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X3: Reunion U.S. Date

Egosoft announces the U.S. release date for X3: Reunion (thanks Frans), which will hit stores on November 5, a week after it becomes available in the U.K. (story). Word is:

Enlight have today confirmed that X3: Reunion will be available for retail in stores from 5 November 2005. Any pre-orders made with them will ship out on 4 November 2005.

Release dates for other published areas will follow when possible.

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37. So Oct 29, 2005, 03:46 venomhed
So what your saying is that since YOU want to stay in a spacecraft the whole time, that means everyone does?

Isn't your statement just the opposite of mine? Since you are trying to dismiss my claim about walking around on foot, by saying it is tedious and thus pointless, but your way is what everyone wants, by staying in the spaceship 100% of the time, hypocritical?

Contradiction and a hypocrit. Nice.

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36. Re: Its nice to know Oct 28, 2005, 13:06 Orogogus
I am really surprised at the lack of thought and creation in this little column. Maybe the game I would design would be too smart for most of you to play?

Possibly - although, you know, the word you're looking for is creativity, not creation. Or possibly you just need to understand that if you give us a spaceship, some of us would rather spend more time in space and less time dicking around on foot. Frankly, the lander craft was one of the most tedious parts of Star Control II and Starflight, like a not-especially well-designed or interesting minigame. Walking around in the spaceport [i]was[/i] the most tedious part of Starflight.

I don't happen to be enamored of X2's gameplay, but I understand that it's for people who want to run their own empire in space, which is not something you could do in Elite. Well, good for them. However, you have it drilled into your head that everyone who plays space games really wants an RPG cum Astro-Grand Theft Auto game, which isn't the case any more than it is for trade empire sim. Bully for you if someone makes the game you want, but I'll thank you to get off your high horse in the mean time.

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35. Its nice to know Oct 28, 2005, 01:40 venomhed
It is so nice to know that everyone here is under 20 years old.

Games that let you walk around outside your craft. Maybe not in 1st person, but they nonetheless let you cruise outside and onto planets.

1. Sundog - Apple IIe
2. Starflight - PC
3. StarControl 2 - PC
4. Sentinnel Worlds - PC
5. Space Rogue - PC
6. Universe

What do I mean by walking around? Imagine if you could fly around in the best space game out there. Combine all the elements of Elite, Privateer, X series, even the "aspects" and ideas, not the execution, of the Battlecruiser games.

Now add an RPG element like Knights of the old Republic? Walk around. Go to bars, get in fights, become a smuggler, join the police force, be a murderer. Or how about all of the above but with a Riddick type interface?

How would you do on a planet that prohibits any and all weapons? Meaning you are allowed to enter, however all weapons and devices are confiscated before you are allowed to enter? Maybe you would invest more in hand to hand combat, plastic weapons, bribing or simply avoid combat.

The technology today can handle both. Maybe this would be better left in an MMO like Star Wars galaxies but it sounds like they failed at this attempt.

Anyways. X3 isn't ambitous or different enough to warrant even a free Bit Torrent download. It hasn't evolved since Elite in the 1980's or the myriad of games that have come and gone since then.

I am really surprised at the lack of thought and creation in this little column. Maybe the game I would design would be too smart for most of you to play?

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34. Re: Blah blah Oct 27, 2005, 20:58 Creston
Its true X 3 will alow you to do alot of what I mentioned above but its lacking on one major thing and that is no matter what universe you end up in it all begins to look the same, meaning without the interaction of being able to land on planets and take up random missions your left with a boring trade game with a flawed combat model which even with the latest patch X2 combat is still like a game of chicken with no strategy involved.

Eh? How exactly was Elite so much different in "how the universe looks?" It was still the same universe. And landable planets were cool 15 years ago, when they consisted of a green plane with some wireframes, but now I'd want something slightly better. And quite frankly, I have ZERO confidence in David Braben's ability to create a modern day Elite.
So I fail to see what X misses compared to Elite with regards to "how the universe looks". Must be me...

