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Spector Goes Source

Junction Point Studios, the new developer formed by industry luminary Warren Spector, sends word on some job openings they are looking to fill that reveals a bit more about their plans for the future. The positions they are advertising are for a Source-engine game that will be released via Valve's Steam network. The openings are for a game artist and level builders, but the job descriptions do little to reveal more about the nature of the unannounced project. Those interested in applying should contact Update: This info is now available on their jobs page.

29. Re: Shame Nov 22, 2005, 12:44 aldo_14
Considering that you called Half-Life 2 a "somewhat disappointing game" pretty much renders your opinion on Steam invalid in my eyes because you can't see the brilliance that Valve has bestowed upon us

In other words, you won't accept any opinion on any subject if you disagree upon a single issue, regardless of the reasoning behind said opinion/s. Moreso, you won't accept any form of personal opinion as being valid despite the very nature of personal opinion entailing it's individual validity.

EDIT; note that I never said it was bad. I said it was 'disappointing'. Considering how the game was hyped beforehand, that's not even a particularly harsh statement. Although I did find it somewhat repetitive and derivative, especially the storyline. Highway 17 was nice, though. Very atmospheric. But the squad fighting at the end was rather mince. (80%)

I still fail to see how you have proved that Steam and its implementation hampers the consumer in any significant way, shape, or form.

Um, prevention of second hand sales? That's one for a start (impinging on rights of ownership).

Also activation of games (means that an individual is reliant upon a 3rd party for the use of a product they legally purchase; additionally with respect to 2nd hand sales and the loss of details or passwords).

Plus the license agreement, IIRC, is verging illegalaltiy under UK law as it waives Valve from any responsibility for damage caused (remembering this is an internet app which gives itself complete read-write access across your computer upon installation). It also has potential issues for anyone who has information on their computer for which the IPR is protected.

Technical annoyances as well; for example when Steam tries to update itself and freezes. I'd imagine this would be a particularly hampering thing for a user trying to activate a retail game on a low bandwidth connection.

Also on another side is pricing. Games are actually more expensive to buy on Steam than (a few months post-release) in retail. HL2 being the obvious example. Admittedly, more a product of contractual and market forces, but then again isn't something which inflates prices still bad for the consumer?

Of course, I don't need to 'prove' a general case. I just need to illustrate why I hold a negative opinion of it, and try to provide a helpful counterbalance with respect to your sort of opinion. Perhaps you've never had a problem with the software; I have, and it's scarcely fair to exclude one side of the arguement, is it? Particularly if your reasoning is 'I liked this game, and you disagree'.

It's about time consumers became aware that their so-called "rights" ceased to exist a long time ago and the sooner they accept the new reality, the better.

That really is a rather stupid statement. I was left quite literally speechless at that one. Presumably, if a game was sold to you that took a copy of your credit card numbers (just in case they decide to charge for automatic patching) and sent pop up ads, you'd still be happy? Extreme example, but then again so's the 'you don't have rights' one.

I'm sorry, but it is unbelievably daft to actually address an expressed concern over consumer rights with the statement 'they don't exist', simply because you happen to like the (money making) entity being criticised. It's the economic equivalent of endorsing death by firing squad to political dissidents because some of them criticised the guy you voted for.

Freespace 2: Lost Souls
This comment was edited on Nov 22, 13:26.
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