Game Movie Mania

More On The Wolfenstein Film on Dark Horizons (thanks Tiscali Games) highlights comments from a recent Todd Hollenshead Q&A about the DOOM movie (story) that show id has further cinematic aspirations: "Our next order of business is to try to get Wolfenstein made into a movie; I think it could make a very interesting film. The game design for Return to Castle Wolfenstein is basically set up as a film script. Where we'd go from a movie standpoint would be to incorporate a lot of the elements from Return to Castle Wolfenstein along with what we're going to be doing in the next Wolfenstein game that we announced a few weeks ago. It will probably have a little more similarity in terms of the direction of the movie script to the upcoming game." Also, MTV Films Acquires Rights to Marc Ecko's Getting Up Contents Under Pressure (thanks Frans) has news that MTV feels graffiti culture has the same potential for movies as it does for games. Finally, the Silent Hill Movie Website is online (thanks Kennett).
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Dec 9, 2005Dec 9 2005
Dec 9, 2005Dec 9 2005