And you CAN take up random missions in X, quite a few of them actually. Yes, they are of the
Destroy something / protect something / deliver something variety, but how much more can you do in a spacegame, really?

yeah I taught Ole creston everything he knows about X universe and he still learning too.

Cheese? Cheese! Wake up, you're dreaming again


Edit : Apologies for the four posts in a row...

Has Egosoft confirmed that it's going to be released for the 360 and not the original Xbox?

No. So far I've seen everyone say Xbox, but I really really really really really doubt that a game like this would EVER run on that system. So I still think it's a 360 title. Not just because of the scant 64MB of ram, which wouldn't even operate the entire universal database, but also because X3's graphics engine is DirectX 9, and the Xbox is a DX8 machine.
But there has been no OFFICIAL confirmation of what console system.

This comment was edited on Oct 27, 21:02.
Avatar 15604
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33. Re: No subject Oct 27, 2005, 20:55 Creston
I asked him a small favor, some shipp@ge of X3, and he had to go and destroy the entire CD production

Oh please, that entire "the production line had a malfunction" is just bullshit. Have you noticed any other games reporting that their release date got shifted by a week? Neither have I.

Do we think Enlight was the only publisher to use that particular copy house? Doubtful, and besides, the guy from Enlight himself said that the copy house "had trouble fitting X3 into the schedule".

Put one and one together, and there is no technical malfunction, X3 simply has to take a backseat because their publisher is a small piece of shit, and the big guys want their games done first. Needing 7 CDs per game probably didn't help matters either.

X3 got delayed because it's a niche game and because everyone wants to release their fucking games in the same month. End of story.

But yes, it is still my fault


Avatar 15604
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32. Re: Dont bother Oct 27, 2005, 20:51 Creston
And guess what? You still can't friggin leave your spaceship to:

1. Board another ship

This feature was available in X2. Don't know about X3. And if you want to walk around spaceports, I suggest you google the words "Smart, Derek, and Battlecruiser 3000"

It would be fun the first five times, then it would be boring as hell.

The technology is there and there is no excuse for making the same game over and over and over.

Ehm, 90+% of their fans want that EXACT thing. You want something different, they go with what the majority of their fans want. If you don't like the X series, fair enough.


This comment was edited on Oct 27, 21:00.
Avatar 15604
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31. Re: No subject Oct 27, 2005, 20:49 Creston
What about me John?!? YOU BASTARD it's always creston, creston creston! (in best Jan Brady Voice).


Btw, GoGamer is pretty certain they are shipping the UK DVD version (with Starforce, beware) out tomorrow. The CD version will come sometime next week, either the 3rd or the 4th.

So far reviews of the game seem mixed on the forums. Lots of reports of bugs (including some really idiotic ones, such as the DAMN JOYSTICKS NOT WORKING), but we all already knew the beta testers are mostly useless anyways, and X2 took two patches to become playable as well.

The joystick issue has a hotfix out any moment now, and patch 1.1 is already done, and 1.2 is in testing, so I figure most of the issues to be at least moderately resolved within a week or so.
I knew X3 was going to be buggy, but the joystick thing is just stupid.

From the looks of what I've read though, you need an absolute BEAST to play it. But then again, who couldn't figure that out?

I should have my copy on Monday.


Avatar 15604
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30. Xbox 1 or 2 Oct 27, 2005, 09:56 FalloutIsDead
Since I can in no way afford a super-killer rig to play this game on I am (gulp) thinking of purchasing an Xbox360 for the purpose (and to play Oblivion, Quake IV, etc.).
Has Egosoft confirmed that it's going to be released for the 360 and not the original Xbox?
I would assume it would be for the 360 but they have been strangely tight lipped about confirming this.

BTW, if you're looking for a twitchy 'fight, fight, fight' game this ain't the one.
I did end up getting bored with X2 but this was after around 300 hours of play.
My main gripes were that most of X2's ship models were horendous and that it had major framerate issues when you had big battles or nebulae in a particular system.
X3 looks to have solved the first problem, at least.

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29. Re: Dont bother Oct 27, 2005, 09:29 Bhruic
FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. In space, that's all there is to do, afterall. FIGHT!

