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Ships Ahoy - Battleground Europe

Battleground Europe launches today, offering an Armistice Day start to the persistent-state warfare of the European edition of World War II Online:

London, UK (November 11th) – GMX Media and Cornered Rat Software (CRS) have announced that the highly anticipated Battleground Europe for the PC is available in stores across the UK, Finland and Australia today.

“After months of extensive testing and fine tuning, we are delighted that Battleground Europe is now available to the public”, commented Eugene Perry, COO for GMX Media. “The final product is the culmination of an incredible amount of hard work, both by the developers and the dedicated game community. We are looking forward to welcoming a whole new generation of online players eager to join the fight!”

“We’re really excited about the retail release”, said Al Corey, Executive Producer at CRS. “The game is better and more fun than ever before and is ready for thousands of new players to fight for the fate of Europe during the early years of WWII. It’s the biggest and best PvP environment there is- there’s just nothing that compares.”

For all the latest information and updates to Battleground Europe, report for duty and find out more about the biggest World War II massively multiplayer game available.

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11. Re: A Marine's review... Nov 11, 2005, 18:40 Slave
Thats one of the downsides with this game, is its steep learning curve, there is about 2000+ players for this game, at a given time in a major battle theres about 200+. The major problem with new players is trying to find out where to go with the battle. My suggestion is, if your going to play this game, go onto the forums, go to the recruitment section and join up in a major unit (that has a lot of players in its roster).

Once your in a unit in this game, the experiance changes greatly. This is not a game you can run around on your own in, this game requires teamwork and communication which is why teamspeak is such a vital thing to the players of this game. Once you can develop a base and get into a unit to play with people.. you will enjoy the game if realistic warfare sims are your thing.

To put another summary of this game from someone who has followed and played this game on and off since their orignal release. This game is warfare online in the purest form so far, the most realistic & intense war game you could play once you get past the learning curve. Everything is effected in this game, whether your team protects the factorys of your nation, and lets the enemy bomb those factorys, your supply cycle decreases and you start to have fewer weapons & armor on the battlefield. Which towns to attack are very important, if they are a majory supply towns or a town linked to 3 other enemy towns which gives you a wider range of attack to push the line forward. How and when to attack a town is also very important. Pretty much everything that is considerd in a real life large scale battle is focused on this game.

So if realism is your thing, and you have the patience to learn this game, go for it, you wont be dissapointed.

Example of a battle -
Sitting in on a roof top in antwerp, waiting for the enemys counter attack of this major city, fellow members of my unit and I are laying here with our rifles and machineguns waiting for infantry to pour out of the hedgrows outside of town. we finally start to hear a faint rumble, and notice 5 or 6 sherman tanks rolling past the hedgrow line, then we notice the infantry, we estimate them being 300m out, so we range our rifle sights to 300m and start taking our shots. The first shots are exchanged between us and all hell around the city starts to break lose, Fighters & bombers start raining hellfire from the sky, and it turns into an intense 6hr+ battle.

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10. Re: A Marine's review... Nov 11, 2005, 18:36 Michael Bolton's hair dresser
Empty promises, insane system requirements (for admittedly piss poor graphics), glacial rate of development, ever present day-1 bugs that have never been squashed - that my friend is WW2OL. After 4 years of hard work they finally managed to give players the ability to plot waypoints on a map. Wow such a monumental achievement that only took 4 years to make!

Your 40-50 tanks attack a town from one direction

Yes it's called zergging. But finding enough people to man those 40 - 50 tanks is a rare thing these days in WW2OL. CRS ' vain attempt to make this game more accessible to the BF1942 crowd has succeeded in royalling pissing of its long-time loyal day 1 customers. The only ones left are the sniveling fanbois who suck the Rat's balls in glee to become moderators on their newly formed "positive things only" forum. Post a complaint or alternative suggestion and you'll be met with DocDoom who will tell you to sod off and go play BF1942.

Sadly for CRS, they can dumb it down all they want but with those '99 era graphics coupled with steep hardware requirements, poor performance, and a $15/month subscription fee, there's no way in hell they'll ever reel in any mainstream gamers to expand their meager subscriber base of 13,000 rednecks.

And to add insult to injury one of their employee's gets caught red handed cheating in game. Of course the ever brilliant upper management never acknowledges the problem and subsequently never apologizes for the incident; no let's just sweep it under the rug instead.
(you'll need to register to see the offending pics)
Dr. Michael Bolton's Hairdreser PhD, MD, LLP, DDS
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9. No subject Nov 11, 2005, 18:06 toadeater
I hope Armed Assault comes out soon.

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8. Re: A Marine's review... Nov 11, 2005, 16:21 MMORPGHoD
It would be more fun if there were enough people playing. I signed up with a one of those free trial accounts (they stopped sending me welcome back soldier emails) and I tried playing again. The brigade spawning seems to make it harder to see where all the big battles are. I picked 5 different missions from the list and no one was there. The ghost town effect of spawning into an empty town really turns off people new to the game. I finally found a town that had some action via the chat channels, spawned in, and was met by 10 panzers camping the spawn points. Some things never change.

