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4. Re: can't wait!!! Nov 15, 2005, 03:53 Charlie_Six
Why not both? Bioware added some 'wizards' for the Toolset as the patches came out. I'd like to see more wizards.
I think lots of people want to make mods, and want to do some basic stuff. Some of those mods out there have some great scripting, but in the end, I much prefer the popular Aielund Trilogy module approach. Most of the scripts don't seem too complicated in that module, but what's there is used to great effect. (Spoiler: Like defending territory against an incoming army, then having all friendly troops fall back to another area when certain conditions are met.)

Back when I was making missions for X-wing Alliance and Fighters Anthology, I could easily setup enemy waypoints and basic combat scripts with a few clicks. (Target this. Attack this area. Enemy respawn waves.. attack orders.. shield status..)

I'm hoping this kind of thing is in NWN2.

Adventures of a video game mercenary
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3. Editor... Nov 14, 2005, 21:00 D4rkKnight
I found the only real difficulties with the original editor, besides the obvious C knowledge that goes without saying and shouldnt change, was the fact that even the most simple things were fairly hard to accomplish.

What the dev's need to do is take their pre-defined scripts, for example an NPC running away after dialogue as you mentioned, and catalogue them into an easy to find and implement database, so players can use these presets without having to dig around through miles of code or write their own.

I found that most of the bioware code was so specific, or so hard to find, that you were better off doing it yourself.

Along with this, an entire rewrite of the editors setup is needed, its not that it was hard to use, so much as it was just confusing. It probably took me a good week to write out one little dialogue with a few trigger events in it, and get it to work. There was too much trial and error involved in the learning process. I found myself stumbling through too many windows attempting to locate one little option that was buried deep inside seemingly unrelated windows...unneccesary and too frustrating.

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2. Re: can't wait!!! Nov 14, 2005, 20:43 Propagandhi
Bah, I disagree.

Overly simplified toolsets invariably lead to overly simplified mods. I'd rather have a complicated toolset that can do anything than one that's just a glorified cookie cutter.
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1. can't wait!!! Nov 14, 2005, 18:10 Charlie_Six
I can't wait for this. I hope the toolset makes basic scripting easier. In the first NWN, you had to do some pretty fancy script work to get the AI to do some basic things, like appearing on cue, or running away, initiating dialogue, etc.
1. Smart enemy AI.
2. Automatic HAK download.
3. Easy to move a character from module to module without having massive balance problems.
Currently, all the top rated NWN modules require 6-12 months to create. Which is INSANE, IMO. This results in only about 25-50 people in the entire fanbase being capable of doing enjoyable work. I'm hoping they make the Toolset accessible enough to where nearly everyone can make a fun mod.
The current Toolset is so difficult for most people, that it probalby only sees any use by 0.01% of the entire fanbase. With such low usage, I sometimes wish it was sold separately from the normal game. That way, people who have no intention of using it can save a few bucks.. maybe?

Adventures of a video game mercenary
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4 Replies. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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