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Out of the Blue

Today's adventure in driving was returning from the train station after dropping MrsBlue when a woman exercised some questionable judgment of how much time she had to cross my path to get to an off-ramp. It was not that I had to slow to yield to her insanity, I had to come to a screeching halt to keep from t-boning her. On the bright side, a moment like that can replace the day's first cup of coffee as a waker-upper.

Screeching Links! Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
Play: Damn Birds. Thanks Neatorama.
Link: Batman Begins case mod could eat your case mod.
Stories: 'How Gay Is Superman'?
Yellowstone Tourist Dies in 500-Foot Fall.
Preaching the word of Whedon.
Media: Now THIS is Parallel Parking.

49. Re: More tin foil! Jun 20, 2006, 19:13 Zathrus
Variety of responses...

What purpose does N. Korea have for firing missles anyway?

Why, for a peaceful space program of course! You know, just like Iran needs nuclear bombs power plants. There's almost always a peaceful purpose for any given weapons technology, and they're also inseperable from a technology point of view.

. The Chinese propped them up for decades and still continues to do so. Kim Jong-il is clearly a nutcase

Sure, but you have to realize that it's one of the few puppet countries they have in the region -- compare it to the various Central and South American countries that the US has propped up over the decades. And we've supported some pretty awful people in order to stop communism from spreading. Nobody as wacko as Kim Jong-il, but the underlying principle is the same.

he's openly developing nuclear weapons right in the Chinese backyard where fallout and nuclear accidents would have a major impact on them

Well, actually -- not likely. The prevailing winds are the other way...

And if if came down to it then China could roll over N Korea in a split second. Think US vs Panama in 1988...

In the scope of things, Taiwan really doesn't amount to much.

Well, kinda... it's mostly a loss of face issue, plus the whole "my backyard" thing again. And the US has been selling Taiwan weapons for decades now, which has made it a sticking point. AFAIK, it hasn't come up in the 6 party talks at all, but everytime there's a new weapons sale, or Taiwan makes noise about nationalism then China has military manuevers near that part of the coast.

But yeah, on the grand scale of things it's not that big of an issue. Most of the analysts think that it'll become a complete non-issue when the current power brokers in mainland China finally die.

But right now they can still use it as a wedge against the US, particularly in a situation like this.

Why shouldn't NK test missiles as much as they like? The US is claiming that right for themselves and they even violate treaties just to test missiles and even nukes

Oh please. N Korea is a dictatorship run by a freaking loony that's despised in every industrialized nation. Even if you think Bush is as bad, hey -- he's out in two years. The same certainly can't be said for N Korea -- even after he starved millions of his people for years he's still very much in power.

As for the treaties -- the US pulled out of those treaties, as you are allowed to. I disagree with the decision to do so, but we are not "violating" them. Hopefully the next president will request that we re-enter them (which will probably have to be re-ratified by the Senate; it's a bit unclear).

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