Er, yes, because there's nothing to do in the X universe if you don't fight. I mean, it's not like I spent 10+hrs playing in the last few days without firing a single shot.


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28. Re: Dont bother Oct 26, 2005, 19:23 Overon
I hope I like this.

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27. Re: Dont bother Oct 26, 2005, 18:52 Orogogus
Yeah, I heard you. It sure would be great if someone had the guts to make a space shooter with unicorns in it, but no one has the guts to make anything but mediocre, lookalike unicornless space shooters.

Is getting out of the ship to walk to the commodity exchange and buy and sell goods and then walk back to the ship to take off your whole idea, or is there more to it? I'm all for new ideas, but not if they're also bad ones. And anyway, I think you can do this in the Battlecruiser games.

EDIT: And that Star Wars MMORPG, come to think of it.

And in point of fact, I don't have dozens of space shooters to choose from, since only 3 or 4 come out every year, half of those from the camp of low production values.
This comment was edited on Oct 26, 19:02.
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26. Re: Dont bother Oct 26, 2005, 16:57 LOL@U
Be happy then, because you have dozens of mediocre duplicate space shooters to choose from. I (and a few others) were talking about something new in space gaming.

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25. Re: Dont bother Oct 26, 2005, 13:14 Orogogus
I don't want to leave the ship to walk around the spaceport in these kinds of games. You mean to go to the spacedock, the commodity exchange, etc.? It sounds tedious, frankly, like an interactive cutscene that you'd have to keep doing over and over again.

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24. Re: Dont bother Oct 26, 2005, 11:49 LOL@U
And please tell us what other games allow you to do that?

Heh, it's funny every single time he posts. I think that's exactly the point. NO space games do what they should be able to (and should have been able to years ago). Gamedevs (space games especially) are lazy and don't innovate; they duplicate. Elite, over a decade ago, was more feature rich and technically impressive than anything out today - and it fit on a floppy disk.

Space game development is in a sad, pitiful state. None of these titles are worth the media they're burned to. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. In space, that's all there is to do, afterall. FIGHT!

However for the real space epic to come about we have to beg Dave Braben of Frontier to get off his lazy ass and stop making rollercoaster clones when he knows Elite is a game that should be done on modern computers.


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23. Re: Hmm Oct 26, 2005, 10:38 DDI
Why the limeys gotta get it first I would've settled for the same release time as us

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22. Hmm Oct 26, 2005, 09:11 Tr0n
Snakes on a plane.

X3 will rock.

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21. Re: Dont bother Oct 26, 2005, 08:55 DDI
Yes you can play with a keyboard and mouse in this one. But I wouldn't recommend it judging by X2. No you don't need a crap load of buttons on your joystick if its anything like X2.

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20. Re: Dont bother Oct 26, 2005, 05:29 Theo
errrrr. don't you love people who speak first, a) don't know what they are on about or B) cant explain what they are on about?

RE : venomhed,

dude, youve been able to leave your ship to board another since the second x game, xtension (x2 is really the 3rd title). if you dont like the game, then you dont like it, just say so - rather than making up random crap that has little to do with what you can REALLY do in a game.

your right about the walking around the space port, you cant do that. but hey, its a flying game, that does not bother me,( if it does you then fine).

if you need some assitance with learning how to play the game, just ask ill be happy to help.


This comment was edited on Oct 26, 05:30.
Avatar 23977
Everyone on Bluesnews is synical, get over it.
edit: i cant spell, this is my disclaimer.
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19. honkering for a good space fighter. Oct 26, 2005, 04:43 TorTorden
Well being a long time Wing commander fan, been thru starlancer (my cd #2 got ruined though). And I still manage to have fun playing Freelancer. (although I'm quite out of new places to go.) Well If you missed that title before, it came out "classic" low price version awhile ago.

It's realy odd how I can still have blast playing that game.And yes why isn't anyone else doing a old school Fighter\rpg it's been way too long.
Yes, I abuse grammar by opening my mouth.
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18. Re: No subject Oct 26, 2005, 04:18 Duc
Star Wolves was fun but very linear, would love to see Star Wolves 2 in a more 'privateer' type setting.

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