Evening Q&A

The Battlefield 2: Armored Fury Q&A on Shacknews chats with Tom Galt of DICE Canada about the upcoming Battlefield 2 booster pack: "We learned 2 valuable lessons, at least from the design side of the Euro Force booster pack. The first lesson was that while everybody seemed to enjoy the 3 new levels, which maps people liked depended on their play styles. The infantry players preferred Great Wall, while the pilots and tank drivers gravitate to Operation Smoke Screen and Taraba Quarry. For Armored Fury, we've tried to strike a better balance between the 3 disciplines, and I think the levels are much better for it. From the content side, people enjoyed the new vehicles but many hoped that the vehicles would offer some new gameplay when in fact they are pretty much just variations on the existing themes. In BF2, a tank is a tank. So for Armored Fury, we have focused on providing new types of vehicles that can offer players something different than what already exists in Battlefield 2."
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