Hey Rats, you really need to allow for free accounts that let people play with just a pistol or something. Is it AO that does something similar? A decent population might breathe some new life into the game world.

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7. A Marine's review... Nov 11, 2005, 15:53 MarineSS
If you want arcade, go play BF2 or Americas Army. If you want a learning tool, a combined arms sim, or a game that takes patience and skill and awards you with depth over a persistent campaign that may last months, BE is your pick.

I would recommend this to any Marine, either as a primer before joining, or as a mandatory leadership trainer. Nothing compares, and if you can get over the graphics being less than a game like BF2 or COD2, than you will be very happy.

Theres a reason why the graphics are the way they are -- its called POLYCOUNTS, and a game like COD2 would be UNPLAYABLE at the size and scope of BE.

The world of Everquest is about 10% the size of the BE land. The terrain is real 1/2 scale Europe, and you can even fly from Germany to England if you got enough fuel to complete the trip.

I would recommend this, and you will forget all about the graphics (which aren't that bad) as you fall deeply into this unbelievable game...

2 thumbs up!

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6. Re: Fun game Nov 11, 2005, 15:46 Grounded
"How many games can you load 16 guys into a plane and jump on a town, but wait some enemy spitfires spotted your plane and rake it killing most of the paratroopers. You jump out and land as one of the few survivors. Then some british truck on a road nearby spots you and tries to run you over. You spray the truck with SMG fire, killing the driver and run towards town to finish your mission.

Battlefield 1942

Case Closed

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5. Re: Fun game Nov 11, 2005, 13:33 DDI
You totally nailed it theres nothing like participating in a massive assault with 15 other panzers laying the hurt on a town.

It's not that hard to start out now, ground pounders can use a wide range of vehicles as a noob. Its dumb they are stuck with the rifleman as only inf, but supposedly that might change.

How many games can you load 16 guys into a plane and jump on a town, but wait some enemy spitfires spotted your plane and rake it killing most of the paratroopers. You jump out and land as one of the few survivors. Then some british truck on a road nearby spots you and tries to run you over. You spray the truck with SMG fire, killing the driver and run towards town to finish your mission.

Steep learning curve then it's hours of fun.

This comment was edited on Nov 11, 13:33.
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4. Re: Fun game Nov 11, 2005, 13:15 Styopa
It really isn't a game for everyone, particularly people that have developed into computer games with a love of deathmatch and current action-oriented shooters. Even Counterstrike - a relatively more "realistic" shooter - pales in comparison to WW2OL. I'm totally not knocking folks that like that, but I found that once I'd worked my way through the learning curve of WW2OL, all the other online shooters just seemed frenetic and pointless.
And yes, there are stretches of boredom in WW2OL, but when you're participating in a squad attack, there's nothing like it. Your 40-50 tanks attack a town from one direction, scout cars roving the flanks to inhibit early enemy contact while two other forces of similar size converge from other directions. Teamspeak crackles to life as people start reporting enemies observed, as the defense wakens to its desperate situation. AT gun fire from the town begins to be felt as vehicles take fire closer in. A squadron of Stukas, orbiting a few km back, sweeps forward, intent on precision bombing the few identified points of resistance. The black puffs of AAA fire appear in the sky, while higher still He111 medium bombers are found by defending enemy fighters who are in turn bounced by your own CAP. Planes swoop and dive, contrails across the sky, trying to complete their mission and get home alive. The action on the ground heats up - your armored assault has dominated several sectors of the town's perimeter, and the infantry races forward to grab a toehold in the town's depot. Radio reports the sudden appearance of an enemy counterattack, and your casualties mount. A Stuka, it's bombload spent, trying to find safety by skimming home only meters above you, is unluckily found by a heavy AA round and shatters, the chunks of wing and fuselage raining onto your position. Smoke grenades pop amongst the clutter of buildings: the infantry are now mostly on their own, fighting doorway to doorway and house to house against the defenders that are seemingly everywhere.

And pretty much everything you see (except some tripwire defenses) is run by a human. It's truly frikkin glorious.

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3. Re: Fun game Nov 11, 2005, 11:37 Grounded
this game sucks total ass

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2. Re: Fun game Nov 11, 2005, 10:05 Bob Bobsen
Yawn, yeah fun, really fun. Unless you happen to be just starting and then it is not so fun. Same shit as WW2ONLINE, different wrapper. I was one of (thousands) the beta testers and have followed the game on and off now for a while but I don't think that they will be getting anymore money from me.
Quite simply, you love it or you hate it with every fiber of your being. Guess which group I am in....

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1. Fun game Nov 11, 2005, 10:00 DDI
I never played WW2Online when it came out but I've been playing it on and off for the past year. There's no other game like it. It can be incredibly frustrating occasionally but incredibly fun most of the time.

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