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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Demo

A demo is now available for Need for Speed: Most Wanted, filling your need for speed with a sampling of this street racing sequel. The demo offers a sampling of three cars and six assorted tracks, all for the cost of 544 MB of bandwidth. Details can be found in the read me, and the download is available on the EA FTP Server (direct link), mirrored on 3D Gamers, AusGamers, Boomtown (registration required), Computer Games, Filecloud, Filerush (BitTorrent), FileFront, FileNuts, FileShack, GameArena (registration required), Gameguru Mania, Gamer's Hell, Playfuls, VGPro, and Worthplaying.

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40. keyboard Nov 23, 2005, 21:46 Cheese
youre kidding me right? I mean your not testing this game on a keyboard and expect to be taken seriously as a review are you?
OK now with that out of the way, I been playing Need for speed since its inception on the 3DO and yes its back. period. not since PU have i enjoyed this series this much.

Oh sure if all you do is play one mode like the cop chase it becomes less skill based and more like a mike tyson fight and your iron mike.

on the other hand if you are into raceing games its mighty fine indeed, Its not in the same league as rFactor but IMO its more fun and the sensation of speed is incredible.

But please dont play this game with a keyboard go buy a 5 or 10$ joypad or get wheels and pedels and then and only then will you reach heaven.

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39. another mirror Nov 15, 2005, 13:23 playwhat

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38. liked it Nov 13, 2005, 07:15 lucky shades
Wow. There's noting like firing up a game with average-to-low expectations and then being pleasently suprised. I couldn't care less about the ricer/modding scene and all this street-cred shit, but what really got me away from "underground" was all this night-racing. Most Wanted might even get me back to NFS.. Scenery's beatiful (i especially like the color palette), lots of fancy effects, and gameplay looks solid (except for some minor issues when driving very slow, like mentioned earlier). Now i'll have to reconsider my next purchase, but i just might get Takedown instead. Always wanted to try that one out. Also, i think CivIV is more important

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37. Fun demo. Nov 13, 2005, 00:26 Ant
The car pursuit modes were the best part. I love being chased down pigs. I haven't tried multiplayer yet. That cutscene with the gal saying "Racing in game and wear seat belt." made me laugh.

Is there a key for screen capturing to files?

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36. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 12, 2005, 10:16 Tumbler
Demo impressions:

Wanted to try this since it's one of the next get titles on the x360 and for the first hour it was fine. The graphics were good, average by todays standards in my opinion, but a lot of very cool effects, driving into the sun you lose a lot of visability, coming out of a covered area you are blinded for a second by the bright light, those 2 effects I thought were excellent.

I spent most of my time on the police chase level where you have to run road blocks and after an hour the game got on my nerves because at slow speeds the car handled weird. (This level was always with a blue viper) I was using the keyboard and when you get slow and then try and accelerate your tires always spin out and you have very little control. Even when I tapped the forward key hoping it would give me more traction it just immediately started spinning out. If you stop and go reverse the tires hold fine, but soon as you try and go forward there is a 2 second period where you spin your tires and your car slides all over.

Not really impressed by the game, mabye I'll give the xbox 360 game a rental chance, but I doubt it.

Where is my Xbox 360!?!
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35. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 19:51 Krovven

And wow, this has to be the shittiest fucking demo I've played in years, hands down...

What a piece of shit...

Care to ellaborate on that?

Zero Tolerance Games -
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34. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 18:01 Optimaximal
It's not just that. The original NFS games were simulators with an option for Arcade control. They also had very detailed car interiors where the viewpoint was like you were actually sitting behind the wheel and looking through the windshield. The tracks weren't even tracks, they were linear stretches of road for driving from point A to point B with checkpoints and were very realistic. Over the years NFS has just turned into another generic looping track racing game where there is no simulation control option, and the "driver seat" camera view the most you see is a portion of the hood of the car.
Ermm... The point to point races disappeared in Need For Speed 2, as did the cockpits if you ran it in 3DFX mode...
And don't get me started on realism... There were levels set in a movie studio and the fucking Andes mountains for gods sake (the only car that had a turning circle small enough to actually take some of the corners was that wierd Indigo buggy... It was fun to watch the AI try to take it at full whack in their F-50s and smash into the corner)

Avatar 23755
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33. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 17:34 Perceptor

All of you that liked Porsche Unleashed, The developers who made the game is making Test Drive: Unlimited for Atari. I don't know if it will be on PC but it will be on Xbox 360.

