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A new UFO: Aftershock movie is now available, showing off the UFO strategy game that's already available in Europe and upcoming in North America. The 38 MB download is available on 3D Gamers and Tiscali Games. Also, the Lionhead Studios Website is where to find the latest movie from The Movies, Lionhead's upcoming cinema simulation. Word is: "If you are wondering how The Movies plays, then check out this new movie! Several minutes of in game footage, while you get introduced to the basics of the game by a rather charming voice."

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6. Re: UFO:Aftershock Nov 6, 2005, 12:13 Slaughter
No, I haven't experience that yet Paranoid. The time still haven't finished counting down for me however (a bit over 4 days left), so I guess you've come a little farther than me? If it is a bug or intended I can't say, but it sort of sounds like it's intended. I'll report back if I experience it myself, but at the moment my gaming time is very limited because of an assignment that is due Wednesday.

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Greetings from Olav (Staff at, Slaughter)
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5. Re: UFO:Aftershock Nov 6, 2005, 12:03 Paranoid Jack
Slaughter, a quick question if you don't mind? I am now noticing a bug or change in game-play... I am not sure which.

After completion of a successful mission and I return to the Geoshere I don't take control of the province right away. I am given a second mission to preform before taking control of the province. Are you experiencing the same?

Also I have noticed as I grow my territory I see a change in the resource management. Before it was charging me ever three hours for up-keep now it is ever hour. And since I am expanding so quickly it has become very difficult to keep the War Machine going. Ah, but it is fun!

I hope this is just more randomness built into the game.

Avatar 11537
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4. Re: UFO:Aftershock Nov 6, 2005, 10:09 Slaughter
Nice review Paranoid

@Awesome Spume: I agree with Paranoid that Aftershock is a much better game. You really should give it a try!
Greetings from Olav (Staff at, Slaughter)
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3. Re: UFO:Aftershock Nov 5, 2005, 23:15 Paranoid Jack
I know what you mean it was just like that... from easy to extremely hard in the blink of an eye. I started using smoke & incendiary grenades to spam areas just to stay alive long enough to get a few shots off at them. That way rocket toting aliens would take some damage before totally destroying me. Plus I used a lot of splash damage from the grenade launcher and rocket launchers ground attacks.

With Aftershock I have encountered several missions (out of the hundred or so I have played) where Reticulans starts firing incendiary rockets at you. Usually from a greater distance than your troops can shoot, at this point in the game anyway. But they don't do as much damage usually more shock or temp damage than permanent damage. Yeah, there are three types of damage in Aftershock. Not to mention so much more cover on the maps, which are way beyond anything in Aftermath.

I realize Aftermath wasn't a great game but don't miss out on this one because of it. If nothing else wait a few months and pick it up when the prices drop.

At this moment the only thing I can complain about is the crashes to desktop which usually occur while manipulating inventory... from the ground into the back-pack. At least for me that is when it happens. About a dozen times now.

I can't say enough about the improvements and there are far too many to list them all.

Avatar 11537
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2. Re: UFO:Aftershock Nov 5, 2005, 20:33 Awesome Spume
It was the Reticulan battles that spoiled it for me in the original. Mind control and rocket launchers particularly. It was like this easy peasy game that suddenly between one battle and the next became a gawdawful slog. It's been that long that I can't remember the details but I have a lot of pent up bad feeling about UFO:Aftermath that's preventing me from buying the sequel. It's like even if it is a good game I just don't want to give the devs my money.

I actually played up until the co-existence option in the original because I just wanted an out. Ironic that this became the stepping off point for the sequel. Retconning the ending of the original for a lot of dedicated players.

(I learned a new word today.)

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1. UFO:Aftershock Nov 5, 2005, 09:45 Paranoid Jack
Everything in Aftershock is way beyond what ALTAR achieved in Aftermath. I enjoyed Aftermath but I got bored with it due to the repetitive maps. I played it off and on for the last two years but never finished it. If Aftershock continues to show signs of improvment the entire length of the game I am sure to finish it.

Some of the things that I noticed.


-Variety is GOOD! More maps. More structures, Random missions. Random terrain & structures. Random mission objectives. (I restarted the game once by my choosing and once due to a power outage curropting my savenfo.txt file just as I saved the game. The replay is built into this one.)

-The graphics may not be Doom 3, HL2, or FarCry... but they don't need to be. As always the gameplay is what matters most and as long as the graphics do their part the whole of the game benefits. Graphics have been improved when compared to Aftermath. The game looks good.

-Maps/Levels have been improved. Besides being randomly generated to some extent there are a lot more maps. They are multi-level, buildings can be entered, and some structures have ladders or stair to get on top. As high as three stories above ground or below from what I have seen. Plus maps look so much better with terrain, structures, vegetation, and cover. All of which are randomized. So you may see the same basic map shape every so often but with the random placement of structures, trees, bushes, old vehicles, enemy units, and up to four choices of landing zones... well you get the point. Even when replaying maps that appear similiar you won't be bored due to the randomness. (I have played between 50 to 75 missions during my three New Games and its all good.)

-AI has also been improved. Though at this point in the game I am mostly killing mutants, some Reticulans, and finally getting back to my first encounters with hostile humans. But depending on how you want to play it you can choose to confront any and all factions. Instead of being a Diplomat you can go the route of Dictator or die trying.


-A bit buggy. I have had roughly six crashes to desktop in my week and a half and countless hours of gameplay. Good news.. the patch is due next week.

-LOS (line of site) which grays out or shades everything that is not in view of your troops causes system slow down when you have all the graphics maxed out like I do. But its still a great addition to the game and I hope they get it smoothed out soon.

-Inventory items sometimes are not deposited to the arsenal or disappear. So if you find weapons and pick them up before missions end you may notice the list on the mission stats screen is not always correct. Or after returning to your squad screen sometimes weapons you found will not show up in your inventory. Again I hope they get this fixed in the patch. I am sure they will.

I know I am not the greatest reviewer. I am not trying to be. I just figured I would listed a few of the many improvments in this sequel and my impressions. I never played X-Com but if it was better than this game then it must have been very damned good.

I got to run now my Rat Terrier has no patience and wants to play or go for a walk, probably both. They are a very active breed but I love her to death.

If you have any questions about the game, ask. I know Slaughter and probably a few other regulars have the UK or European version. Also if you are unsure read some of the reviews, most have been very positive.

Now if only they can add in multi-player or play by e-mail next time around.

Edit: I have played well over a hundred missions now with the three New Games I have played. I am roughly 45 missions into it on this restart. I am still encountering new maps. One had as many as six choices of landing zones for my pod. And although I have crashed to desktop over a dozen times now considering how many hours I have been playing it hasn't been as annoying as it could have been. Plus I try to save-game once at mission start (upon landing) and once again after or during the long missions. That way I don't loose much ground. Again due to the randomness the crashes aren't as bad because when you restart things play out differently in most cases.

This game is super addictive. Damn good game! Cheers to ALTAR. Hope they take it a step or two farther next time around... I know they will judging by the huge number of improvements in Aftershock.
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