Morning Q&As

  • Quake 4
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Unleashed in Quake 4 on the Creative Labs Website offers some sound thinking on Quake 4 by discussing the audio in Quake 4 with sound designer Zachary Quarles: "Well, the process of creating a huge alien world was very daunting, but also pretty gratifying once I realized that we pulled it off. I really do love the 5.1 surround spectrum and how complicated and layered the world sounds. When we added OpenAL to the equation, I was in heaven. I really wish we would have had OpenAL earlier in the game development process because I would have tried to experiment with it a bit more. As it stands, I think the final product sounds great and was very pleased with the work that Creative Labs helped out with."
  • World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
    The WoW: The Burning Crusade Q&A on Computer and Video Games discusses the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion with Shane Dabiri of Blizzard: "As is traditional with MMO expansions, a large portion of the content will be geared toward characters in the range between the current maximum and new maximum levels, starting at around level 55. However, we do also plan to add content to better tie in the new races to the world, so players who choose to start as one of the new races will experience a great deal of new content up to about level 20."
  • Mythic
    GamerGod's Sanya Weathers & Scott Jennings Q&A Part I and GamersInfo's Mark Jacobs Q&A each discuss what's going on at Mythic Entertainment. This is from the latter: "The biggest change is that we are no longer being seen as a niche part of the game industry and people actually take my calls when I try to speak to them about projects. Ten years ago most publishers wouldn't even speak to us, at least not seriously. Year after year we heard the same thing (both pre-Mythic and post-DAoC), "Our market research shows that there is only a small number of people who will pay to play online games!" This was followed up by the equally absurd "Our market research shows that there are only a small number of people who will pay to play online games!" Which then led to my favorite quote "The market is saturated right now, there really isn't room for any other MMO other than UO [And then substitute EQ, DAoC, etc.]!"
  • Warhammer: Mark of Chaos
    The Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Q&A on discusses the upcoming Warhammer RTS game with Namco's Chris Wren: "The vision is to make a great war game that anyone who's ever enjoyed blowing something up can appreciate. Our strategy is to pull together some of the best elements of RTS and war strategy gaming into a new, dynamic environment creating the best possible war gaming experience for gamers of all experience levels. The Warhammer Universe brings with it a wealth of history, politics and culture which makes for a rich environment for us to build our game in. By no means do you need to be a die hard fan of Warhammer to try it out, one of our goals is to make sure that regardless of what you knew about Warhammer before playing the game, you will be a die hard fan once you've had a chance to play it."
  • Company of Heroes
    The Company of Heroes Q&A on GameSpot talks with John Johnson (from Wisconsin?) about the upcoming World War II RTS game: "We're in full production and have been very busy since E3. We've been spending a lot of our time developing content, with a major focus over the summer and fall on developing the multiplayer gameplay mechanics. We're down to the iterative tuning-and-polish phase of multiplayer now, which will give us ample time to fine-tune and perfect our gameplay well above what we've been able to do in any of our past products. In conjunction with this, we've also been very busy developing the single-player game to ensure it matches the intensity and excitement of this year's E3 demo in every mission."
  • Steve Ince
    The Steve Ince Q&A on Working-Title is the English version of a Q&A also available in German talking with the ex-Revolution developer about what he's currently up to at start-up Juniper Games: "I'm certainly not going to rule out publishers at any point but the primary idea is to release them as downloads. Just because I think with the increasing take-up of broadband, more and more people are happy to download a game. I know a lot of people like to own the discs and have the boxes on the shelve, so it would be nice to offer that as well but if I plan to do too much too early, then the likelihood is that you get spanked with everything you are trying to do. So it's a case of taking one step at a time and hopefully building from there. And I think when the first game is released, and depending on the reaction to it and how well it goes, it will define the path I take from that point."
  • Games in 2005-2006
    Gamecloud's Games In 2005-2006 Q&A series continues by discussing the year that was and the future with John Williamson of Zombie and with Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software.
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