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32. another mirror Nov 11, 2005, 16:06 playwhat

here's another mirror:

enjoy ..

No registration, no waiting, no ads, no nonsense.

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31. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 13:11 nin

And wow, this has to be the shittiest fucking demo I've played in years, hands down...

What a piece of shit...

GW: Nilaar Madalla, lvl 20 R/Mo / Tolyl Nor, lvl 20 E/Mo / Xylos Gath, lvl 13 W/Mo

Don't look at me that way. It was An Honest Mistake.
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30. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 12:20 nin
Also, what ever happened to that MMO NFS game? Anyone remember that?

It closed down a year or two ago...

GW: Nilaar Madalla, lvl 20 R/Mo / Tolyl Nor, lvl 20 E/Mo / Xylos Gath, lvl 13 W/Mo

Don't look at me that way. It was An Honest Mistake.
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29. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 12:18 Bluemagic
I have played Porsche Unleashed, and that is definitely the second best game in the series. I'm actually tempted to go pick that up again since I lost it. I found learning about each Porsche model very interesting, and the game was fun as hell.

I'll probably try this demo since it does have some real cars in it. Also, what ever happened to that MMO NFS game? Anyone remember that?

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28. No subject Nov 11, 2005, 10:42 Retired
I am buying this one.
I put 2 hours into the demo last night and am really enjoying it.

Always listening to:
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27. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 10:14 Kevlar
I just want the physics/feel of Porsche Unleashed and more cop-chasing options than Hot Pursuit. Dog HP all you want, but no NFS games has since let you play *as* the cops in single or multiplayer. Those were some fun times on LAN with 3 or 4 guys as racers and with 1 as the cop trying to knock them all out... or driving the wrong way on the looped tracks and trying to catch them all head-on.

Did I mention it was realistic?

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26. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 08:59 Krovven
As a follow up, I've played the demo to death and really am enjoying it and will defnitely be buying it (ack I dont like giving EA my money).

Along with the mentioned tollbooth race, the Quick Races also have "Sprints" which are linear tracks rather than looped tracks. And honestly, in the demo there isn't a single looped track.

There doesnt seem to be a 5.1 sound option in the game, and there is no readme so I dont know if this is just for the demo or if the retail game won't have it either. I'll be dissapointed if there is no surround sound.

Car damage definitely doesn't affect your car. Your car doesnt take visible damage (at least not in Hood cam), but you can see your windshield broken ie: end of the race or during one of the action camera moments. Damage is clearly visible on NPC cars, specifically the cop cars.

The city map is pretty big (far bigger than the ones from Underground 1 and 2). In one of the Challenge modes where you have to run through 6 roadblocks, I just drove around for awhile without antagonizing the cops enough to setup the roadblocks and the place was huge, and that particular "track" still had a few areas blocked off. Will be interesting to see if they have an option that has the entire city availble for free driving.

If you are like me and havent been happy with the NFS series lately, I'd definitely recommend giving this demo a whirl.

Zero Tolerance Games -
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25. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 02:17 Krovven
Gotta say after playing the demo...I'm definitely interested in the game again. I havent followed the Most Wanted development simply because I was expecting more of the same as Underground.

Gone are the ricers, and back are the exotic cars...however I hope there are more than just 9 cars and I wouldnt call all of them exotic.

The tollbooth race is back...similar to the original linear road race from the first Need For Speed game.

Graphics are really pretty! I've got everything cranked up and it's very smooth.

Cars finally get damage done to them. If this affects the control of the car, I dont think so, but Im not sure yet. But you can definitely see damage on other vehicles. Gotta love the logging truck losing its load when you smash into it.

There still is customization of the cars, I just hope its not a major aspect of the game like it was in Underground.

A little booboo by EA...I use the the Gravis Aftershock gamepad and seems EA doesnt know their Left from their Right when it comes to customizing controls. Nowhere near as big of a screw up though like Matrix: Path of Neo not even saving custom controls.

I still miss the drivers seat/dashboard view (especially when you see these HUGE digital displays taking up half the screen) and there still is a lack of Simulation control least I can't find one.

Zero Tolerance Games -
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24. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 00:04 beaves
don't be so jaded Zombi, Rfactor has some great physics and some really great cars and multiplayer races. With more coming everyday!!
Although I will agree I do like to race in real environments like the old days of NFS, and racing on long roads with checkpoints rather than around a "track". That's why i've moved to the rally races and gran prix style races. Driving in an oval isn't really that much fun, unless it's drifting, but once you get it down it's dull too.

