Morning Q&As

  • WarPath
    Gamecloud's WarPath Q&A talks with Zandro Chan of Groove Games about Digital Extremes' upcoming first-person shooter: "WarPath breathes new life into the FPS genre. It triggers the rush you felt when playing the FPS’s of old, but with a 21st century face lift - giving you all the graphics and fragging mayhem you’d expect from a cutting edge title. We felt as if FPS games had become stale, this is fresh. It makes the player take notice and smile uncontrollably, like they’re seeing an old friend for the first time in years. That’s what we wanted. To make the player say ‘Wow, I never thought it could be like this.’ We’ve taken the player out of the sandbox and dropped them in the middle of a themepark with no lines in sight."
  • Alpha Prime
    The Alpha Prime Q&A on Gry komputerowe converses in Polish and English with Radek Volf of Black Element Software about their upcoming FPS: "Whilst Alpha Prime should primarily be a quite straightforward first person shooter, we will try to encourage players to think a bit creatively so that they will not just blast their way through enemies. Sometimes you should be able to avoid battles entirely and sneak by unnoticed. Sometimes you can make your life easier by using some handy device, a machine or a robot for example."
  • Casual Games
    Gamecloud's Wildsnake Software Q&A continues to explore the world of casual gaming by talking with Wildsnake Software co-founder "Andy."
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