,Y,K,R,G,B soon. It's just a demo after all.." (at least, I'm going to imagine this is what happens so that I can extend our experience of these games to your world..)

- you will drop quite a bit of money on the game, get it home excited to fire it up, and discover that (for example) the demo map was chosen because it's the only one that's been properly optimized at this point (especially in large matches); there are more bugs than just X,Y,Z,C,M,Y,K,R,G,B, but they only seem to show up in retail; the game gets a patch soon after release, but only to address Y,C,R, and B.. but those are minor compared to the other bugs, which DICEA make no mention of in the patch notes..

About a month or so later, they patch the game to add some new features you never thought you wanted, and a hook to allow you to purchase the newly announced expansion pack straight from your weapon loadout screen. Bug C is back, and they've introduced a few new ones by fucking with the already flaky code. They mention a few of the earlier bugs in the patch notes without addressing them.

Sometime later another patch is released and ... oh fuck it.. just go ahead and find out for yourself.

There are 100,000,000 threads about this already because we of the vocal-minority have been experiencing this crap since the first game (although they had not refined their techniques at that point and support was a bit better over all).

Call me jaded if you want, but I'm bitter as well. The support for these games is fucking abysmal.

*shrug* At least you're a BF virgin.. I will say that you're going to have a lot of fun at times (there is always fun to be had in there somewhere).

It's just that after getting fucked over for so long by the company you paid good money to, it's hard to care about the fun bits when they're essentially identical to what they were in 1942 just with different graphics on them and the support for the fucked up product you own is just so awful... almost non-existant (and I really don't expect to see BF2 ever get totally fixed now that 2.142 is so close)

It may be that one day a young man will adore a Pinata.
I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere right now, even though you broke my heart and killed me.
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