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Evening Q&As

  • BioShock
    The BioShock Q&A on GameSpot talks with Irrational Games' Ken Levine about the game being called the spiritual successor to the System Shock series: "We're also really working on the artificial intelligence to get it to 'think,' because one of the coolest, and most challenging, things about this game is all the interactions that AI [characters] can have, because of all the relationships they have with each other. The more complex you make your AI, and the more things you enable it to do, the more you have to make sure it does those things well. And because it's so emergent, things happen all the time that make us say, 'Whoa!' It's sometimes what we want, and sometimes we end up in the Land of Weird Bugs. So, we're putting in a huge amount of work into our AI...much more than on any other game we've ever done. But it's definitely going to be worth it. "
  • American McGee
    The American McGee Q&A part one and part two on Computer and Video Games talks with the producer/designer about Bad Day L.A. and the state of gaming: "Puritanism related to sexual issues is as rampant in the US as it's ever been. As for violence, the response is as usual, lopsided and nonsensical. We have US politicians wasting time on the non-issue of video game violence, while in the real world bombs are dropped, villages are flattened, and entire countries are being destroyed. I think the only way the situation will be improved is by the passage of time. Politicians are generally a geriatric, old lot. Hence their retarded views on the modern world. We just need to wait around a while and nature will do its thing. Current politicians die, new generation of politicians come into office. These new guys will focus on whatever happens to be the 'entertainment is evil' topic."
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    The Marvel Ultimate Alliance Q&A on FiringSquad talks with Activision producer Matthew Paul about Raven's upcoming superhero action game: "X-Men Legends is a great franchise, but we wanted to do something fresh…hence Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Taking on the entire Marvel universe opened up a bunch of possibilities that we hadn’t been able to do with previous games. There’s just something so cool about teaming up your favorite Super Heroes from all the different Marvel comics and setting off to fight evil. Plus, just because we’ve created Marvel: Ultimate Alliance doesn’t mean that there’s not a chance to revisit the X-Men Legends franchise some day."
  • Red vs. Blue
    Burnie Burns of Red Vs Blue fame talks Machinima on HEXUS.gaming pulls some Rooster Teeth: "Literally 2 Xboxs, 2 copies of whatever game it may be and enough controllers for every cast member. We use letterboxing in Red Vs Blue to cut out the radar that normally appears on the bottom left of the screen and to hide the scores that appear at the top, giving the animation a movie feel."

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5. Re: American Magee Aug 23, 2006, 21:19 Creston
Oh come on, just because he makes really shitty games doesn't mean he molests little Taiwanese boys...

I hope.


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4. American Magee Aug 23, 2006, 14:52 Ratty
God, I'd never seen a picture of him before. Doesn't he look like that Jon Benet Ramsey guy they arrested in Thailand?

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3. Re: Bioshock interview Aug 23, 2006, 01:02 FreonTrip
Thanks for the heads up. Still, I think this might be the first time in a long while that I give previews and interviews a miss. This game's the only one I'm really looking forward to, and the less I know about it going in the sweeter it will all be when it gets here.

As for McGee's comments on politics as a whole, it also applies to the sciences and pretty much any avenue of human activity that tends to become dominated by an established "old guard" of historically worthwhile contributors. It can be summarized as follows, with the appropriate words substituted where appropriate:

"The sciences advance one funeral at a time."
This comment was edited on Aug 23, 01:04.
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2. Re: Bioshock interview Aug 22, 2006, 23:23 Creston
PC Gamer (September issue) has an amazing preview of Bioshock that will make everyone giddy with excitement about this game.


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1. Bioshock interview Aug 22, 2006, 23:01 Bucky
The toughest area to do that in is in aiming and shooting, because, obviously, pinpoint aiming with a mouse is easier than pinpoint aiming with a controller. So, there are some balance issues there that we're working on, but in terms of actually messing with [computer] screens, and messing with [hacking] machines, and making growth choices for your character, we're pretty much customizing that per platform.

Tears of joy came to my eyes when I read that.

Xfire: GreySpire
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