Morning Q&As

  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    There's an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Q&A on DailyGame (thanks Frans) discussing the next installment in Bethesda Softworks' RPG series with Pete Hines: "We really identify the kinds of things we want to do with our game and then put it out on as many platforms that can support that kind of game. For us, the consumer’s decision of one version over another is really two-fold. One, where do you prefer to play this type of game? For example, some folks prefer playing shooters on a PC at a desk, but other types of games on a console while sitting on a couch. It’s whatever you’re most comfortable with. That’s really the most important decision. Second to that is, what have you got to play the game on? If you don’t want to compromise on a single thing, then you’ll need a high end PC with one of the latest video cards. If that’s not something you have, or can afford, then you may look at getting the 360 simply because it makes more economic sense. Are PCs and consoles about the same in terms of hardware? Probably. It really depends on what kind of PC you have as to how a game console compares."
  • Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones
    A brief Q&A on news0r discusses the music score in Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones, while Gamecloud's Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones Q&A talks with Ben Mattes of Ubisoft about the next installment in the PoP series: "We’re bringing some really interesting enemies in the game. The introduction of the Speed Kill System made us redo all the AI of the enemies. The enemies are now able to see the Prince coming from afar, hear him as the closes by or when he disturbs a volley of pigeons, for example, in which case, they will turn to an awareness behavior and investigate the issue further. If a real threat turns out to be found, they can trigger the alarm and call for reinforcements using the Sand Gate system. Moreover, let’s not forget the quantity and variety of completely new enemies and bosses we are putting forward in POPT2T, each featuring particular Speed Kill action sequences as well as unique fight behavior."
  • Gameshadow
    Gamecloud's Gameshadow 2.0 Q&A chats with Tony Treadwell about Gameshadow, their software that can automatically patch games: "Well we knew we pretty much had patching nailed. So we wanted to make it easier to use, provide other gaming content more pro-actively and give people a new UI that would be cool to use! So we created V2.00 as a platform to deliver lots of new stuff, including bonus content such as movies, mods and cool stuff to buy. We also wanted to make the product more intuitive and easy to use, and we think that we have done that."
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