Avatar 14756
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23. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 11, 2005, 00:00 Krovven
While there are some ricers in these pics...this is the sample of what I want to drive. The cars are nice too

Zero Tolerance Games -
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22. Re: RIP? NFS Nov 10, 2005, 23:50 Zombi Z
Agreed, the game was better off in hands of the Road and Track team. Need for Speed should by now be able to compete with the Grand Turismo franchise.

Let me say this more clearly: NFS should by now be Grand Turismo on the PC with full interiors and unchecked vehicle and engine damage. Every vehicle from every manufacturer should be represented in the last running year of every body style with only a few exceptions. EA has the funds, but they keep scrapping previous material with every generation or out-on-a-whim theme.

Instead we have a rotting franchise of shoe-horned-into-mainstream appeal ("Oh you're gonna like it God-damnit! 'Cause this is all you're getting! We own the fucking games now!"), where cars are present in one game and gone the next, and vehicle damage is a "Idun'nuhmaybe".

At least the vehicle selection this time is nothing to be ashamed of, though now we're just ricing up more expensive cars instead of tearing through the countryside with some dignity.

"Dignity". That's the word. The dignity is missing from the Need for Speed series. It used to convey an image of crisp suits, driving gloves, wood-highlight interior and tearing through a generic European countryside at 250kph in an F350 or the all-loved Diablo SV kicking up autumn leaves and twigs and staring into the distance at the winding road, the eternal evening sun (NFS used to be played in a day-time setting! Believe it kids!), and sunrays like machine-gun fire cutting through the trees as you passed through a tunnel of willow and oak.

Now the focus is on 'street-cred' and angry seventeen-year-olds doing donuts in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in a Toyota AE86 with their faggoty aero kits, shower-door sized wings and square meters of the car's surface decorated in all-mighty unpainted carbon fiber- real fap-fap material there; plently of room for intellectual discussion and dignity there. Or perhaps the characters couldn't hear each other over their turd-pulse MTV muzak and fart-cannon exhaust systems. Wow! A turbo-charged D15B2! Someone give that man a blowjob!

The joy of driving is gone, the thrill of vehicle feedback is gone, and PC Gamer will probably be bought off with an exclusive first review and give the game a score in the mid-to-high 80%, if not a full-blown Editor's Choice award. But it's a turd game now. You guys know it's trash. But on the PC we are led by Wal*Mart to believe that it's our only worthy option. At least they brought the god-damned BMW's back...


This comment was edited on Nov 10, 23:53.
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21. Re: No subject Nov 10, 2005, 23:44 MindTrigger
Porsche Unleashed IS the best NFS game. If you liked the early games and never played this one, you need to find it and play it. Probably cheap by now, but still kick ass gameplay.

I drive a modified B5 Biturbo Audi S4 as my daily driver that is currently sitting at 330hp and will be around 360 after my next mods. Fun with my 6 speed manual transmission and all wheel drive. I don't plan to take this particular car past 375hp because I'm looking at keeping it only another year. The Biturbo S4's are capable of a reliable 420 (or so) horse power with mods.

I love modifying cars, although I'm on the German side of the tracks (VW, Audi, Porsche, BMW, etc). We don't typically do stickers, wings, etc. I would say the majority keep their German cars clean and sporty.

Anyway, I'm not into crappy looking body kits, coffee can exhausts, stickers, colored tires, neon, shitty fitting carbon fiber parts (or fake carbon fiber as the case may be) and all that. I do respect the work some of these guys put into their cars though, even if they aren't my thing. If Asian cars are done right, they rock. Of course that's the same with all cars.

I'm a big fan of Subaru WRX STI, Mitsu Evos, Supras, Skylines and a few other asian cars.

I'm also into a few muscle cars. One of my long term goals is to build a black '69 Chevelle SS 396 with Silver paint accents.

This reminds me, I wonder if there is a new Mischief video out yet....

BF2 Player Name: "MindTrigger"
"Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead. No, wait, not me, you."
He cut the possum's face off then cut around the eye socket. In the center of the belt buckle, where the possum's eye would be, he has placed a small piece of wood from his old '52 Ford's home made railroad tie bumper. Damn, he misses that truck.
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